8 Apr 2017

Dad Accused Of Being A Pedo For Sharing A Room With His Daughter

6oodfella: Feminism demonising men for decades is what's to blame for things like this.

Washington Crossed Russia’s Red Line + Russia Declares US In Violation Of All International Conventions And Laws

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Washington’s military attack on Syria is unambigiously a war crime. It occurred without any UN authorization or even the fake cover of a “coalition of the willing.” Washington’s attack on Syria occurred in advance of an investigation of the alleged event that Washington is trying to use as its justification. Indeed, Washington’s story of Syrian use of chemical weapons is totally implausible. All chemical weapons were removed from Syria by Russia and turned over to the US and its European allies. Syria has no such weapons and has no reason to use them and every reason not to. Moreover, it is none of Washington’s business whatsoever what weapons Syria uses against terrorist forces seeking to overthrow the Syrian government.
Governments in Europe, Canada, Australia, and Japan have not condemned this war crime. Indeed, the UK Foreign Minister has declared the UK’s support. Thus does the West reveal once again its hypocrisy.
As Russia has made clear, the alleged chemical weapons attack has every hallmark of a Washington orchestrated event in order to launch a US military attack on Syria. As the Russian Defense Ministry explained, the US air attack had to have been planned in advance of the alleged chemical weapon event. The US air strike on Syria requires advanced planning, but followed immediately the event used as the excuse:

Make America Neocon Again

By Gilad Atzmon: It doesn’t take a military analyst to grasp that the American attack on a remote Syrian airfield contradicts every possible military rationale. If America really believed that Assad possessed a WMD stockpile and kept it in al-Shayrat airbase, launching a missile attack that could lead to a release of lethal agents into the air would be the last thing it would do. If America was determined to ‘neutralise’ Assad’s alleged ‘WMD ability’ it would deploy special forces or diplomacy. No one defuses WMD with explosives, bombs or cruise missiles. It is simply unheard of.
America targeted al-Shayrat because it knew with certainty that there were no WMD in that location. It was a firework show. It had no military objective.
The first concern that comes to mind is why do you need a saxophonist to deliver the truth every military expert understands very well? Can’t the New York Times or the Guardian reach the same obvious conclusion? It’s obvious enough that if Assad didn’t use WMD when he was losing the war, it would make no sense for him to use it now when a victory is within reach.

'Powerful KeiserPepe'

Max and Stacy discuss the KeiserPepe market and “our man in Mexico.” In the second half, Max interviews Tyson Slocum, director of Public Citizen's Energy Program, about the latest in geopolitics at Rex Tillerson’s State Department.

Women Hate Being CEOs - And They Suck At It

By : Who makes a better, more enduring CEO – a man, or a woman? The question is an abomination even to ask – TRIGGERED – but it is also one that can be answered based on a simple review of the longevity of the class of women CEOs from 5 years ago, as well as the success, or lack thereof, of their companies. It turns out that by whatever measure you like, women CEOs suck, and you can make a lot of money in the stock market betting against them as a class. Such an investment strategy is evergreen as long as you are discreet about it, as it is socially unacceptable to write off women CEOs for the class disaster that they are.
This article is not intended to be investment advice. Because that would give the game away or something. Just check my figures and decide for yourself. All the data I used is copied or linked in this article.
Feminist CEOs – usually women CEOs – have been coming under fire lately for participating in capitalism/patriarchy – the quaint idea that smart women can compete with the good old boys is becoming passé in even feminist circles as extremist views on destroying the economy gain more favor in their coven. Ever the curious one, I suspected something dreary was up with women CEOs in general, so I did the thing that feminist HR directors love doing to men – I gave women CEOs a 5-year performance review as a class.

Trump Attacks Syria Starts WW3

Trump attacks Syria
and this could be the start of WW3.

The Road To Sexism Is Paved With Feminism Pt. 1

Misogyny: “a widely accepted social attitude in a sexist world” includes beliefs that “demean [women’s] bodies… abilities… characters and… efforts.
Misandry: “1) a refusal to suppress the evidence of one’s experience with men; 2) a woman’s defense against fear and pain; 3) an affirmation of the cathartic effects of justifiable anger.”
–from A Feminist Dictionary, compiled by Cheris Kramarae and Paula Treichler
I feel that ‘man-hating’ is an honorable and viable political act, that the oppressed have a right to class-hatred against the class that is oppressing them.” – Robin Morgan, Ms. Magazine Editor
By : In the past I’ve written about sexism, patriarchy, and articles based on the differences between men and women. Most of this has been filled with footnotes, historical examples, or anecdotal observations. Here, I’m attempting to write a more anecdotal tale, covered in two parts. It may not read like a straight line. The main reason I’m doing this is to help other men who may have gone through similar phases and events as I did getting here. I know for myself, dealing with life in general, reading about other peoples’ experiences, and their interpretations of them, have always helped me learn and grow. So I’m going to try to help do the same for others, even if this does come with an air of vulnerability.

My Last Video?

Incest - Jewish Family Style

By Gilad Atzmon: This week, I was puzzled by Donna Miinkowitz’s response to her being invited to join four other leading intellectuals in a Literary event to discuss my forthcoming book: Being in Time (30 April, Theatre 80 NYC). For Donna, the invitation evoked only feelings of“horror, fear, anger and disgust”
So I decided to look around and find out exactly what Donna Minkowitz’s own literary events look like. What I found was a most disturbing disclosure of family incest and unseemly morbidity.
Minkowitz, a writer for the Jewish Forward, describes herself as a “Jewish, Lesbian progressive.” Fine, but I warn you, watch this short video only if you have a strong stomach.