10 Apr 2017

The Angry Lasagne From February

DoctorRandomercam: Be the lol farmer, not the lolcow. No one is innocent

Gender Pay Gap Reporting Goes Live - Radical Feminist UK Government Equalities Office

By Mike Buchanan: Appalling. Excerpts from a government website, containing not one sentence with which Harriet Harman or Jess Phillips would disagree – and this from a Conservative government!
Thousands of employers will publish their gender pay gap figures for the first time from today, helping break the glass ceiling [my emphasis] and create a more modern workforce.
The UK is one of the first countries in the world to require gender pay gap reporting and follows the government’s commitment to introduce the requirements at the last election. This is a key part of the government’s work to eliminate the gender pay gap… [my emphasis]
The UK gender pay gap is already at a record low of 18.1 per cent. These requirements will help employers to identify the gaps in their organisations and take action to close their gender pay gap. [my emphasis]
Ensuring that women have the same opportunities as men to fulfil their potential in the workplace is a key part of building a country that works for everyone, as the Prime Minister made clear in her first speech outside Downing Street…

Women’s Attacks On Men’s Employment And Promotion Prospects

By Mike Buchanan: In stark contrast to the feminist ‘glass ceiling’ myth – that men preference men to women in recruitment and promotion terms – the truth is that women have a far stronger in-group preference than men. My personal experience as a business executive over 30+ years was that men exhibit no such in-group preference. When men mainly recruit or promote men, it’s because there are more men of merit seeking recruitment of promotion. Steve Moxon covered the subject of gendered in-group preferencing well in The Woman Racket (2008).
There is no doubt that many men are finding the task of seeking employment and promotion more difficult, because women – sometimes through their roles in Human Remains departments – are manipulating systems in order to give jobs to women rather than men. Last week I was contacted by a psychologist, his story takes up the remainder of this blog piece, and is reproduced with his permission. The name is, of course, a pseudonym:

Why I Started The ‘Ladies For Philip Davies’ Pressure Group

By Elizabeth Hobson: “Tory MP tries and fails to block anti-domestic violence bill with 91-minute speech,” read Jon Stone’s headline in the Independent on 24 February referring to Philip Davies’s 91 minute filibuster of The Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence (the Istanbul Convention). So why, you might reasonably ask, do I – a woman – stand before you as one fifth of the new pressure group Ladies for Philip Davies?
The Ladies for Philip Davies come from diverse political standpoints, but we all believe in true equality under the law, and oppose the “feminist zealotry” (Davies’s words) that is ignoring men’s issues and pushing legislation like the Istanbul Convention, which is sexist in that it neglects the men who represent one third of inter-personal violence victims. 
The Istanbul Convention also writes patriarchy theory into law and into education – a theory that is not based on fact but belief.

Jordan Peterson v MGTOW + Happy Monday, Jian

johntheother: Is MGTOW really all about women? I don't think so. Isn't it more accurate to examine men going their own way as a response to an increasingly pathological state, culture and legal system?

Passover Special - Yahweh And WMD

By Gilad Atzmon: Not many people know that the evil genius who introduced our universe to WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) was the Jewish German chemist Fritz Haber. For his work at the service of the German ministry of defense at the time of WWI, Haber is considered the ‘father of chemical warfare." Haber pioneered the weaponizing of chlorine and other poisonous gases during World War I. Haber died in 1934 on his way to Palestine. He was making Aliya. 
It should also be noted that it was Jewish ‘pacifist’ Albert Einstein who, together with Leo Szilard (another Jewish physicist), initiated the Manhattan project to produce the very first nuclear weapons. In 1939, it was Einstein who proposed to President Roosevelt that the United States begin its nuclear energy project. Needless to say, the Manhattan Project was over-populated with Jewish German scientists, working day and night to build a nuclear bomb, hoping to bring total destruction on Germany and its  people (not just the regime).  
Just a few years later in the 1950s, David Ben Gurion and Shimon Peres decided to introduce the Middle East to WMD, launching the Israeli nuclear project and also the Israeli chemical and biological warfare laboratory at the Israel Institute for Biological Research in Nes Ziona.

Prof. Peterson Denied Research Grant. Coincidence?

Rebel Media: New examples of campus p.c. insanity, including one that hits close to home: U of T professor Jordan Peterson has been denied a research grant for the first time...

Calling All Good Cops

Feminism LOL: It's time for cops to defend themselves! If you can't speak about false allegations then let me do it for you: email: diana.lee.davison@gmail.com

Anti-MGM Protest Outside The Thornhill Clinic, Luton, UK

Mike Buchanan: In March 2016 our protest outside the Thornhill Clinic in Luton was the largest-ever anti-MGM protest in the UK. Our invitation to that protest, with numerous links: https://j4mb.org.uk/2016/02/27/your-i... Our thanks to all those who turned out for this latest protest, including the three young ladies.

The Ready Mad Neopoleocon - William Banzai7