20 Jun 2017


Max and Stacy discuss #carmageddon and the toxic debts that have brought the credit markets to such a scary place. In the second half, Max continues his interview with journalist and businessman, Vito Echevarria of Cuba Ventures Corp., about the latest in the US-Cuba relationship and how much of Obama’s progress is likely or not to be rolled back.

Why Aren’t We Talking About Abusive Mums?

DID you know children are more likely to be harmed by their biological mother than father? Neither did I until very recently. But why am I surprised — and why will you be shocked? Because we don’t talk about it.
By Corrine Barraclough: No one wants to talk about it. Society is totally in denial that women aren’t always victims.
We have all been conditioned to believe the majority of people who commit abuse are men — but it’s not true.
There are good women and bad women. Children are far more likely to suffer neglect or abuse at the hands of their mothers.
It’s so important that we all put aside our preconceptions and look at the facts, even though they’re uncomfortable.
Statistics show a different story from the one we are accustomed to
Data from Child Protective Services in the US, mirrors the pattern around the world. Of children who become victims of maltreatment, the huge majority of perpetrators of the crimes are the biological parents (not adopted or foster parents, as you might think).

#UNRIG Robert David Steele Interview

"It's slavery ladies and gentlemen."
Jason Liosatos: My talk with Robert David Steele Nobel Peace Prize nominee, about a new vision for humanity, as people remember and discover their power again, and refuse to collaborate with the deep state anymore. We talk about #UNRIG which Robert co founded with Cynthia McKinney, in an attempt to restore integrity and peace in government, favoring peace and prosperity over war and waste.

Rachel Corbett, The Red Pill And Zombie Journalism Down Under

By : I don’t think I ever imagined I would get tired of talking about The Red Pill movie. Then again, I never imagined the level of idiocy that the movie would inspire. I should have factor weighed for Australia before imagining either.  The feminists in that country, especially in the media, have proven to be under-socialized misfits, aggressively ignorant on a galactic scale.
It’s as though they should change the name of the country to pornography, just to escape the embarrassment.
Rachel Corbett, writing for the Daily Telegraph, has come out with an attempt to salvage whatever remains of the integrity she imagined she had before participating in the attempted tag team ambush of Jaye on the Australian issues program, The Project.
As might be predicted when someone tries to reclaim something they did not have in the first place, Corbett only managed to fall again, this time directly on her face next to Andrew O’Keefe, Monique Wright and the rest of Australia’s yellow brigade of hack journos.

ICMI17: Q&A Session With Cassie Jaye And Others, Following The Screening Of The Red Pill

Philip Davies MP: How I Took On The Politically Correct Brigade And Won

By Philip Davies MP: The 2017 General Election was the time when the politically correct brigade decided that they wanted my time in Parliament to end.
As I have written here before, if you take on their shibboleths (eg arguing against positive discrimination and quotas in jobs) then they try to smear and bully you. Their aim in smearing you is to discredit you so that nobody believes what you say. Alternatively, they bully you to try to stop you from speaking out again and to discourage others from doing so.
Fighting political correctness since I was first elected in 2005 had brought a considerable amount of smearing and abuse. However, I am stubborn and refuse to be bullied and so had continued campaigning against political correctness in Parliament.
Indeed, as far as the PC brigade was concerned, I had become far worse. I actually had the temerity to argue that men and women should be treated equally in the criminal justice system. I have repeatedly highlighted how men are treated much more harshly in the criminal justice system and I had the nerve to argue that the sex of the victim and the perpetrator was irrelevant – all should be treated equally before the law. This flies in the face of the feminist zealot position I have previously mentioned which is that they want equality for women but only when it suits!

History Of The Entire World, I Guess