2 Jul 2017

New CDC Data Again Finds More Male Victims Of Female Rapists Than Female Victims Of Male Rapists

Feminist CDC Continues To Ignore
Its Own Shocking Findings
By Recalculating The Gender War: The CDC (Center for Disease Control) recently released new findings from its NISVS (The National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey). The NISVS is one of the most prestigious and widely quoted surveys on sexual violence in the U.S. It is a common source of the infamous “1 in 5 women are raped” statistic. It has also been rightfully criticized for using faulty survey methods to inflate its victimization numbers and intentionally downplaying its own findings on the prevalence of male victims.So far the NISVS has collected data for 2010, 2011 and 2012. NISVS found that between 2010-2012 an average of 1.2% (est. 1,473,000) American women per year experienced one or more attempted/completed rapes (NISVS 2010-2012 State Report, 18). However, the NISVS also found that between 2010-2012 an average of 1.5% (est. 1,715,000) American men reported being victims of one or more attempted/completed “made to penetrate” victimizations (25).
The difference stands out more when you look at data for end year. Victimization rates between female rape victims and male “made-to-penetrate” victims were relatively comparable in 2010 and 2011 (a shocking finding by itself), but in 2012 the number female rape victims fell drastically while the number of male victims of “made to penetrate” went up. The NISVS shows an estimated 740,000 more male victims ofmade to penetratethan female victims of rape in 2012 (217, 222).

Karen Straughan Thug Life - Listen Up Feminist Biatch

Lone Wolf Logic: Karen Straughan doing her thing, putting feminism in it's place. I just added some thug life flare to it.

Jew-TV Documentary On The ‘Antisemitic’ Goyim

Gilad Atzmon: When you watch this loathsome J-TV ‘documentary’ ask yourself the following questions:
1.     Would you choose to buy a secondhand car from David Hirsh or from Jeremy Corbyn?
2.     Is this J-TV video made for general consumption by Brits or was it created to exacerbate delusional PRE TSD* within a single tribe?
3.     In the video, Jewish academics claim to be racially oppressed (as ‘Semites’) by the Labour party. In fact, Semitism is not a racial category but a linguistic one. Still, this claim raises crucial questions:
a.     Are Jews really a race? If so, what makes them believe that they are ‘Semites’?
b.     If Jews aren’t a race, how can they be abused or discriminated against as a race?

'The Putin Interviews' - Oliver Stone Speaks Out!

RonPaul: Legendary filmmaker Oliver Stone joins us from his hotel room in Paris to discuss the controversy around his latest film, The Putin Interviews, a four hour look into what makes Russian president Vladimir Putin tick. What's behind the Russia hysteria in the US and what are its dangers? Also, we discuss how Stone has shaped the thinking of millions through the years with his immense story-telling abilities. The Skype connection in this interview is not perfect, but we believe the content more than makes up for it.

Presumed Guilty: The New Feminist Law + Homosexuals Invite Government Back Into Their Bedrooms

johntheother: Bill C-51 will remove presumed innocence from the criminal code. Canada's Justice Minister thinks evidence, and presumption of innocence makes the courts too inefficient.

‘Oligarchic America’

Max and Stacy discuss the emergence of ‘oligarchic America’ as Amazon eats Whole Foods. Max interviews economist and columnist, Alejandro Nadal, about Trump’s wall and exiting from the Nafta trade deal.

Feminist Canadian Law Is An Ass, Bill C-51

"Canadian men are going to need that weed."
Professor Fiamengo.

Planet Of The FAKES - William Banzai7