5 Jun 2017

MRA Project Equality v Jess Phillips, Campaign Update

A brief update on what we're doing.

Higher Education Entrance By Sex 2016

By William Collins aka MRA-UK: This post summarises key data on the gender gap in higher education (HE) in the UK between 2007 and 2016. I looked at the corresponding 2015 data in “Women Dominate in STEMM“. Here I re-confirm that women do now dominate in STEMM. It is nearly a quarter of a century since women overtook men in overall numbers in HE institutions in the UK.
Right: The number of women in STEMM now exceeds that of men (click to enlarge)
It is important to note the distinction between STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths and Medicine).
This post uses acceptance data only. This approximates to numbers entering HE establishments at the start of undergraduate courses. Note that acceptance data will differ from degree attainment data. The higher drop-out rate of men means that the gender gap in favour of women is even more pronounced in degree attainment than in the acceptance data. This is worth bearing in mind throughout. (For example, across all subjects, women outnumber men by 30% in terms of acceptance but by 35% in terms of degree attainment).
All data have been drawn from the following two UCAS sources: “End of Cycle 2016 Data Resources DR3_014_01 Acceptances by subject group and sex” and “DR2_014_01 Acceptances by sex“. The first of these collates acceptance data into 26 subject groups. These subject groups form the basis of the data presented here.

Let's Chat About Borderline Women

Men Are Good!: Tom Golden and Paul Elam talk about Borderline Personality Disorder with an emphasis on how men need to be aware of this potential and protect themselves. - As a bit of a disclaimer, I don't present myself as an expert on BPD. The work I have done with borderlines over the years has been usually from those who have experienced a severe loss. In other words, people didn't seek me out to help them with borderline issues but their issues would quickly surface around the more pressing issues of loss. I have likely worked with less than 50 people with borderline features in the past 35 years and likely less than 20 people on a long term basis.

Men Reluctant To Marry For Money; Prefer Beautiful Women

In choosing mates, men tend to have narrower criteria than women do. Beauty, with its close correlates youthfulness and a healthy sexual receptivity, is typically men’s paramount criterion in seeking intimate, heterosexual relationships. A woman’s educational degrees, her career success, and the shoes she wears are relatively unimportant to most men. In the sixth century, the sophist Choricius of Gaza pretended to make a case for a young war-hero to marry an ugly but wealthy girl. Choricius’s declamation is best interpreted as a light parody of that type of rhetorical exercise. A young man in love being seriously concerned with any factor other than his sense of his prospective bride’s beauty is scarcely credible among persons broadly free to think and speak as they were in the sixth century.
In arguing for a war-hero to marry an ugly but wealthy girl, Choricius’s declamation deliberately presents an unappealing case. The speaker is the boy’s father. In the ancient world, fathers were respected no less than mothers are. This father, however, is described as a wealthy, miserly old man. A wealthy miser is a perennial character of social opprobrium. The declamation’s theme has as its first sentence’s subject “a wealthy miser,” not a father.

Putin Hints JFK Was Murdered By The "Deep State" Which Is Now After Trump And Russia

By Tyler Durden: In Megyn Kelly's much anticipated interview with Vladimir Putin for her debut episode of NBC's "Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly", the Russian President said he never met Donald Trump during his business trips to Russia (including Trump’s 2013 visit to Moscow for the Miss Universe pageant), stated that he was unaware of any proposal from Jared Kushner to set up an alleged "secret line" of communications between the Trump administration and the Russian government, and that it’s “nonsense” to say Russia has collected compromising material about Trump among many other topics covered in the 7 minute interview (see below).
“I am not aware of such a proposal,” Putin said referring to Kushner's alleged proposal. “No such proposal ever reached me.” Putin said many CEOs of major U.S. companies visit Russia and then asked rhetorically, "do you think we're gathering dirt on all of them right now or something?" Putin asked, before saying: "Have you all lost your mind?"

Holy House In Loreto Founded With Apuleius’s Metamorphoses

In North Africa late in the second century, Christianity was rapidly gaining fearlessly faithful adherents. The North African orator-scholar Apuleius, schooled in traditional Roman culture and a devotee of the traditional Greco-Romans gods, seems to have been aware of the growing Christian cult. Apuleius nowhere in his surviving work directly refers to Christians. Such silence, however, was typical for elites deeply invested in traditional Roman culture:
Roman literary men notoriously refused to demean their pages by specific references to Christianity, towards which the governing class felt a social as well as an ideological revulsion; Apuleius would certainly not be alone in this respect. [1]
In Apuleius’s Metamorphoses, a highly derogatory depiction of a baker’s wife worshiping purportedly the “one and only” god and imbibing wine early in the morning almost surely implicitly refers disparagingly to Christians. Scholars have suggested other disparaging, indirect references to Christianity in Apuleius’s works.[2]

Cause And Effect John Pilger On Terror In Britain

John Pilger: Terror In Britain: What Did The Prime Minister Know?
The causes of the Manchester atrocity, in which 22 mostly young people were murdered by a jihadist, are being suppressed to protect the secrets of British foreign policy.

‘Blame The Internet’ Is Just Not A Good Enough Response, Theresa May

By Charles Arthur: We can feel pretty certain that the London Bridge attackers did the following things: owned smartphones; and used Google, YouTube, Facebook and WhatsApp. That isn’t because owning those things and using those services marks you out as a terrorist: it’s because it marks you out as someone living in the west in the 21st century.
The problem, as those companies (actually only two: Google owns YouTube, and Facebook owns WhatsApp) are discovering, is that politicians aren’t too picky about the distinction. Speaking outside 10 Downing St this morning, Theresa May was much more aggressive in her tone than previously. The London Bridge attack had its roots in Islamic extremism, she observed: We cannot allow this ideology the safe space it needs to breed. Yet that is precisely what the internet, and the big companies that provide internet-based services, provide.” She continued: We need to work with allied democratic governments to reach international agreements that regulate cyberspace to prevent the spread of extremism and terrorism planning.”

Fearless Girl Gets Peed On By A Chauvinistic PUG

DAT PUG LIFE, amirite?