12 Apr 2017

PFF - William Banzai7

The Great Masculinity Debate: Is Masculinity Toxic Or Tonic?

By Mike Buchanan: A debate has been organized by the Male Psychology Network, and will be held at UCL on the evening of 11 May, you can register here. The full description on the website:

Is masculinity toxic or tonic? Tragic or fantastic? You decide!
We hear so much these days about how masculinity is harmful to men and women, that we often overlook the ways in which masculinity is a force for good. That is why we have invited a panel of experts to discuss this subject at UCL. Furthermore we are inviting the audience at the debate to vote on it, so we can come to a decision on whether masculinity is toxic or not.
The motion is: ‘This house does not believe that masculinity is toxic’. Arguing against the motion will be Michael Conroy (A Call To Men UK), Phil Price (Domestic Violence Intervention Project) and Laura Wildsmith (Regents College London). Arguing for the motion will be psychologists Eli Joubert (University of Surrey), Naomi Murphy (HMPS Whitemoor) and Martin Seager (Central London Samaritans).

Why Does Assad Have To Go?

RonPaul: Why the sudden turn toward regime change in Syria, just days after the White House said it no longer viewed removing Assad as a priority? We are joined by Lew Rockwell to discuss this and other issues.

Persona Non Grata

A parent normally assumes they have a legal right to bring up their child. Taken from numerous first hand accounts, this 15 minute film shows how our legal system does not protect our children from a parent who is pathologically selfish. There is nothing written in law to uphold the equality that most parents assume is their legal right.

Why It's Important To Reject Women

Women’s Nature Allows Amazons & Other Women To Die Like Men In Battle

: Gynocentric societies throughout history have controlled men’s bodies and forced them into the horrors of war. A leading twelfth-century Byzantine intellectual expressed poetically the gynocentric sense of males being intended from birth to bleed in battle:

The newborn baby is of the male gender; male, O earth and sun! Did you see him right away as he slid out, full of blood and tainted by gore as if coming from war and battle? [1]
Overcoming gynocentrism and achieving gender equality in military service requires recognizing that men aren’t naturally destined to labor to provide goods for women and children and to fight and die in wars. According to a declamation of the sixth-century public speaker Choricius of Gaza, the Trojan king Priam long ago affirmed that women’s nature is no obstacle to Amazons and other women dying in battle just like men.

South Korea Solidarity With Palestine

"The situation in Palestine and the situation in South Korea is not different! Palestine's people will win and Palestine's people will be free!" Said Korean pro-Palestinian speaker.

Protect Our Little Boys Too

By : The world seems to ignore and deny the pain and humanity of males from the moment of birth to adulthood: circumcision, suicide, forced military service, etc.
A man talks about his experience being raped by a female when he was nine and the ensuing reaction of an indifferent world.

My Strategy For Confronting And Defeating The Status Quo

By Michael Krieger: There’s one main reason the vast majority of Americans continue to lose and suffer, while a very small percentage of people continue to win and prosper, and it can be summed up with one word, unity.
I know this sounds corny and clichĂ©, but that doesn’t make it untrue. There’s a reason a small group of vested parties are able to run this country in their interests alone while the general public gets scraps, and it’s not simply money. A big part of the problem lies in ourselves and our inability to form mass movements that cross political lines on issues of tremendous importance. The “elite” don’t suffer from such divisiveness, which is how they are able to hold on to power despite repeated failures spanning decades.
A perfect example of how the status quo comes together when their collective interests are threatened was on full display during the 2016 election. Many of us stood in shock with our mouths open in horror as corporate Democrats, neoconservative Republicans and the corporate media formed a total alliance in opposition to Donald Trump.