6 Jul 2017

Calum Thwaites: QUT & 18C

'QUT stopping segregation with segregation?'

ICMI17: Mike Buchanan - Let’s Get Visible, Beyond Keyboard Activism

Mike Buchanan was the founder of the British political party Justice for Men & Boys in 2013, and continues to lead it. It remains the only party in the English-speaking world campaigning for the human rights of men and boys on many fronts. He’s the author of 10 books including one on the institution of marriage, ‘The Fraud of the Rings’ (2009), and ‘Feminism: The Ugly Truth’ (2012).

Anarchy Currencies

Max and Stacy are in Mexico City, where they ask whether American childhood has taken an authoritarian turn, as posited by The American Conservative magazine. Max also interviews Jeff Berwick of DollarVigilante.com about crypto currencies, anarcho-capitalism and the Mexican business environment.

Professor Teaches Students About ‘The Problem That Is Whiteness’

By Nathan Rubbelke: Serious explorations into race should focus on the problem of whiteness and be grounded in the claim that it’s a hegemonic “power apparatus,” a Fairfield University professor suggested at a recent conference aimed at pushing “radical social change” in higher education.  The remarks from associate professor of philosophy Dr. Kris Sealey, who spoke about her strategies for discussing race in the classroom, were presented at a diversity conference for employees of Jesuit colleges.  “So more and more, the courses that I teach on race have become courses in which I expect my students to engage in the hegemonic power of whiteness,” said Sealey, who’s taught courses such as “Black Lives Matter” and “Critical Race Theory.”  Sealey, a scholar of color, said her approach toward teaching race has much to do with teaching at Fairfield University, a predominately white institution, and requires difficult conversations that force students to reevaluate how they understand themselves.  “Hence, part of what makes pedagogies of racial justice particularly difficult are the stakes that they invariably include for all parties involved,” she said.

Grossness As A Human Value Indicator

By : Regardless of how one feels about Cassie Jaye’s movie about men’s rights activists, “The Red Pill,” there’s no disputing the documentary has received widely varied reactions from different audiences. These vary from intensely supportive to overtly hostile.
In a series of articles, we’ll explore the visceral reaction some people have to the topic of men’s human rights and explore how some people are inclined to believe men and boys are a subspecies.
To better understand this, we’ll explore the science of grossness, parasite and pathogen stress, some attributes of human mate selection, human in-group and out-group dynamics, including the Just-world hypothesis and System Justification Theory, grossness as a measure of human value, and the phenomena of human derogation during an era of proliferation of social technologies.
In order to fully explore grossness in the human experience and men’s role as homogeneous human subspecies, we’ll also discuss men’s apparent inability to automatically recognize other men as humans.
These articles cover topics such as poop, shit, blood, brains, foreskins, piss, ball sacks, boogers, implicit and explicit bias, and automatic human in-group/out-group behavior.

An America First Syria Policy

Fake News Soup + Mucha Libtard - William Banzai7