20 Mar 2017

What Putin Can Teach Trump?

Nathanael: Trump is The the president, whether you prefer it or not.
Well, the establishment doesn't like him, and unless you like the establishment, Chief executive Trump might take action you'll like. The thing is that, Trump's been waging another type of kind of Things. Not against Russia, but contrary to the corrupt politics establishment that has strangled the probable of Americans.

Trump Is Challenging The Whole CIA-Media Nexus

'The CIA and major media in the USA are in lock-step. They feed each other. They produce a picture of reality that is entirely shallow and false.'
Nothing like it since JFK
By Jon Rappoport: Trump’s attack on the CIA came into focus after the CIA claimed Putin subverted the election on behalf of Trump.
The Trump team retorted: Ridiculous; reminds us of the CIA’s phony assessment of Saddam’s WMDs that led to the disastrous war against Iraq.
Then the CIA’s gloves came off.
But there is more to it than that.
All along, Trump has been hammering the mainstream press, calling them biased, idiots, fake, etc. Certainly through his advisor, Steve Bannon, and quite probably through other sources, Trump knows about the CIA-major media connection. This connection, of course, goes way back to the Mockingbird CIA operation of the early 1950s. Major news outlets have been infested with CIA operatives since that time.
When Trump goes after mainstream news, he’s also going after its shadow brother, the CIA; and vice versa. This is no accident. You can’t put a heavy dent in one without putting a heavy dent in the other.

Are Family Courts Biased?

...Asks Sarah Phillimore, Family Law Barrister, 20 years’ experience.
menandboysinitiative: It’s an age old question in the argument of child custody and separation, and indeed it’s one that we at the Men & Boy’s Initiative get asked quite often by the people we advise.
Yesterday (19/03/17), this complicated issue reared its head once again, this time on the ill-equipped debating forum that is Twitter. Since this discussion we’ve had the pleasure of being mentioned directly (or rather one of our founding members, Peter Morris, has) on a blog written by Sarah Phillimore – Family Law Barrister of some 20 years experience.
For your viewing pleasure you can enjoy the blog in full at the below link:
It’s an interesting piece and despite it originating from a disagreement between ourselves and the author, we’re always interested to read the views of seasoned professionals in the Family Law arena.
So, what does it say? In short it addresses this perceived bias and claims strongly that one does not exist. Which is fine, except the simple question of ‘are family courts biased against men?’ wasn’t really what brought Sarah and ourselves together, it was certainly part of the original discussion but largely the ‘bias’ we believe exists isn’t exclusive to courts, but generated by society at large before a court becomes involved and is carried through from there.

Feminists FURIOUS At Funny Kid Video

Paul Joseph Watson: Guess who got offended?

Yes, I Want Society To Die

Stupid question.

Is Jewish Kiryas Joel The Dirtiest Place In The USA?

Gilad Atzmon: This is what I saw in Kiryas Joel... Jewish Ghetto.

Feminist Propaganda Exposed In Court

'You Are Spouting Israeli Propaganda'

...Norman Finkelstein To Jewish Journalist In Denmark 
TGH: Norman Finkelstein once again makes mince meat of the Zionist propaganda machine and tells the Zionist journalist like how it is.

A Primer On Debitching Your Life

'In twenty plus years of clinical experience, I have never seen a high-conflict woman ease up on her antics because her ex allowed her to treat him like a doormat. I’ve never seen it decrease her alienation of the children. I have never seen it stop her from abusing the family court system. I have never seen it make her act reasonable or rational. If you have a high-conflict ex with custody of your children, there is a good chance she will brainwash them with a negative view of who you are regardless of what you do. It is likely they will grow up blaming you for the family coming apart because that is all they will hear from the sick, alienating mother.'

Israel Owns The UN As Well As The US

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: In his book Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid published 11 years ago, President Jimmy Carter raised the question whether Israel had stolen Palestine and excluded the rightful residents from their homeland. On March 15 UN Under-Secretary General and director of the UN’s West Asia Commission Rima Khalaf published a UN report that also concludes that Israel is committing the crime of apartheid.” By Friday March 17, Israel’s puppets, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley, had forced Under-Secretary General Khalaf to resign.
The report won’t be up long. Read it while you can before it is taken down: