4 Jun 2017

Rule Of Law Is Over

The legal system has lost faith in the public for good reason.

Thugs And Terrorists ... With Badges

Larken Rose: An interview and discussion (with Cheryl Yurkowski, Larken Rose and Amanda Rachwitz) about the thuggery and terrorism routinely committed by agents of the state, with a real-life example from Canada.

Millennials Seek "Generic Father Figure" For Backyard BBQ On Craigslist

By Tyler Durden: A group of millennials in Spokane, Washington are seeking a “generic father figure” to help them host a barbecue on Father's Day weekend.  In the Craigslist post which has explicably since gone viral, college student Dane Anderson and his “boys” are offering free food and booze to any enterprising area dad who’s willing to come to their party next Saturday and man the grill for a few hours.
Anderson, who was interviewed by local NBC affiliate KHQ, says he created the post because he and his roommates, who range in age from 21 to 26, live too far away from their own dads.
For any interested dads, duties include:
  • Grilling hamburgers and hotdogs (whilst drinking beer)
  • Bringing your own grill (though this is subject to change. We will provide all of the meat)
  • Refer to all attendees as "Big Guy', "Chief", "Sport", "Champ" etc. (whilst drinking beer)

A Conversation With Janice Fiamengo

Freedom Alternative: It's been over a year since we spoke with prof. Fiamengo. A lot has happened since then.

Gilad Atzmon - Being In Time: Jerusalem & Athens

Red Ice TV: Gilad Atzmon is an Israeli born jazz musician and author that lives and works in England. He is trained in composition and jazz at the Rubin Academy of Music, Jerusalem. He is a member of the Blockheads, founded the Orient House Ensemble in London, and has recorded and performed with many rock music legends. Gilad also writes on political matters, social issues, Jewish identity and culture. Atzmon is the author of The Wandering Who, A to Zion – The Definitive Israeli Lexicon, and Being in Time: A Post-Political Manifesto.

Evergreen College, & Crooked Prosecutors in OK

"Their professors fed them a continuous stream of toxic propaganda that infected their brains." Said johntheother.

The Manchester Bombing As Blowback: The Latest Evidence

By Mark Curtis and Nafeez Ahmed 
Introduction: The evidence suggests that the barbaric Manchester bombing, which killed 22 innocent people on May 22nd, is a case of blowback on British citizens arising at least partly from the overt and covert actions of British governments. The British state therefore has a serious case to answer. We focus primarily here on UK policies towards Libya but also touch on some of those related to Iraq and Syria.

Summary: In summary, the evidence so far shows that there are six inter-related aspects of blowback:
Salman Abedi and his father were members of a Libyan dissident group – the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) – covertly supported by the UK to assassinate Qadafi in 1996. At this time, the LIFG was an affiliate of Osama Bin Laden’s al-Qaeda and LIFG leaders had various connections to this terror network.
Members of the LIFG were facilitated by the British ‘security services’ to travel to Libya to fight Qadafi in 2011. Both Salman Abedi and his father, Ramadan, were among those who travelled to fight at this time (although there is no evidence that their travel was personally facilitated or encouraged by the security services).

Israel’s Slaughter Of US Sailors

By Paul Craig Roberts: When Washington launched its wars of aggression in the Middle East, Washington used the slogan, “Support the Troops,” to silence critics of its war crimes.
How does Washington “support the troops”? By conspiring with Israel in covering up the murderous Israeli attack on the USS Liberty.
When I investigated and wrote about the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty, I interviewed many of the surviving crew members and Captain Ward Boston. Capt. Boston told me that he and Rear Admiral Kidd were ordered by Admiral McCain, the father of the US Senator, to cover up the Israeli attack. He said that the entire US Navy and everyone in the US government knew that it was a cover up.
Read my accounts posted on this website and/or read Jeffrey St. Clair’s account posted today as we approach the 50th anniversary of Israel’s unpunished act of war against the US Navy. Marvel at the raw power Israel has over “your” government. Check out the facts below.
Idiots say that coverups are impossible because “someone would talk.” The coverup of Israel’s act of military aggression against the United States still stands despite everyone talking.

Kathy Griffin Press Conference Parody

Julie Borowski: Kathy Griffin Responds to Trump Photo Scandal at Press Conference.