12 Jul 2017

The Project's Shameless False Portrayal Of "The Red Pill" Movie

Cassie Jaye: Here is what aired of my segment on the popular Australian TV show "The Project". My interview was heavily edited down. It was pre-recorded a few hours before airing and The Project cut out my responses to the lies about how the film was funded, why I care about women's issues, my background in making films focused on women's issues, my views on 'rape culture' and what the film would have pointed out if it included more on that topic, and the overall message and goal of my film, The Red Pill.

Decentralize Or Die: The Center Cannot Hold + It’s Time For Local Communities To Take Charge And Experiment + A Better Future Requires Higher Levels Of Consciousness

By Michael Krieger: Today’s release of Donald Trump Jr.’s emails with Rob Goldstone could very well represent a crucial turning point in American history. Not because I think they will lead to Trump’s impeachment, or because they represent some sort of treasonous offense, but because I think from this point forward an increasing number of us will come to the conclusion that America may no longer work as the largely centralized, semi-cohesive unit it has been for our entire lives.

Sex Robots

Our thanks to Rod of J4MB for this, by a feminist female journalist in the Women’s section of the Telegraph. She’s concerned about the ‘societal implications’, surely meaning ‘the implications for women’. The home-made Scarlett Johannson (£35,000) looks very impressive, shame Scar Jo supports apartheid JSIL which makes her a complete turn off to decent straight men and bent women everywhere.
I was going to start this article about robots with a reference to Fritz Lang’s Metropolis. But then I spoke to Blay Whitby, a philosopher concerned with the social impact of emerging technologies and the trivialisation of robots in the media - and I decided otherwise.
Because when it comes to robots, it’s simply no use discussing them through the lens of our favourite film or science fiction book. Cliched as it may be, the future is here; we can and should talk about reality. Within a matter of decades we’ve become entirely reliant on technology and robots are increasingly part of our everyday lives. Now it is estimated that realistic sex robots will become more common within a decade.

Julia Hartley-Brewer Interviews Mike Buchanan About MGM

Mike Buchanan: This interview (audio, 8:33) took place on TalkRADIO on 30 June. It was prompted by the Nottingham MGM case we’ve linked to, where Dr Balvinder Mehat was charged with suspicion of inflicting Grievous Bodily Harm with Intent on a baby boy, and the boy’s paternal grandparents charged on suspicion of conspiracy relating to the same charge.

George Soros & Canada's Metropolis Project

Zionist Report: The Metropolis Project is an international network of pro-migration NGOs, government agencies, and researchers funded by George Soros' Open Society Foundations in order to shape public policy.

Chatting With Bettina Arndt

Gary Orsum: Bettina and I chat about her career and the challenges faced by men in contemporary Australia.

Trump’s Wall & Avocado Prices

Max and Stacy discuss credit binges and banking unions. In the second half Max interviews professor and journalist, John Mill Ackerman, about NAFTA, Trump’s stupid wall, the pitiful minimum wage in Mexico and the high cost of an avocado.

Meanwhile In Venezuela, The Real Mad Max Emerges

By Tyler Durden: While Silicon Valley seems obsessed by 'blood boys', its another part of the world that appears to have gone full Mad Max. As the following clip shows a gang of bikers chase down and attack a truck (with molotov cocktails) to steal its sugar payload...
Not quite the "Guzzoline" or "Bullets" that Fury Road offers, but when all you have to eat is flamingoes or black stallions, sugar may be a good substitute worth risking your life over...
With each passing week, the situation in Venezuela keeps on getting worse.

How Many Freakin Genders - Part 2 - Feminism & My Take

lacigreen: In part two of her "How Many Freaking Genders?" video, Laci continues to build her argument about the nature of gender and how to address inequality. To do so, she wades into the deep tensions between two feminist schools of thought: radical feminism and liberal feminism. She gives a brief rundown of how she interprets each school, and then questions a key tenet from each school. Regarding radical feminism, Laci is critical of their erasure of gender identity. Regarding liberal feminism, she is critical of their erasure of sex. In preparation for the livestream, Laci will attempt to reconcile these viewpoints.