3 Jun 2017

Flimsy Evidence For Flimsy Claims

TFM News: School Boy Grooming, Genocide And The Female Paedophile Pussy Pass

Someone needs to "think of the children",
even when they have a Y chromosome.

"Childish" Men Being Blamed For Women Having Kids Late!

Raging Golden Eagle: Seriously, what DON'T they blame men for nowadays? Let's just say it's no coincidence that women in the US are getting more miserable as the years go by, while men are getting happier.

Dotcom Bubble 2.0?

Max and Stacy discuss whether or not stock prices will zigzag lower for decades to come; or whether they will go out with a bang. In the second half Max talks to Karl Denninger of Market-Ticker.org about tech stocks and why they are rising so rapidly - are we in Dotcom Bubble 2.0?

How Donald Trump’s Presidency Could Inadvertently Lead To A Far Less Powerful Washington D.C.

By Michael Krieger: Before I get started, I want to make it completely clear up front that while I will be discussing the Paris climate change agreement in this post, I am only doing so to make a much broader point about where we are as a species and where I think we need to go. In a nutshell, I believe
a large percentage of people on this planet posses a slave mentality which essentially revolves around authority worship.
I consider this to be comparable to a mental illness. It doesn’t matter whether that authority is Trump, Hillary or the UN, the sickness manifests itself in the same ways. There’s this conception that big government bodies, or powerful elected political figures, are indispensable when it comes to telling us what to do or how to think. Too many people prefer not work on themselves as individuals, and would rather be told what to do by an authority figure. This is perverse, unhealthy and it stunts the growth of the species.

Let Palestine Be “Wiped Out,” Sing Jerusalem Day Zio-Nazis + Why does PayPal Discriminate Against Palestinians?

By David Sheen: Every year, Israel’s far-right 'Nazi' [that's what Zionist Jewish press call every other group of Nationalists around the world -Edited AA] religious camp, currently headed by Jewish Home party leader Naftali Bennett, celebrates Israel’s 1967 conquest of East Jerusalem by parading through Palestinian neighborhoods.
After militarized police units clear the parade route of Palestinians, even from the Muslim Quarter, thousands of Israelis assert their territorial and religious claims to the city with a massive march, dancing and singing victory songs.
The “Jerusalem Day Flag Parade” has long been an annual excuse for Jewish dominioniststhose who seek to transform Israel from a democratic ethnocracy into a theocratic ethnocracyto treat the Palestinians of Jerusalem as they generally treat Palestinians in the rest of the occupied West Bank. That is to say, as detested temporary guests whose eventual planned expulsion is openly discussed.
This year, the flag paraders were bolder about their plans for ethnic cleansing
than ever before.

Kathy Griffin Abandons Accountability, Slams Trump & Family For "Personally Ruining [Her] Life"

By Tyler Durden: Somehow, Kathy Griffin is now claiming she is the 'victim' of Trump (and his grown children) "personally ruining my life" after her "stunt" earlier in the week
"I'm not afraid of Donald Trump... He's a bully. I've dealt with older white guys trying to keep me down my whole life... He Broke Me"
The utter delusion in this brief press statement perfectly sums up the virtue-signaling, holier-than-thou perspective of the liberal/progressive/'celebrity' of today. - Presumably, this is what comes when a generation is taught that there are no consequences.

David Scott - On Anti Fascist Fascists - UK Column

Intro. by Gilad Atzmon: David Scott witnessed the attack on me in Edinburgh two days ago. We were on our way to our literature event. Scott is a fascinating intellect, a scholarly oriented analyst. You want to follow his work.
Where is the Britain that I used to know?
By David Scott: Monday, Newcastle: I was scheduled to talk with Gilad Atzmon about his excellent new book, Being In Time. A few hours before the start, the venue, called The Cluny, cancelled our booking. We went along to alert those coming to a change of venue and to ask the management of The Cluny, a music venue where Gilad has played often over many years, why they felt compelled to exclude us. Their reaction was vitriolic. Vitriolic and weird. The weirdness is the thing.