28 Mar 2017

'The New Detroit'

"Dual US-Israeli citizen behind most JCC [Previously touted as anti-Semitic by Zio-presstitute lame-stream media]
bomb threat calls."

It’s Tme To Stop The Obsession With Quotas And All-Women Shortlists

By Philip Davies MP: If you were to believe the word of the few feminist extremists in the country (and a survey suggests only 1 in 7 women self-identifies as a feminist) women have very different political priorities to men. They believe more women in Parliament would ensure different issues were prioritised.
However, nothing could be further from the truth.
What is striking is that the issues that men and women are concerned about are remarkably similar.
Indeed I recently asked the House of Commons Library to break down the top five issues of concern for men and women. They did so using opinion poll results from Ipsos Mori which were published over the last year.
The top five issues for female voters in order are:  1) NHS 2) Immigration 3) Education 4) Economy 5) Housing
The top five issues for male voters in order are:  1) NHS 2) Immigration 3) Economy 4) Housing 5) Unemployment
This is not a new phenomenon. I also asked the same question for 2011.
The results back then for female voters were 1) Economy 2) NHS 3) Unemployment 4) Immigration 5) Crime.
For men in 2011 it was 1) Economy 2) Unemployment 3) Immigration 4) Defence 5) NHS.

Men Pay Over £75 Billions More Tax Than Women Every Year

By Jordan Holbrook: Last Friday, Mike Buchanan uploaded 2014/15 – the income tax gender gap increased AGAIN… to £75.5 BILLION and showed that for the year 2014/15, men as a UK demographic paid £75.5 billion more in income tax than women. He also pointed that 17.6 million men paid £121.0 billion, an average of £6,875 per person per annum, and 13.1 million women paid £45.5 billion, an average of £3,473 which is just over half (50.5 per cent) that paid by male taxpayers. While this fact is well known to us, it is little spoken of in the Mainstream Media, simply because it doesn’t fit the narrative.
We always hear feminists, lefties and anyone whose grasp of economics is limited to £5 of pocket money a week, harping on about this misogynistic pay gap, claiming “women can expect to earn significantly less than men over their entire careers as a result of differences in caring responsibilities, clustering in low skilled and low paid work, the qualifications and skills women acquire, and outright discrimination”. But, they never seem to mention that if women started to earn as much as men, then they would start paying as much tax as men. Hey, I wonder, can we make an Equal Tax Day, to run opposing their Equal Pay Day!?

Women Are Being Played By "Feminist" Companies

Raging Golden Eagle: What a shocker, companies only care about you as an intermediary between them and your wallet and will do/say whatever they think it will take to get you to open up that wallet.

Marilyn Milos - Children, Genital Autonomy & Human Rights + Wayne Griffiths - Foreskin Restoration & Human Rights

Bonobo3D: Interview with Marilyn Milos R.N. founder of Genital Autonomy America (formerly NOCIRC) on protecting children from the harm of circumcision.

Sarah Phillimore: Are Family Courts Biased?

By : It’s an age old question in the argument of child custody and separation, and indeed it’s one that we at the Men & Boy’s Initiative get asked quite often by the people we advise.
19/03/17 this complicated issue reared its head once again, this time on the ill-equipped debating forum that is Twitter. Since this discussion we’ve had the pleasure of being mentioned directly (or rather one of our founding members, Peter Morris, has) on a blog written by Sarah Phillimore – Family Law Barrister of some 20 years experience.
For your viewing pleasure you can enjoy the blog in full at the below link:
It’s an interesting piece and despite it originating from a disagreement between ourselves and the author, we’re always interested to read the views of seasoned professionals in the Family Law arena.

Cassie Jaye Interviewed On The CBC Calgary

Cassie Jaye: On March 7, 2017, The Red Pill movie was released on DVD, BluRay and VOD platforms worldwide. - The very next day, on March 8, the CBC did a segment on why "The Red Pill" movie's Calgary screening was cancelled. Gender studies professor Rebecca Sullivan was invited onto the CBC to explain what this movie is about, without seeing the film for herself.

University Of Vagina - Confess Your Masculinity

"The university has enacted this additional program to degrade and demean their male students." Said johntheother.

Fighting AIPAC: We Don't Plan To fail, We Fail To Plan

GA: In the following piece Devon Nola is offering an interesting perspective on Palestinian solidarity activism. The WRME (Washington Report on Middle East Affairs) are doing a remarkable job exposing Israeli crimes and Jewish Lobby affairs (see video), yet, what we need now is a metaphysical shift.
By Devon Nola: This weekend, the annual AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) Convention takes place where 15,000 of this diabolical Jewish lobby’s best and brightest meet to mix and mingle, celebrate the successes of the past year and more importantly, strategize for the coming year how best to maintain Israel’s strength.  The claim is that it’s in America’s best interest, as well, but the truth is American citizens get zero from this one-sided relationship.  Sure, a few American companies like Boeing and Lockheed Martin make boatloads of cash through the sales of Apache helicopters and weapons to Israel, but for American tax payers, the return on investment is nothing more than our share of the guilt of mass slaughter of Palestinians, Syrians, Lebanese, and whomever challenges Israel’s dominance in the region.