21 Mar 2017

North Korea Threatens US With "First-Strike" Nuclear ICBM

By Tyler Durden: In the latest troubling development to come out of North Korea's increasingly irrational leadership, Reuters reports that the communist country has nothing to fear from any U.S. move to broaden sanctions aimed at cutting it off from the global financial system and will pursue "acceleration" of its nuclear and missile programs, according to a Pyongyang envoy. This includes developing a "pre-emptive first strike capability" and an inter-continental ballistic missile, according to Choe Myong Nam, deputy ambassador at the DPRK (North Korean) mission to the United Nations in Geneva.
The latest development follows a previous report also from Reuters, in which it said the Trump administration is considering sweeping sanctions as part of a broad review of measures to counter North Korea's nuclear and missile threat. "I think this is stemming from the visit by the Secretary of State (Rex Tillerson) to Japan, South Korea and China...We of course are not afraid of any act like that," Choe told Reuters.
"Even prohibition of the international transactions system, the global financial system, this kind of thing is part of their system that will not frighten us or make any difference." He called existing sanctions "heinous and inhumane".

If They Want To Burn It, You Want To Read It!

By Gilad Atzmon: Jewish history is a chain of disasters: inquisitions, holocausts and pogroms. Time after time, throughout their history, Jews find themselves discriminated against, persecuted and expelled and, to most Jews, this continuum of tragedy is largely a mystery. Yet one would expect that Jews, clever people for sure, would peer into their past, understand it and take whatever measures necessary to change their fate. 
I was born and raised in Israel and it was many years before I realised that Israel was Palestine. When I was a young Israeli boy, the Holocaust and Jewish suffering were somehow foreign to me and my peers. It was the history of a different people, namely the diaspora Jews and we young Israelis didn’t much like their Jewish past. We didn’t want to associate ourselves with those people, so hated by so many, so often and in so many different places. Erasing two thousand years of imaginary ‘exile’, we saw ourselves as the sons and daughters of our Biblical ‘ancestors.’ We were proud youngsters and we were disgusted by victimhood.
So Jewish suffering has, in many ways, been a riddle to me. But yesterday, at the London School of Economics (LSE), I witnessed a spectacle of Jewish bad behaviour, so incredible, that much that hitherto had been unclear, suddenly became all too clear.

The Bar Where Men Are Not Allowed To Approach Women

6oodfella: So we'll go to the bar, we won't approach women, and then those women will go home, alone, and write blogs and articles about how men are pigs because we don't approach them.

US Health Care Hard Choices

Max and Stacy discuss the allegedly ‘hard choices’ in resolving America’s problem providing health care. In the second half, Max talks to trends forecaster, Gerald Celente of TrendsResearch.com, about the Fed’s interest rate hike and whether or not Trump’s threatened trade wars will lead to hot wars.

Feminists Believe In Equality - But Only When It Suits Them

By Philip Davies MP: Despite all the evidence that I’ve gathered and used over the years in debates and in the media, there are still people who witter on about the need to treat female offenders more leniently than male offenders.
Today in Parliament, we have the second reading of the Prisons and Courts Bill.
The Secretary of State for Justice [Liz Truss] said last month:

“Early intervention by our courts is vitally important in stopping women offenders from ending up in prison. We will be announcing our strategy for women later this year and have already announced a new director for women in custody and the community.”
I don’t think it is a strategy for stopping women offenders ending up in prison that’s needed. Never mind all the evidence that shows this – just look at these recent actual cases.
In a Crown Court last year a woman was given a two-year suspended prison sentence for blackmailing a doctor. She had previous convictions – including for battery. The judge will have warned her that while she was not going to prison that day she would have to comply with the order and not re-offend in the next two years, otherwise she would be sent to prison.
Fast forward a year and the same woman is back in court over a road rage offence.

Men Who Sit At The Screens

By : In his four volume series Masks of God, mythologist Joseph Campbell documented the transformations of religious stories over millennia, demonstrating that the guiding narratives for civilizations underwent numerous revisions, or in some cases replacement, with the relevant populations quickly adapting to the new narratives to help them make sense of their lives and the world around them.
Those new to the MRM may not immediately see how this is relevant to the movement, particularly in an era they consider post-religious. Those who have been in the MRM for the longer haul, however, know that we continue to be influenced by cultural narratives (or if you like, myths) which guide our perception every bit as strongly as did the old religious stories examined by Campbell. Feminist myth-making provides the perfect example
Some may remember Angry Harry’s wonderful series ‘Who Rules Over Us’ in which he tried to impart to readers this very sense – that there are ‘entities’ as he called them, large institutional organisms generating narratives that we absorb, willy nilly, as our own. These, explained Harry, are contemporary mythologies which guide the sleepy masses, while those who perpetuate them are often driven by motives of power, profit or revenge.

Amazon Maximou Ultimately Failed In Gambit For Women’s Privilege

: Maximou was a renowned Amazon warrior, a descendant of the Amazons that Alexander the Great had brought from India. Maximou commanded more than a thousand men soldiers. Her kinsman Philopappous, himself an experienced and feared fighter, turned to her for help in abducting a young woman.
In asking Maximou for help, Philopappous didn’t tell her that only one man protected the young woman. Maximou gathered a hundred experienced, well-equipped men soldiers to make the raid. When she learned that her force was to engage only one man, she berated Philopappous:

You thrice-accursed old man,
was it because of one man that you have put me and my people to such trouble?
I shall cross over to get to him on my own, making my boast with God’s help,
and shall remove his head, without need of you. [1]

Exposing The University's Kangaroo Court

"Kangaroo court star chamber pseudo fake justice tribunals that colleges and universities are now formulating with no hint of due process, in fact their purpose is to get rid of due process." Said johntheother.

Controversy As Transgender Athlete Wins Women’s Weightlifting Competition

by Mike Buchanan: I look forward to a M>F transgender tennis player trouncing the Williams sisters in straight sets, and probably not dropping a game. If (s)he wins the women’s tournament at Wimbledon, (s)he will get the same prize money as the winner of the men’s tournament, who would in turn beat her/him in straight sets.
This is geting interesting. Why not just have sports tournaments, not men’s and women’s tournaments, i.e. have a level playing field? Apart from beach volleyball, obviously. Who on earth would want to watch men’s beach volleyball?
By Lukas Mikelionis: A transgender weightlifter from New Zealand has sparked controversy after winning a women’s competition on Sunday.
Laurel Hubbard, 39, a transgender female athlete who transitioned to a woman in her 30s and previously competed in the men’s weightlifting category as Gavin Hubbard, won the women’s over 90kg division at the Australian International in Melbourne on Sunday and stands in line to represent New Zealand at the 2017 Commonwealth Games, according to AU. News.

Jewish State Terrorist Ties - The Debate

Zionist Report: Four Israeli jets breached Syrian territory attacking an area near the newly-liberated ancient city of Palmyra. Damascus shot down one of the jets and Tel Aviv, as usual, denies that any planes had been destroyed. Why is Israel attacking Syria? The answer is simple, it is helping ISIS.