1 Jun 2017

Falsely Accused Men Fighting Back AND WINNING

Raging Golden Eagle: For the longest time they were being "real men" and just dealing with it. Until they realized this leads to doom because everyone will see you as a doormat. Now more guys are finally fighting back against false accusations and actually winning.

When A Divinity School Goes SJW

StudioBrule: SJWS are often nasty, but SJWs who claim to have God on their side are even worse. Professor Fiamengo discusses the case of professor Paul Griffiths who was forced out of Duke University for criticizing Diversity Training.

The Perfect Feminist Boyfriend

How WOKE is your BAE???????
*catapults self into sun*

Crowd Funding Video For Project Equality

Jordan at The Screen: Morning team, we're raising funds to stand up to Jess.
[Update: Based on the advice from the Electoral Commission, we are now only aiming for £700. Any and all funds raised above £700 will go towards The Society to Establish a Minister for Men.]

Gilad Atzmon Physically Attacked By Antifa-Zionist-Jews

By Gilad Atzmon: On May 30th I was attacked from behind by 3 Antifa activists on my way to a literature event in Edinburgh with political commentator David Scott.

JUMPING FOR MEN & BOYS: An International Fundraiser To Reduce Male Suicide In Australia

By Mike Buchanan: Rob Tierney is an inspirational Australian man, who’s just launched an international fundraider to raise AUS$24,000 to reduce male suicide in Australia. He’ll be tandem skydiving (as will a second person, yet to be decided) from 12,000 feet onto a beach near Gold Coast, on 8 June, the day before the conference starts. Please donate what you can afford. Thanks.
An extract from the website:
Rob is an Australian man (57) who has been to hell and back (due to alcoholism, depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from Air Traffic Control whistleblowing, as well as coping with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). He was loved back to life by other men (and a few women) who could see that he was worth saving at a time when he thought he was a burden on the community and better off dead.
These men freely gave of their time and helped him daily over many years to have a better quality of life. He would now like to give back what he was so freely given by organizing the Skydive and Fundraiser.

125 Reasons For Laci Green To Hate Feminism

By : MTV and YouTube personality Laci Green has made two tortured YouTube videos so far, about her taking the red pill (supposedly) and wanting open dialog/debates with anti-feminists. Laci now paints herself as still a feminist/Social Justice Warrior but one that nevertheless commits the apostasy of supporting free speech, a stance that is garnering her rising and harsh rejection by her feminist/SJW peers, who see free speech as an attack on their social privilege of dominating gender inquiries and perspectives. Most of the video responses from the anti-feminist community have been cautiously optimistic (more so than with our initial reaction to Cassie Jaye’s “The Red Pill” film project).
Will Laci follow Cassie to the point of dropping the feminist moniker, or is this just some sort of ruse on Laci’s part? I have no idea but Laci did raise one interesting point I want to address.
One of Laci’s requests was for anti-feminists to spill their “ah-ha” moment when they first became disillusioned with feminism. Implicit in this request is the assumption that rejecting feminism is a sudden emotional break and not a long thought out rejection of feminist theory and practice.

Honest Government Ad - Corporate Welfare

thejuicemedia: The Australian Government just released this ad about that $1 billion it wants to give Adani to build his mega coal mine, and it's surprisingly honest and informative.

John Robson Speaks At CAFE Ottawa Lunch Gala