8 May 2017

Cassie Jaye’s Best 'Red Pill' Interview Yet - Aussie Radio

The best Red Pill interview yet.

The 'Father Roulette' Court Case

To some women,
men are just walking wallets.

The Everyday Hatred Of Men: Hegemonic Masculinity

Men Are Good! This is the third video in this series on the everyday hatred of men. This one focuses on RW Connell's theory of Hegemonic masculinity.

Regrets Over Choice Of White Man To Stand As The Labour Shipley Candidate Against Honorary Super MRA Philip D MP

By Mike Buchanan: Racism and sexism in Shipley. The start of the piece (by a female journalist, predictably):

Labour members have voiced disquiet over the party’s decision to stand a “white man” against firebrand Tory incumbent Philip Davies.
The nation’s eyes will be on the seat at the General Election as Women’s Equality Party leader Sophie Walker takes on Mr Davies, a vocal critic of ‘political correctness’.
And with feminism likely to be high on the political agenda, local Labour members say they had hoped the party would field a strong female candidate.
The ruling National Executive Committee (NEC) last week selected Steve Clapcote, who lost to Mr Davies in 2015 [those who stood in 2015 right]. He officially started his campaign with a stall in Shipley market square on Saturday.
Labour member Sara Mogford, of Baildon, said she was incredibly disappointed that Labour chiefs were standing “a white man against Philip Davies – who also lost last time”.

How Men Can Win In Family Court

You don't have a right to your kids.
Your kids have a right to have you.

University Sexual Assault Policy Lawsuits

Feminism LOL: UBC, how can I sue thee? Let me count the ways. Canada is only trailing the US in campus tribunals in how many lawsuits have been launched. We're about to change that.

Why Don’t More People Hate Feminism? + One Of The Worst British False Rape Accusation Cases Ever + The Future Of Us

By Jordan Holbrook: To paraphrase Rowan Atkinson: What is wrong with encouraging intense dislike of an idea? Why shouldn’t you do that, if the beliefs of that idea or the activities perpetrated in its name deserve to be intensely disliked?

Douchebag SJW White Knights For Big Red!

Regards, Bearing.

Controlled Opposition? You Bet!

By Nahida Exiled Palestinian: I find this precious admission -by none other than the handler himself bragging about his role inengineering Palestinian actions and reaction, I find it horrifically disturbing yet not all surprising, in fact it offers a profound confirmation to all what I have had suspected and have been writing about all along.
With the above few words by Tony Greenstien, we caught the handler” red handed, offering us the damning irrefutable evidence against his own work as a “handler” par excellence. We stand stunned before one notorious Jewish anti-Zionist -whoperfectedhis role in controlled opposition, exposing his dirty tricks in manipulating Palestinians, meddling with their discourse, attempting to control their narrative and steer and divert their noble struggle of liberation into one of ADL battlefields, namelyfighting antisemitism”.