11 Jun 2017

Corbyn And The Jews

'It was Lord Cashpoint Levy and the LFI that dominated Blair’s government’s fundraising when Britain launched its criminal war in Iraq. It was David Aaronivitch and Nick Cohen, two of Pollard’s Jewish Chronicle writers, who advocated these wars in the media.'
By Gilad Atzmon: British Jews have made no secret of their united political opposition to Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party under his direction. Since Corbyn’s selection as its leader, the Labour party has been subjected to a relentless defamation campaign by the MSM and Jewish bodies. The Jewish anti Corbyn campaign rapidly devolved into a ruthless purge conducted by the Jewish Labour Movement and the Labour Friends of Israel. And then it didn’t take long before we saw some clear evidence that the assault against Corbyn was directed by Tel Aviv
The reaction of many prominent Jewish voices and Jewish media outlets to Corbyn's recent electoral success leaves no room for doubt - we are witnessing an emerging clash between the Brits and Judea.

Idiotic Aussie TV Hosts Red Pill Fail

Regards, Bearing.

Australia's 'Weekend Sunrise' Has Many Opinions About A Movie They Haven't Seen 'The Red Pill'

Banned From 'Gay' Buzzfeed For Not Being A Feminist

Shoe0nHead said. "Fuck this gay earth! ...Hello, welcome to planet earth 2017, leave now while you still can."

Inside The US Fight To Fix Apartheid Israel’s Global Standing

US and Israel lead a campaign of intimidation against the UN to forcibly rehabilitate Israel’s international standing
By Jonathan Cook: The Trump administration is using unprecedented threats and financial “blackmail” against the United Nations and its agencies to end their focus on human rights abuses by Israel, according to analysts and Palestinian leaders.
They accuse the United States of joining Israel in a campaign of intimidation against the UN secretariat and member states to forcibly rehabilitate Israel’s international standing.
The offensive comes after the Israeli government of Benjamin 'The Baby Butcher of Gaza' Netanyahu had faced several years of criticism in diplomatic circles for refusing to engage in a peace process with the Palestinians.
An early indication of the new campaign’s success, analysts noted, was the election last week of Danny Danon as a vice-president of the UN’s main representative forum, the General Assembly.

Want To Stop Terrorism? Get Out Of The Middle East

Dr Geoff Davies: The tragic loss of innocent lives to terrorist acts will not stop until we admit to the folly of current policies.

Lost amid the genuine anguish, the outrage, the media frenzy and the political posturing after each terrorist event in the West is a simple question: “Why are they so angry, these terrorists?”

You don’t really have to look far for an answer.

Western powers have been meddling in the Middle East for a very long time. A few examples will suffice. 

In 1953, Britain and the U.S. conspired to overthrow democratically-elected Iranian Prime Minister Mossadegh and replace him with a tyrantthe Shah of Iran. Mossadegh wanted to nationalise a British oil company and reap the profits for Iran. It was Iran’s oil, after all. The Shah was more obliging, and let the flows of profits and cheap oil to the West continue.

These Are Men - ICMI17

International Conference On Men's (& Boys') Issues
Gold Coast, Australia 2017

When Will The European Super-Bubble Pop?

By Nick Giambruno: France’s new president can’t keep the European Union together.
In early May, France elected globalist darling Emmanuel Macron. His victory gave the EU a short-term boost. However, it did not change the fundamental problems with Europe’s artificial mega-state.
Doug Casey agrees:

The EU was built upon a foundation of sand, doomed to failure from the very start.

60% Of The British People Mistakenly Believe Companies "Work Better" When More Women Get Involved?

By : How are women viewed in different countries across the world? Views fluctuate massively depending on where you live with Russians particularly negative about women's responsibilities in the government or companies. Only 34 percent of people in Russia say things would work better if women held positions with responsibilities in government or companies while 69 percent say the role of a woman in society is to be a good mother and wide.
In India, views are far more mixed where a woman's role is in society is seen as a part of government and business as well as a good mother and wife.