12 Jun 2017

Red Pill Backlash - Idiotic Aussie TV Hosts Caught Lying!

Regards, Bearing.

I'm Not Sorry For Bret Weinstein At Evergreen

StudioBrule: Janice, Professor Fiamengo explains why biology professor Bret Weinstein does not deserve any sympathy for the harassment he received at the hands of bullies and bigots at his own college, Evergreen.

A Response To The ‘Weekend Sunrise’ Interview In Australia

By : We invited Cassie Jaye to this country to attend the conference and take part in other media events during her visit.
I’ve had the opportunity to meet Cassie Jaye in person. She is a lovely young woman who has made an amazing documentary.
The way that Cassie has been treated by certain media programs in this country is absolutely appalling.
‘The Project’ on Network Ten and ‘Weekend Sunrise’ on the Seven Network have been entirely unprofessional in the way that they have dealt with Cassie Jaye. As an Australian I am ashamed that our media would treat a foreign visitor, or anyone, that way.
The manner in which the hosts of Weekend Sunrise spoke over Cassie and acted in a very unprofessional manner during an interview is astounding.
There is much that could be said about the Weekend Sunrise interview. I am going to focus on only one point.
Referring to conversations about men’s issues Andrew O’Keefe said “Why not have them with regular men not guys who are in charge of the most misogynistic, anti-woman, anti-feminist organisations in the world.”

'Madoff Whistleblower' Harry Markopolos Has Uncovered A New Fraud

By : Harry Markopolos, the investigator who exposed the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme, has uncovered a new fraud. The unfunded status of the pension fund of the Boston Transit Authority (the “MBTA”) is $500 million bigger than previously thought, according to Markopolos. This will have a significant impact on the municipal bond market, especially if it turns out that the MBTA’s problems are endemic among similar pension funds.
The unfunded status of a pension fund is the market value of the assets minus the present value of the liabilities, discounted at an actuarially determined interest rate. For most public pension plans, this number is negative; the liabilities exceed the assets and it is underfunded.
Although the full details are not yet known, Markopolos said the $500 gap is due to bad investments, fraudulent accounting and unrealistic actuarial assumptions.

Ysengrimus: Prophetic Beast Epic In Vital Medieval Latin Literature

: Ysengrimus ambled into a plush office on the top floor of the magnificent, Collegiate Gothic admin building. To be admitted into Fox College as a documented student, Ysengrimus needed Provost Renlarda to place her snout-print on the form PM-6 Petition for Non-Vixen Admittance. A college degree is key to a better job. Education is an investment in the future. Through lectures students learn how to learn. With 35% more females forest-wide graduating from college, Ysengrimus hoped that Fox College would relax its long-standing policy of not admitting males. But another large, hairy difficulty loomed. Ysengrimus was a bear. All of the documented students at Fox College were vixens. Diversity is the thread that unites us. A wolf can learn from a fox. A male can learn from a female. Striving mightily not to growl and be frightening, Ysengrimus sucked in his lower groin and attempted a relatively high-pitched grovel.
“Provost Renlarda, you are most gracious to allow me to plead to you. Fox College is the oldest and most prestigious college in the forest. Your students are famous for being well-endowed. My father spent his life rummaging in garbage cans for food. Please given me the opportunity to study medieval Latin literature at Fox College.”
Provost Renlarda herself taught Fox College’s acclaimed course in medieval Latin literature. She looked at Ysengrimus warily.

Who Is Afraid Of Gilad Atzmon

Introduction by Gilad Atzmon: Adam Garrie is one of the most sophisticated scholarly minds around. We discussed censorship, identity politics, social cohesion, Left tyranny,  the crisis of the post-modern west. We tried to figure out what being in time  is all about. If you want to see me challenged, here is your opportunity...

Canada's Bill C-51: Feminist Legal Witchcraft

johntheother: Would you like your aged parents or grandparents to have no legal protection from scammers? Then Bill c51 should be right up your alley!

The Evil Of Killing Children

By Ever since the U.S. government was converted to a national-security state after World War II, sanctions and embargoes have been one of the principal means by which the U.S. government tries to achieve regime change in foreign countries. (Other means include assassination, coups, and invasions.)
Sanctions and embargoes target the citizenry of a nation whose ruler the U.S. government is trying to oust from power. The aim is to inflict so much economic suffering on the citizenry that they will rise up, revolt, oust their ruler from power, and install a regime that is satisfactory to U.S. officials. An alternative hope is that the suffering citizenry will pressure their government’s military-intelligence establishment to oust their ruler in a coup, take military control of the government, and pledge allegiance to the U.S. government.
A good example of this phenomenon was the sanctions that the U.S. government imposed and enforced on Iraq throughout the 1990s, which killed hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi children.
What type of person could ever knowingly kill innocent children? If a private individual were to intentionally kill innocent children, my hunch is that most everyone would recognize that as the epitome of evil. Yet, strangely, I hardly ever come across an U.S. op-ed or an editorial commenting on the evil of killing Iraqi children with the sanctions that the U.S. government enforced for more than 10 years.

Sickness Results Not From Being A Doctor, But From Marriage

Enraged at being intellectually disparaged and declared a cuckold, a fourteenth-century Byzantine scholar attacked his colleague with a sturdy stick. He struck him over the head and caused his brain to pour down his nostrils. Nearly losing consciousness, the wounded scholar kept screaming “Get a doctor!” as blood spurted from his head. A doctor soon arrived on the scene:

He was that fine, upright character Pepagomenos, who once instead of a remedy made up a poisonous drug and administered it to himself and to Phokidios, the drunken assistant secretary, now deceased, of the dead old dotard Eumarantus. He at once stopped the bleeding by applying the herb known as ox-eye. [1]
Pepagomenos then turned and recognized his old friend Mazaris, who himself was a close friend of the wounded man and had been with him at the time of the attack.