15 May 2017

Upholding Our Rights, Resisting The Ongoing Nakba

Israels iron walls cannot suppress
or overshadow the rising sun of
Palestinian emancipation.

It is possible
It is possible at least sometimes
It is possible especially now
To ride a horse
Inside a prison cell
And run away

It is possible for prison walls
To disappear
For the cell to become a distant land
Without frontiers
'The Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions National Committee (BNC) calls on people of conscience the world over to further intensify BDS campaigns to end academic, cultural, sports, military and economic links of complicity with Israels regime of occupation, settler-colonialism and apartheid.'

London ICMI 2016 Well Known YouTubers

The Big LeBombSki - William Banzai7

The Exponential Growth Of Insecurity

By Paul Craig Roberts: There is no such thing as cyber security. The only choice is more security or less security, as the recent hack of the US National Security Agency demonstrates.
Hackers stole from NSA a cyber weapon, which has been used in attacks (at time of writing) on 150 countries, shutting down elements of the British National Health Service, the Spanish telecommunications company Telefonica, automakers Renault and Nissan, Russia’s Interior Ministry, Federal Express, the energy company PetroChina, and many more.
The news spin is to not blame NSA for its carelessness, but to blame Microsoft users for not updating their systems with a patch issued two months ago. But the important questions have not been asked: What was the NSA doing with such malware and why did NSA not inform Microsoft of the malware?
Clearly, NSA intended to use the cyber weapon against some country or countries. Why else have it and keep it a secret from Microsoft? Was it to be used to shut down Russian and Chinese systems prior to launching a nuclear first strike against the countries? Congress should be asking this question as it is certain that the Russian and Chinese governments are.

The Power And The Reflected Glory

By : Bank robber Willie Sutton would probably be lost to history if not for one quotation.  When asked why he robbed banks, he supposedly replied, “That’s where the money is.” Sutton’s profession was both lucrative and tax-free, but it was not high status.  The truly ambitious seek money and power.  Consider the case of Melinda French.
Born in Dallas on August 15, 1964, Melinda Ann French was the daughter of an aerospace engineer and a non-working mother.  She was the valedictorian of her class at Ursuline Academy in the super-snooty Preston Hollow area of Dallas.  From there, she went to Duke University in Durham, North Carolina.  She earned a degree in computer science in 1986 and followed it up with an MBA from the same institution in 1987.

My [Gilad Atzmon] Most Interesting Q & A Session To Date

By Gilad Atzmon: We spoke about history revisionism (holocaust, Nakba etc.), Jewish controlled opposition, 911 and the truth movement,  Breitbart's duplicity, Ted being Jerusalemites,  JVP, Mondoweiss & the Jewish solidarity spin, Jewish mothers and many other hot topics.

It Doesn’t Look Like Anything To Me: Confronting Willful Blindness Against Men’s Issues.

By : In HBO’s “Westworld” advanced robots, verging on human intelligence, live in an old-West theme park, hundreds of them making up a cast to entertain visiting human tourists.  These robots believe themselves to be humans living in an authentic, 19th-century environment.  The tourists play dress-up, but occasionally slip and reveal to the robots a glimmer of the outside world–a photograph taken at Times Square dropped in the dirt, an out-of-place reference to some modern invention.
The robots’ designers anticipated such lapses, and programmed a filter over their perceptions, blinding them to ideas they are not supposed to know.  When confronted with these incongruous crumbs, the robots give a rote response, “It doesn’t look like anything to me,” and simply move on, the forbidden knowledge sliding past them like water off a Teflon pan.[1]
This eerie inability to perceive the obvious is familiar to anyone who speaks about men’s issues.  Indeed, a normal part of a person’s men’s-issues awakening happens after they latch onto an isolated fact, a part of the hidden truth.  The fact often takes the form of recognizing a media distortion.

Putin Warns Against WW3

"Neo-Con Jews send the Goys off to war. ...Who is so senseless not to know that US policy revolves around what's good for the Jews and with Russia wrecking their scheme for regime change in Syria, they cooked up a new enemy the Putin 'regime'. No surprise that NATO, JewMerica's global army is amassing troops on Russia's borders." Said ex Jew Nathanael.

Making Sense Of The “Super Fuse” Scare

There is nothing, that the USA could come up with to prevent Russia from obliterating the USA in a retaliatory strike.
By The Saker: Now consider where the vast majority of US cities are located – right along the East and West coasts of the USA and the fact that the US has no air defenses of any kind protecting them. A Russian strategic bomber could hit any West Coast city from the middle of the Pacific ocean. As for a Russian submarine, it could hit any US city from the middle of the Atlantic. Finally, the Russians could conceal an unknown number of cruise missile in regular looking shipping container (flying a Russian flag or, for that matter, any other flag) and simply sail to the immediate proximity to the US coast and unleash a barrage of nuclear cruise missiles.  How much reaction time would such a barrage give the US government?  Understanding reaction time  It is true that the Soviet and Russian space-based early warning system is in bad shape. But did you know that China never bothered developing such a space based system in the first place? So what is wrong with the Chinese, are they stupid, technologically backward or do they know something we don’t?