25 May 2017

Men Are Now Refusing To Speak To Women + Marriage Or Jail? + The Rise Of The MGTOW Hermit

ANGRY MGTOW: MGTOW understand the true nature of feminism, and for this reason, MGTOW are men going their own way.

It Was Muh Toxic Masculinity Done Did It!

Mango On Byzantine Literature And Byzantine Anti-Feminism

Cyril Mango’s 1980 book Byzantium: The Empire of the New Rome influentially described Byzantine literature and Byzantine anti-feminism. Mango published this book from his lofty position as Bywater and Sotheby Professor of Byzantine and Modern Greek Literature at the University of Oxford. Mango’s introduction recognized that “Byzantine” inaptly labels the continuation of the Roman Empire. Yet Mango’s descriptions of Byzantine literature and Byzantine anti-feminism are much more misleading.
Misunderstanding largely defines popular western understanding of the fall of the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire didn’t fall in the fifth century in accordance with the influential myth of eighteenth-century English historian Edward Gibbon. The Roman Empire continued at its capital at Constantinople until western European crusaders took Constantinople in 1204. Common use of the term Byzantium and Byzantine for the post-fifth-century continuation of the Roman Empire began only from the time of the European Renaissance. The issue isn’t merely the historical pedigree of a particular term. Separating the Roman Empire from Byzantium separated classical culture from its eastern Christian continuation. That conceptual separation has contributed to learned misunderstanding and cultured bigotry.

'Criminal Organisation Deutsche Bank'

Max and Stacy discuss Deutsche Bank: International criminal organisation. So say the judges presiding over the case of the collapse of the world's oldest bank at the hands of some deadly derivatives. In the second half, Max interviews J.P. Sottile of Newsvandal.com about the robot economy and the future of employment.

Gilad's First 'On Time' Interview

Introduction by Gilad Atzmon: Interviewed by the witty and glamorous Nedka Babliku.
We covered many of the aspect of the book: Athens & Jerusalem, controlled opposition, holocaust religion, the post political condition, Corbyn, Trump, cognitive partitioning and the bell curve and many more topics.

“Martyrs Of Marriage” - A Review

By : Our own Lucian Vâlsan got a chance to watch Martyrs of Marriage the documentary that will be screened for the first time outside India at the ICMI17 in Australia.
Martyrs of Marriage is a documentary film that documents the injustice that has been perpetrated on people because of misuse of section 498A of Indian Penal Code.
It’s a first-person feature-length documentary by independent journalist Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj.
An absolute must-watch for those interested in practical politics.

Secrets About Trump's First Foreign Trip

"What few jobs the arms deal brings to America will be outweighed by world wars for the Jews! ...The Jewish state, not just a stolen state, but an apartheid state!"
Said Ex Jew Nathanael.

Live With The Liberty Belles

StudioBrule: The Liberty Belles are four female cultural critics from London, England: Catherine Kitsis - Paula Wright - Elizabeth Butler - Natoya Raymond.

Manchester Attack: What They ARE Telling You

"They want to be able to control what you think and they want to be able to control what you say."

America Has Become A Total Joke

I’ve stopped calling what our government has done a cover-up. Cover-up suggests a passive activity. What they’re doing now I call aggressive deception. – Former Senator Bob Graham, co-chair of Congress’s 9/11 Joint Inquiry
By Michael Krieger: This country is becoming a total joke and it’s not merely because of Donald Trump. While he’s certainly becoming a key player in our national embarrassment, this country’s decent into a reckless Banana Republic has been a long time coming.
Let’s take stock of where things stand in mid-2017. Our opposition Democratic Party (Hillary in a leather jacket yelling about Russia) is a joke. Our corporate media is a joke. Our foreign policy is a joke. Our economy is a joke. Our justice system is a joke. It’s all a joke, and it might even be somewhat humorous if it wasn’t so incredibly dangerous.
Today’s post will focus on Trump’s recent visit to Saudi Arabia, a revolting spectacle which I could barely bring myself to follow.
'Blessed are the arm dealers,
for they shall inherit the earth.'