19 May 2017

Leaked Audio Shows Doctors’ Association LYING About Effects Of Circumcision On The Penis

Written by Brendon Marotta: Leaked audio from a panel at the 2013 Pitts Lectureship in Medical Ethics at the Medical University of South Carolina reveals that the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) knows circumcision reduces sexual feeling in the penis, contradicting their public position.
The physicians’ group has previously said that circumcision does not affect sexual sensation. Now, at a private meeting featuring members of the American Academy of Pediatrics task force on circumcision, a moderator states circumcision does reduce sensitivity, and that “reduction of sensation is very valuable to many men” because it might allow them to last longer in bed. Take a listen yourself:

Angel Alonso, an intact i.e. uncircumcised man in the audience, replies that lasting longer in bed is something men can work on, and points out the contradiction: how can the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) say publicly that circumcision does not reduce sensation, and privately that reduction of sensation is one of the benefits?

The Everyday Hatred Of Men: Part Four Why All This Hate?

Men Are Good!: A big thank you needs to go out to Kenneth Minogue for his stellar article on radical feminism and the fall of civilizations. You can find that article here: http://www.newcriterion.com/articles.... This brilliant gentleman died in 2013. I only wish I could have thanked him. - Another article that helped form this video is an excellent piece by Nikita Coulombe that had pulled together the quotes that were used. https://medium.com/@NikitaCcoulombe/w...

BBC Caught Spreading Lies About Philip Davies Yet Again

By HEqual: Readers may remember an article from last year where we exposed some of the BBC’s lies about Philip Davies MP. On that occasion, the organisation morphed his criticism of feminists into criticism of women as a whole, thus turning reality on its head and smearing him as a sexist rather than an opponent of misandrist ideology. The BBC quietly retracted those false claims about Davies, yet they clearly haven’t learned their lesson and have been lying about the very same politician once again.

In an article concerning the learning disabled and the minimum wage, the BBC wrote the following:
“Conservative MP Philip Davies told Parliament that disabled people should work for less than the minimum wage
A version of the article we saw at the time helpfully linked to the debate in question and  the few people who followed said link would have soon noticed that the BBC were up to their usual tricks and completely misrepresenting Davies’ words. The official Hansard record of the debate notes his words as follows:

Greeks Storm Their Parliament In Athens During The 2nd Day Of 'Anti-Bankster Imposed Austerity' Riots This Week

Perseus999: We won’t live like slaves - The only lost battles are the ones that they have not been given”. On Thursday 18 May 2017 thousands of people joined a 2nd day of protests following a general strike all over Greece on the day before, against the new harsh austerity measures of 4.9 billion euros incorporated in the 4th Memorandum signed by the greek government, aimed once again against the lower income classes rather, than the banks and the wealthy.

Understanding Brits - A Post-Political Analysis

By Gilad Atzmon: The current election has made understanding Brits pretty easy.
Yesterday The Daily Telegraph published some statistics that suggest that Brits are just ordinary people, not much different from the Americans or the French - they are born communists but die hard-core conservatives.
The above data suggest that British youngsters overwhelmingly supportCorbyn’s dream. But this changes once they hit political puberty which is apparently around the age of 25. Adults seem to run away from Labour and Corbyn.
Why are the Tories leading with each age group over 25?

Russian Litter Box Hacks + Message From Deep State - WB7

Warren Farrell (Myth Of Male Power) & Cassie Jaye (Red Pill) Conduct Audience Experiments

Female Prisoners In The UK Allowed To Have Children Stay With Them In "Prison"

"This is the most cast iron example of female privilege I've ever witnessed. ...Men get a cell, women get an apartment! ...From arrest to conviction to the family courts, all the way through they are privileged beyond belief!" Said 6oodfella. Female privilege is very real. Its existence is undeniable at this point.

Peer Review: A (Not So Much) Gender Perspective

By : A little while back I stumbled upon a paper[1], highlighting the unfortunate position of women in academic fields. More specifically, this paper addresses the issue of a gender-bias in peer-review processes and reports that female authors are not only underrepresented as peer reviewers, but also that they get disproportionally published less because of peer review processes.
According to the authors, this is due to the unconscious bias of publishers who prefer work or select a reviewer of their own sex. Since more men are active within the academic field, this one-sided explanation might satisfy some gender-studies scholars, but couldn’t there be more at play here?
As a PhD researcher at a rather progressive university, I see gender discrimination on a day to day basis, but more of the ‘positive’ kind, in favor of female coworkers and students rather than their male counterpart. Just recently even, several students presented their MSc Thesis, which is pretty much their last obstacle to face before entering the working world. Only this year it had a slightly different aftertaste. See, one student’s father was namely diagnosed with stage-three cancer at the beginning of academic year and was spending his last months on his deathbed at the hospital. I was already impressed that the young man even showed up to his project’s final dissertation.

Meet The Woman Too Good Looking To Get A Boyfriend!

Raging Golden Eagle: Of all the reasons I've heard for women (or men for that matter) still being single, this has to be the funniest one.