18 Jun 2017

Andrew Bolt interviews Cassie Jaye After ‘Hostile’ Australian Media

News Bite Global: Andrew Bolt felt he had to apologise to US film-maker Cassie Jaye for the behaviour of the media following two 'aggressive and hostile interviews'. - The former feminist made many media appearances in Australia to promote her new documentary 'The Red Pill', which explores the controversial men's rights movement. - Speaking on the Bolt Report, Ms Jaye said other media had never treated her the way Network Seven's Sunrise and Network Ten's The Project did.

First Video From ICMI17: Press Conference

Mike Buchanan: Anthony Corniche III, the videographer at ICMI17, is working hard on the videos, some of which will take a good deal of editing. We’ll publish them on our YT channel in the order in which they were recorded.

Barbaric Jewish Lunatics Of Israel; Your Ritual Genital Mutilation Of Defenseless Innocent Baby Boys Must End

Dear people of Israel; your circumcision
of baby boys must end.
We all have to make sacrifices, ending 'circumcision' [soft name for Male Infant Ritual Genital Mutilation] is the sacrifice you have to make at this point in history.
Norways co governing party Fremskrittspartiet FrP / The Progress Party, the members, have just voted for going for a ban on circumcision of boys in Norway. The decision has received massive support in the Norwegian people.

Why Bernie Sanders Is An Imperialist Pig

By Glen Ford: The United States does not have a national health care system worthy of the name, because it is in the war business, not the health business or the social equality business.” The United States is a predator nation, conceived and settled as a thief, exterminator and enslaver of other peoples. The slave-based republic’s phenomenal geographic expansion and economic growth were predicated on the super-exploitation of stolen African labor and the ruthless expropriation of native lands through genocidal wars, an uninterrupted history of plunder glorified in earlier times as “Manifest Destiny” and now exalted as “American exceptionalism,” an inherently racist justification for international and domestic lawlessness.
Assembled, acre by bloody acre, as a metastasizing empire, the U.S. state demands fealty to its imperial project as a substitute for any genuine social contract among its inhabitants – a political culture custom-made for the rule of rich white people.
The American project has been one long war of aggression that has shaped its borders, its internal social relations, and its global outlook and ambitions.

How To Spot A Borderline From A Mile Away

By : The best thing anyone can do to prevent the havoc a disordered personality can inflict on your life is to prevent contact with them as much as possible. Stay away from people with personality disorders much in the way you would stay away from heroin addicts, meth heads, pedophiles, and pyromaniacs.
In the same way you won’t let a junkie have access to your bank account, don’t let a BPD have access to your daily living. To do that reliably, you have to know one when you see one. As a baseline, I am going to use the diagnostic criteria from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) 4. There is a different version of this in the DSM 5, but it has changed, I think for political reasons, so I am sticking with the old book.
Every man who still considers pair-bonding a natural part of his life should keep these things in mind every time he meets a prospective sexual or romantic partner. The borderline personality disorder is identified by some or all of the following nine traits.
1.  Frantic efforts to avoid being abandoned by friends and family.
Keep in mind here that the borderline’s capacity to feel abandoned is nothing short of staggering.

Man Intends To Take Alimony Fight To UK Supreme Court

Raging Golden Eagle: Here we have a man forced to pay for his ex-wife for life, she even GOT A RAISE, and he intends to take his fight all the way to the top. If all goes well, the UK's divorce courts may be changed forever.

Unconscious Bias

Health Warning: See text for warning about significance (click to enlarge)
By MRA UK: The Implicit Association Test (IAT) is telling virtually everyone that they are unconsciously racist, sexist and any other -ist you care to mention – however much they may protest otherwise. Is it science, or is it just another stick to beat us with? Read on.
1. The Implicit Association Test (IAT)
You may recall that I have alluded to unconscious bias in a couple of previous posts (this one and this). I said we would be hearing more of it, and indeed we have. On 17/5/17, Radio 4’s “All In The Mind” programme was on the subject of Unconscious Bias and so was the same station’s “Analysis” programme on 5/6/17. The latter focussed on the Implicit Association Test, which is the subject of this post. The Analysis programme will not remain available on iPlayer for long but a transcript of the major points can be found here.
If you want to ‘prove’ that all men are misogynists and all white people are racists, then the Implicit Association Test (IAC) is like a gift from Jehova. Or perhaps I should say it’s like Bibi 'the Baby Butcher of Gaza' – damned treacherous and never what it seems. [Edited AA]

Elderly German Women Make Up Fake Boyfriends

Red Pill Germany: Hey guys, this is a curious little article from an anonymous German lady by the end of her 40s. She relates how she sometimes makes up a fake boyfriend to feel more comfortable in social situations. Gawd, it must be like so totally hard to be a single woman, these days... .