4 Jul 2017

How Do We Define Healing?

By : I am a man of some seventy one summers, single and with an active life. I work part time and have several creative and fulfilling hobbies. I am a supervisor for one of the morning sessions in our local Mens Shed. I read and study a wide range of technical literature and online forums and technical publications. I would describe myself as something of a polymath. My interests range from the Enneagram, psychology to electronics and composite construction methods as used in aerospace, just to name a few.
I mention this to indicate that my days are very full. I have the sense of a certain urgency to learn a lot while being aware that my time is limited. The older I get, this sense grows stronger. Carpe Diem is the expressions that sums up this feeling. Not at all uncommon for us older folks.
I have a very good woman friend who has been quietly but consistently trying to get me to go out on various social occasions, film screenings and such. She is persuasive to this end; something that I appreciate the spirit of. Not for the reasons that I think that it will work by her definition, but because of the expression of care, consideration and love that it conveys. I will refer to my woman friend as M.
I had told her some weeks ago that she probably did not realise just how radicalised I had become over the last ten years or so.

Bettina Arndt On Today’s Sex Starved Husbands

Bettina Arndt: Women's wants and needs receive endless public attention. So how come we can't talk about married men's greatest longingfor more sex?

Headbutting Police During Violent Rampage + Two Knuckle Dusters In Her Handbag - Penis = Suspended Sentence

Another woman discovers she’s
above the law because vagina.

Rationing Of Money

Max and Stacy discuss rationing healthcare and investment opportunities. Max continues his interview with economist and columnist Alejandro Nadal about Trump’s economic and geopolitical policies and what they mean for Mexico.

ICMI17: Marc Angelucci - Freeing Men Through Activism

Mike Buchanan: Marc Angelucci is a Los Angeles attorney who teaches Family Law has taken on high profile cases involving paternity fraud and discrimination against male victims of domestic violence. He has a J.D. from U.C.L.A. School of Law and a B.A. in Philisophy from U.C. Berkeley. He is an Honoree of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Wall of Tolerance for his non-profit work in mental health and homeless advocacy. He is Vice President of the National Coalition For Men and founded NCFM’s Los Angeles chapter.

Saint Barbara Can Help Men Resisting Being Pressured Into Marriage

Men, particularly those who sleep regularly with just one woman, face considerable social pressure to marry according to law. Yet thinking men know that marriage is a rotten legal institution. Why should a man enter into a contract that a woman can terminate at will and subject him to the grotesque anti-men discrimination of family courts? Why would a man enter a contract that makes him financially responsible for any children his wife might birth as a result of her extramarital sex?
Despite the irrationality of the legal institution of marriage, men are pressured into marriage. Some will tell a man to “man up and marry her.” That’s offensive to men who are fed up with being told what being a man means.

The Modern Sphinx + Oh Say Can You See - William Banzai7

President Trump, Psycho Joe Scarborough And Mika “Facelift” Brzezinski

By : Most of the time I steer away from politics in my work. It’s not from a lack of political convictions. I have plenty. I’ve just never seen mainstream political banter as particularly relevant to the men’s movement. All I have ever seen of mainstream politics is bullshit on both sides, almost all of it being spread at the expense of men.
On the left, we have feminism and statism, and on the right, traditional gynocentrism and, you guessed it, more statism. Watching Democrats and Republicans put on their dog and pony show of manufactured ideological grandstanding lost its entertainment value for me about 20 years ago. Somehow, the spectacle of two crime families fighting with each other for the right to spend my money doesn’t have much appeal as a pastime anymore. It seems like a pointless battle, so I usually stay out of it.
Once in a while, though, the political news cycle delivers the perfect storm. It seems to be happening a little more frequently with Trump in office. The latest brouhaha that sent the Washington press corps and both political parties into a meltdown comes predictably from President Trump’s Twitter feed.

ICMI17: Ken Arenson - The Demise Of Equality Before The Law

"A special set of rules."
Mike Buchanan, J4MB: Ken Arenson is a professor of law at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia. His legal research has been published in the Journal of Law, and he has written on the “pernicious effects of political correctness in the criminal laws of Victoria,” challenging the effects of modern political correctness on due process in Australian jurisprudence.

Victoria Derbyshire: Is Ritually Genitally Mutilating Little Baby Boys [MGM] Soft Name Circumcision, Wrong?

Mike Buchanan: Tips of the hat to Richard Duncker of Men Do Complain for this (video, 4:46), and to E for capturing and editing the piece.