2 May 2017

Talking Phillip Davies With The Liberty Belles

0:00 - 4:22 Intro
4:25 - 9:44 Motherhood, feminism and men's rights
9:46 - 11:44 The non-gendered gender problem
11:47 - 16:00 Why The Liberty Belles and Phillip Davies
16:03 - 19:09 BLM, AntiFa and BAMN
19:12 - 19:48 Male "Tears"
19:48 - 20:08 outro

Post-Brexit World

"You don't have private property, you're not free,
it's not democratic, there's no free speech
and it's basically an extinction event."
Max and Stacy discuss the media bubble that is worse than you think and the one percent of new ad revenue split between all websites that are not Google or Facebook. In the second half, Max continues his interview with Alasdair Macleod of Macleod Finance and Goldmoney.com. They discuss the disintegration of the EU in a post-Brexit world.

Victims ‘To Be Believed’ And Their Cases Referred To Trial

By : Recently, an Air Force appellate court decision came down in the case of the U.S. vs. Airman First Class Brandon T. Wright (1). A1C Wright was charged with several counts of sexual assault in 2013, involving his female supervisor a noncommissioned officer from his duty section, following a shopping trip and an evening of watching movies and drinking, in July of 2012 in Italy. The GCMCA for these charges was then, Lieutenant General Craig Franklin, the Commander of Third Air Force.
Then Lieutenant General Franklin; who has since retired as a ‘two-star’ drew previous intense criticism and the wrath of Senator’s Gillibrand and McCaskill; among others, because he dared to dismiss the sexual assault conviction of former Lieutenant Colonel James Wilkerson, in which Franklin; after intense review of all transcripts and consultation with his legal staff (2). The reason for his dismissal was that he determined that the case lacked sufficient probable cause and evidence, and believed that the alleged victim lacked credibility (3).

Poisoning The Wells From Which Our Young Girls Drink

By : Last year I wrote an article titled Girls Feelings Are Far More Important Than The Truth for Jasmin Newman’s Relating to Men website
It was based upon the “shock” and “dismay” expressed by so many prominent feminists in our education system when they read the results of a survey given to Victorian schoolgirls. The survey indicated that the overwhelming majority of girls believed they were treated unfairly in our society and that boys and men were privileged. Apparently, they don’t survey boys.
My article questioned their surprise at the outcome of the survey given the fact that they force feed the girls a steady diet of lies about their oppression and victim status in society.
The latest news to catch my eye here in the feminist state of Victoria is the fact that:

“feminist collectives” are springing up across the country as young women are presented with a grim picture of gender equality by a new wave of education programs that place “white male privilege” and “hegemonic masculinity” at the root of family violence.’

Dossier Of Deplorables - Alison Tieman Exposed + How Intersectionality Is A Get Out Of Jail Free Card For Racists

The Social Experience Of ICMI

'It is rare in life people have such close access to people you normally only access through the content they provide. It is akin to a back stage pass with the Rolling Stones/Black Sabbath/The Who
By : The decision to attend the Second International Conference on Men’s Issues was easy. It was being held in London, in July. Thats just a hop across the water, at holiday time. I could get to there, so I would get there.
The obvious draw was the list of speakers, the who’s who of the men’s rights movement were to be put on a stage one after another, but as I was to find out, this was a conference where just actually being there outweighed the insights held within the speeches. That is not to undermine insights of the speakers, but an understanding of the reality. Every speech, from the opening by Erin Pizzy to the closing from Paul Elam will be available on youtube shortly, hence I will not go into those now, but instead into the experience of thousands of conversations between and after the speeches could only be accessed by being there.

‘Israel Seeks To Ignite More Wars In Mideast’

Zionist Report: Israel is simply carrying out their plan. Divide and conquer! Later, expand!

The Everyday Hatred Of Men: Part Two, Toxic Masculinity

Men Are Good!: This is the second in the Everyday hatred of men series. The first vid looked at the ideas of patriarchy and how they had been used as a tool of hatred towards men. This one focuses on the usage of "Toxic Masculinity" idea as a means to batter men.