30 Jun 2017

Vengeful Harridans Can Kick An Innocent Young Man Out Of University

By Belinda Brown: There is a new feminist assault on academia. They have won the battle of the numbers. Now wholesale behaviour change is their chosen prize.
Universities UK (UUK) have produced a report: Changing the Culture. This will examine violence against women, harassment and hate crime. Cambridge University will be one of the first to carry their beacon. Or perhaps it will be the canary in the mine.
The fact that the vast majority of students are extremely satisfied with the environment on the campus and around the university (but a lot less happy with the Student Union it should be noted) does not, according to this UUK Taskforce, indicate an absence of sexual harassment:
“Despite this positive feedback…separate evidence shows [it is] prevalent within wider society. Universities are a microcosm of society and are therefore affected by the same problems”.

Glenn Greenwald Lists The Presstitutes’ Confessions That The Lame-Stream Media Is A Supplier Of Fake News

By : Three prominent CNN journalists resigned Monday night after the network was forced to retract and apologize for a story linking Trump ally Anthony Scaramucci to a Russian investment fund under congressional investigation. That article — like so much Russia reporting from the U.S. media — was based on a single anonymous source, and now, the network cannot vouch for the accuracy of its central claims.
In announcing the resignation of the three journalists — Thomas Frank, who wrote the story (not the same Thomas Frank who wrote “What’s the Matter with Kansas?”); Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Eric Lichtblau, recently hired away from the New York Times; and Lex Haris, head of a new investigative unit — CNN said that “standard editorial processes were not followed when the article was published.” The resignations follow CNN’s Friday night retraction of the story, in which it apologized to Scaramucci:

Doctors Opposing Male Infant Ritual Genital Mutilation - Soft Name 'Circumcision'

Bonobo3D: George Denniston, M.D., M.P.H., president of Doctors Opposing Circumcision, discusses the issue of circumcision and why ethical doctors oppose genital cutting of children.

ICMI17: Anil Kumar - How Life Coaching Can Help Male Victims Of Domestic Violence And False Allegations

The Feminist Toolbox

Gary Orsum:
The must have item from Femtel.

Western Childhood Is Creating An Authoritarian Society

Overprotective parenting is a threat to democracy.
By Pratik Chougule: American childhood has taken an authoritarian turn. An array of trends in American society are conspiring to produce unprecedented levels of supervision and control over children’s lives. Tracing the effects of childrearing on broad social outcomes is an exercise in speculation. But if social scientists are correct to posit a connection between childrearing and long-term political outcomes, today’s restrictive childhood norms may portend a broader regression in our country’s democratic consensus. 
Since the early 1980s, American childhood has been marked by a turn toward stringent adult control. Support for “free range” childhood has given way to a “flight to safety” characterized by unprecedented dictates over children’s routines.
More so than any other generation, parents and educators have instilled in millennials the idea that, as Greg Lukianoff and Jonathan Haidt put it, “life is dangerous, but adults will do everything in their power to protect you from harm.” Indeed, strong social pressures have so hardened against parents who believe in the value of a free, unsupervised childhood that psychologist Peter Gray likens them to past Chinese norms on foot binding.
Hard numbers illustrate these trends:
  • The amount of free time school-aged children enjoyed plummeted from 40 percent in the early 1980s to 25 percent by the mid 1990s.

Daniel Holtzclaw: The Feminist Agenda Frame Job

The C.O.C.K. Fairy: Let me take you on a journey into how corrupt the state of Oklahoma really is. Find out what you need to know about Daniel Holtzclaw- he's not the monster of Oklahoma.

Wizard Of Ponz - William Banzai7

Anita Sarkeesian Has Sargon Arrested For Man-Splaining (Or Something)

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