24 Mar 2017

The Day Earth Was Murdered

By Paul Craig Roberts: “Change you can believe in” disappeared in the early days of the Obama regime as the same Washington insiders filled the new government’s ranks. David Brooks sung the praises of those who made change impossible: “the best of the Washington insiders, Achievetrons who got double 800s on their SATs.”
Eight years later Donald Trump was specific about the changes he intended, the two most important being normalized relations with Russia and the return home of the middle class jobs and associated state and local tax base that US corporations had moved offshore to foreign locations. But Trump’s government quickly became home to corporate polluters, Wall Street executives, defense contractors, and Russophobic generals.
Obama’s disappointed supporters held firm to their conviction that their man would set the agenda and not the Washington insiders who occupied his government. Trump’s disheartened deplorables are currently finding refuge in this same conviction. But it looks like we will not get the good part from Trump, only the bad part of more pollution and more damage to the social safety net.
Those who agree about this disagree over the explanation.

Richie Allen Wonders What’s So Great About the UK Bombing Muslims And Inviting Attack

By Richie Allen: “Our shared values” “We’ll never be divided” “They hate our freedom” “This evil must be defeated…….”
These are the nauseating clichés ringing around Westminster this morning. It’s a tired old refrain indeed. In the last 15 years alone, the villains who inhabit/have inhabited that building, have murdered millions of people, yes millions, in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria, through the authorisation of military interventions. 
GCHQ, along with it’s bosom buddies Mossad and the CIA, have funnelled arms and cash to the sons of Wahhabism and sent them on their merry way to bring destruction and mayhem to peaceful countries in the Middle East. None of this is news. It is a stone cold fact. 
The whoring media take the press releases and read them verbatim. It is incredibly effective. They, the media and the elites have created a living drama. set within a fictional world, where we the virtuous, the decent and the tolerant, are under constant attack from the evildoers. We are told that we are hated for our diversity and for our values. Nobody has ever been able to explain what our “values” are incidentally.

Make It Out

 Jinx Ft. Genesis Elijah 'Make It Out' directed by Titan

Will The Red Pill Kill The Wicked Witch?

Men Are Good!: The award winning Red Pill Movie is a great ambassador for men's issues. It speaks the truth in a powerful and honest manner. It is pissing lots of people off, mostly feminists. They are doing their best to ban the film. They are also personally attacking the director and some of those who are featured. This video looks at the reasons for this and offers some ideas about productive paths we can take.

TFN - True Fake News

Gary Orsum: The latest from the TFN news desk.

The UK Income Tax Gender Gap Increased AGAIN... To £75.5 BILLIONS

By Mike Buchanan: Four years ago AVfM published my piece titled, ‘He who pays the piper, calls the tune. Or does he?’ It was an analysis following the discovery that in the 2010/11 tax year, men paid £108.0 billion of the government’s £151.6 billion income tax receipts (71.2%), while women paid just £43.6 billion (28.8%). The income tax gender gap that year was £64.4 billion. We’ve been following the issue ever since.
The state’s numerous assaults on the human rights of men and boys, as outlined in our 2015 general election manifesto, happen despite men paying the majority of income tax collected in the country. Income tax is the largest single source of government tax revenue.
The income tax gender gap increased in each of the three years following the 2010/11 tax year.
So, what of the latest year for which we have gendered data, 2014/15? The relevant Table from the ONS is here. It shows that in the 2014/15 tax year, men paid £121.0 billion of the government’s £167.0 billion income tax receipts (72.5%), while women paid £45.5 billion (27.2%). The figures don’t add up to exactly 100% because of some crude rounding in the income tax receipts, leading to a discrepancy of £500 million. The bottom line? In 2014/15 men paid £75.5 billion more income tax than women, a new record.

@idazlei Thinks Gays Are Above Mockery

6oodfella: I'll keep saying it until my throat is sore, but if your demographic can't be mocked, your demographic can't be equal.

Men’s Consolation Prize From A ‘Nice’ Feminist

By : It has been a bit since I have fisked a feminist article but I have found an unlikely candidate: an article by a casual feminist upbraiding rabid feminists for being cruel and dismissive to their potential male allies. Could this be a sign that feminists are finally self-reflecting on the fallout from their atrocious behavior?  The article appeared in The New Matilda and is entitled “The Feminist Far Left Is Making More Enemies Than Allies” by , normally a writer on economics.
Let’s dive in, shall we?
Ladies, we need to talk.
In addition to dismissing men right away – typical for feminism – does Claire make the obvious blunder of equating women with feminists? No, it is worse – she conflated ladies with feminists. There is no such animal. Still, working under the assumption that this signals a snarky tone (as I have been known to use) I will let this one pass. Sort of.
It has taken every ounce of my strength to resist writing this article.
And the mandatory virtual signaling begins. Claire is such a good girl she didn’t want to be seduced into writing but eventually her pen just had to have its way with her.

Wikileaks Releases "NightSkies 1.2": Proof CIA Bugs "Factory Fresh" iPhones

By Tyler Durden: The latest leaks from WikiLeaks' Vault 7 is titled “Dark Matter” and claims that the CIA has been bugging factory freshiPhones since at least 2008 through suppliers. The full documents are expected to be released after a 10 a.m. EDT “press briefing” that WikiLeaks promoted on its Twitter.

What If Men Are Smarter?

StudioBrule: Professor Fiamengo discusses the dangers of enticing, and artificially promoting, women into careers for which they may not be suited.