13 Jun 2017

Is Michael Foster A Chameleon?

By Gilad Atzmon: The utterly repellent Michael Foster who has spent the last 2 years waging a relentless campaign against Jeremy Corbyn has now apparently become a Corbyn supporter.  Foster now admits that he was “wrong on Corbyn.”  The Jewish labour donor used the notorious Zionist Times of Israel to “tip his hat to the leader’s success”
In a spectacular admission that portrays total cultural and political  detachment Foster says,  “I was wrong on that his brand of leadership and socialism would not appeal.”
The samecharacter who a year ago professed that he despised Corbyn  and labelled his supporters "Sturm Abteilung" (Nazi stormtroopers) has convenientlychanged his spots.
However, don’t let the sly Foster mislead you. Foster is not a chameleon. He didn’t transform into a British patriot who cares for the working people or the resurrection of the NHS. Foster is a Jewish ethnic campaigner. Foster is interested in only one thing: Jewish tribal interests.    

Anti-Feminist Cassie Jaye - The Red Pill Director Stuns The Project

I left feminism after making this film, because I see feminism as having blinders on it only focuses on women’s issues, and girls issues.”
NBG: The Project hosts left speechless during interview with controversial US film director. THE entire Project panel has been left in shocked silence during an uncomfortable interview with a controversial film director.

A Message For Andrew O’Keefe

Irishkacanning: A message to Andrew O'Keefe of network 7's Sunrise program about his treatment of Cassie Jay , director of The Red Pill Documentary. https://au.tv.yahoo.com/sunrise/video...
Dear Mr O’Keefe, ...My name is Greg Canning and I am an advocate for the issues facing men and boy, I have previously written extensively for and retain an honorary staff position avoiceformen.com. I am well respected general medical practitioner and have served my local community for 30 years. I am your normal Aussie bloke and as such ….. I am disgusted by the way you treated Cassie Jay on the Sunrise segment this Sunday morning.

Everything In Bubble

"The law of supply and demand has been outlawed, price descovery is finished, we're simply taking the world private and if you're not a shareholder of Berkshire Hathaway, you are a surf, you are a slave, you're in prison servicing the debt as part of the Prisoner Industrial casino Gulag complex [P.I.G.]." Said Max Keiser.

Byzantine Gardener & His Cypress: Barrenness Makes Beauty A Loss

: In a highly unusual twelfth-century Byzantine ethopoeia, a gardener had a fruitful garden. Among its many trees was an apple tree heavy with apples. Along with its burden, the apple tree was beautiful:

lovely, sweet to behold, sweet to eat, and sweet to smell. The apple was beautiful in every way: to see, to eat, to smell. It swayed gracefully and very seductively in the breeze; it made the gardener prosperous because it was sought out and purchased for a high price. If you saw it, you would say that you were looking at an apple tree rendered in a painting, and that Erotes were depicted picking apples and frolicking among the branches; so beautiful were the tree’s apples, that Erotes came to pick them. If you had seen this apple tree, you would have recalled Paris as judge, the goddesses quarreling about their beauty, and an apple being awarded to Aphrodite and bringing the judge abundant returns. [1]
The garden also included fig trees. They were:

Australia’s Feral Media Attacks Cassie Jaye

Our Australian media has disgraced itself by putting Men's Issues campaigner and film producer Cassie Jaye through the most hostile, unfair interviews she has ever experienced.
By Bettina Arndt: What is going on in this country?  I’ve spent the last few days looking after Cassie Jaye, the filmmaker who produced the wonderful documentary on men’s issues – The Red Pill. As we have explained on Mark’s site before, Australia became the first country in the world to ban the movie last October. We then saw a series of screenings closed down due to protests from tiny groups of feminist extremists, with cinema owners even given death threats for daring to show the movie.
Cassie is in Australia to attend last weekend’s conference on men’s issues at the Gold Coast which was an outstanding success with people gathering from all over the world who are concerned about what’s happening to men and boys.
But our media has disgraced itself by putting Cassie through the most hostile, unfair interviews she has ever experienced. Last Thursday June 8 she appeared on Channel 10’s The Project (21.50 mark) which introduced her segment with the most appalling introduction video), which repeated many of the lies feminists have been spreading about the movie and included quotes from one of our most notorious man-haters, Van Badham, slamming the movie.

Mr. Butt Is A Disgrace

"The lawyer hired by the professional sex assault extortionist and scam artist Mandi Gray. She's the pizza faced hustler who forced herself sexually onto a student in York University's political science PhD program, then accused him of sexual assault, terminating his academic career and sending him temporarily to jail." Said John The Other.

Jess Phillips MP Belittles Male Victims Of Domestic Violence Once Again

War Supporting Zionists Use Anti-SJW Theme For Self Promotion

"You don't get to be on mass media if you voice an anti-Zionist opinion. If you're gonna be a critic of feminists or anything else, you have to be a Zionist, because that's a prerequisite." Said Ryan Dawson. Warmongers are disgusting.

How To Prosecute False Accusers In Canada

The C.O.C.K. Fairy: Public mischief (false accusers) is a serious problem but police won't press charges. I found a way to fix that.