7 May 2017

Shareholders Getting Leftovers

Max and Stacy discuss shareholders getting leftovers and mortgage lenders collapsing. In the second half, Max interviews Paul Craig Roberts, Assistant Treasury Secretary under Ronald Reagan, about the failures of capitalism to account for externalized costs.

CAfE To Build A Centre For Men And Boys In Ottawa, Canada

It's Time to Champion Boys and Men in Canada's Capital.
That's Why CAFE is Building an Ottawa Headquarters. Your Donation is Doubled Only Until May 31st! We've raised $50,000 but we only have this month to get to our final goal of $75,000 through our new GoFundMeCampaign. Send the government a message that the days of ignoring boys and men are over.

Traditional Masculinity Is A Shield Against State Power

By Jason Newman: “We must redefine masculinity”. This is now the war cry from the gender feminists and those on the regressive left. Of course, this is postmodernist newspeak for, “make men act like women.” Unlike the useful idiots who awarded Bruce Jenner woman of the year, I (like many) think women do a damn good job of acting like women themselves.
Not content with redefining the nation, the family and the truth they have now moved onto another sacred cow in their sordid quest to destroy a culture and society that they quite openly and obviously despise. They have realised that by sweeping away masculinity and the characteristics most often associated with men - stoicism, self-reliance and duty - they can hasten the fall of all they hate and bring about their utopia. (I am not by the way asserting that women cannot have these traits either, but merely stating that utilising these characteristics often manifests itself differently in men and women).
Stoicism is not, as many claim, the absence of emotion, but rather the practice of dealing with any one emotion good or bad and not letting it overwhelm oneself or lead to any knee-jerk reactions. It is an intrinsically conservative trait and the enemy of those who wish us to hear a phrase like “rape culture” and react with a hysterical mea culpa.

BBC “Mrs Brown’s Boys” Celebrates Domestic Violence Against Men And Hands Out Award To Abuser

Via John J4MB: This complaint to the BBC by Mark Brooks of the Mankind Initiative, about an episode of Mrs Brown’s Boys, a weak comedy shown on the BBC. The corporation broadcasts no other types of comedy these days, unless it’s 50+ year old episodes of Dad’s Army. The section showing an abusive woman winning a ‘Mammy of the Week’ award, is over 42:11 – 45:28, the key section 44:10 – 44:30. A mark in the wall is shown, where a knife thrown by the woman at her husband had struck the wall. Hilarious, apparently.
A tip of the hat to Mark Brooks of the Mankind Initiative for complaining about the issue to the BBC.

A New Barrier To Replacing Women With Technology

By : A hundred years ago, when women replaced men with vibrating dildos, they discovered, to their great shock, a new problemwithout biological men to maintain society’s infrastructure and pay for their shoe and food habits, women tended to be worse off even with their Grrreedy Girl  9000 Jungle Buster Max’s ($99.99) at hand. So, reluctantly, those ur-white feminists allowed the baby-making to proceed at a diminished rate and, to mollify the distraught women, laws were changed to strip men of their sexual prerogatives, child custody, family security, masculinity, and as much cash as could be squeezed out of them.
Such was the power of women, bringers of pain and delight.
But the story of the liberation of man does not end there. Today, the first of many in the year 2021, marks the first day that both the sexbot AND the artificial human womb have come online, marking the end of the practical significance of biological women.
Just as the equine nag became hamburger with the spread of the automobile, so too the human nag’s days seem slated for the abattoir.

Female Artists LOL + Amish Women

"Art shouldn't be a muppet
with a hand up her crumpet!"
Said Sandman.

The Sex Bots Are Coming

"But can you fuck it?"
Why are you upset ma'am?

The Maryland Rape Case, Rockville High School

Men Are Good!: The rape charges against the two young men at Rockville High School have been dropped. It seems obvious that the young girl falsely accused them. Will she be prosecuted? If not, what message does that send to her peers?

Sympathy For The Devil?

By Adam Taggart: In our recent report, Banks Are Evil, we pulled no punches in making the accusation that the financial system is the root cause of injustice in today's society.
It's a good blood-boiler. You should read it if you haven't already.
Its main premise is this:
In my opinion, it's long past time we be brutally honest about the banks. Their influence and reach has metastasized to the point where we now live under a captive system. From our retirement accounts, to our homes, to the laws we live under -- the banks control it all. And they run the system for their benefit, not ours.