23 May 2017

Feminist Steve Shives Is Losing His Mind

Regards, Bearing.

UK Deploys Army And Raises Terror Threat Status To Critical, Pry Minister Claims "More Attacks Imminent"

By Tyler Durden: In a televised statement from Downing Street, UK Pry Minister Theresa May said Britain has increased its security threat level to the highest possible "critical" from "severe", following Monday's retaliatory Libyan suicide attack in Manchester that killed 22 people, and she also said members of the army would be positioned at key sites to free up police for patrols and military personnel might be deployed at public events such as concerts and sports events as a further attack was seen as potentially imminent.
“Members of the armed forces deployed in this way will be under the command of police officers,” May said, adding that "we cannot ignore that there is a wider group of individuals linked to Manchester attack".
The Prime Minister also said 'the independent body' which sets the threat level had recommended it be raised from "severe" after a man named by police as Salman Abedi set off an improvised bomb on Monday night as crowds streamed out of a concert.

'Long Live Trump!'

Max and Stacy discuss how the new SALT conference is profiting from the distraction that is Cold War 2.0. While the Beltway media’s emotional and hysterical breakdown continues in the wake of Hillary Clinton’s humiliating political defeat to Donald Trump, the finance elite are winning bigly with deregulation and privatization under the cloak of #russiagate darkness. In the second half, Max continues his interview with Michael Pento of pentoport.com about debt and taxes in the age of Trump.

Truth Has Become Un-American

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Those of us who have exited The Matrix are concerned that there are no checks on Washington’s use of nuclear weapons in the interest of US hegemony over the world.
Washington and Israel are the threats to peace. Washington demands world hegemony, and Israel demands hegemony in the Middle East.
There are two countries that stand in the way of Washington’s world hegemony—Russia and China. Consequently, Washington has plans for preemptive nuclear strikes against both countries. It is difficult to imagine a more serious threat to mankind, and there is no awareness or acknowledgment of this threat among the Congress, the presstitute media, and the general public in the United States and Washington’s European vassal populations.
Two countries and a part of a third stand in the way of Greater Israel. Israel wants the water resources of southern Lebanon, but cannot get them, despite twice sending in the Israeli Army, because of the Lebanese Hezbollah militia, which is supplied by Syria and Iran. This is why Syria and Iran are on Washington’s hit list. Washington serves the military/security complex, Wall Street and the over-sized US banks, and Israel.

Canada's New Feminist Courts

'Canada is no longer a functioning democratic system, it has become part of a tin pot dictatorship and I mean no hyperbole when I say that. ...A departure from one of the basic tenants of western civilization' Said johntheother. We have the now-departed Conservative interim leader Rona Ambrose to thank.

Not To Worry, Ariana Grande's 'Okay' - But Everyone Be Very Afraid And Vote Fascist Warmonger From Now ON

Zionist Jewish owned news media 'Sky'...putting their usual
Zio spin on events. As Deek Jackson said. "From the makers of 9/11,
7/7, Je suis Charlie and National Lampoons Belgian Gihad.
Don't even think twice about how many 'sand nigger babies' Britain has bombed over the years, just stay calm
and remain ambivalent about British support of murdering regimes in the Middle East for decades."

Gilad Atzmon’s Journey Through Post-Modern Crises

By Adam Garrie: In Being In Time, author and musician Gilad Atzmon explores the historical and psychological basis for the many crises gripping the western world.
Many of the same people lament the state of a broad, however amorphous western society that has succumbed to the trends of hyper-identity politics, political and economic sectarianism, brutal financial capitalism and the death of industry and censorship in societies that still preach the self-righteous yet vague cause of ‘freedom’.
In Being In Time, author Gilad Atzmon offers a philosophical explanation for how these divergent trends are actually systematic outgrowths of societies simultaneously bewitched and confused by the abject failures of the three domineering ideologies of the 20th century: communism, fascism and liberalism.
Atzmon approaches how an uneasy calm in mid-20th century western states has given way to a world where the dams of free speech, prosperity and political predictability have been burst open leading to a flood of insecurity, third world style poverty and perhaps most importantly for Atzmon, the poverty of ideas.

The Marriage Of Socrates, Friendship And Life And Death Of The Sole

You yourself, Aristomenes, were you there on the day that Socrates married?
Yes, I was, and it makes me tremble to recall the strange mix of pleasure and pain with which we, his friends, saw him led to the altar. We gathered at the Cock & Bull for his bachelor party. No topless serving girls jiggling with trays, no pole-dancing beauties with marvelous twists and turns caressing poles — Socrates desired only to sit and drink and talk with his friends.
So, what did the man say before getting married? How did he prepare himself to meet that end? We all crowded around to learn how Fate had struck.

Trump’s High School Yearbook Picture + More War-War - Sketchaganda