13 Jul 2017

Bezos [Jorgensen] Turns Out To Be A Fascist

By Tyler Durden: There's free-speech and there's Bezos-approved free-speech...

It seems the message is beginning to sink in that the constant liberal media attacks on Trump, 'the right', Russia, and anyone daring to not denigrate any of these - is not welcome among most Americans... (as WSJ noted this week)...

Skepticism toward the media is most often associated with conservatives in Middle America, some of whom eat something other than artisanal sandwiches.

But this week brings more evidence that investors worldwide have become very reluctant to buy what many established news organizations are selling.

How else to explain the collective shrug of the shoulders in financial markets to the latest breathless media reports about alleged collusion between the 2016 Trump campaign and Russia?

Palestine Is Still The Issue

By John Pilger: John Pilger first made the film 'Palestine Is Still The Issue' in 1977. It told how almost a million Palestinians had been forced off their land in 1948, and again in 1967. Twenty five years later, John Pilger returned to the West Bank of Jordan and Gaza, and to Israel, to ask why the Palestinians, whose right of return was affirmed by the United Nations more than half a century ago, are still caught in a terrible limbo - refugees in their own land, controlled by the Jewish state Israel in the longest military occupation in modern times.

Lifetime Of Financial Crises

Max and Stacy discuss a government bond market grinding to a halt and a lifetime of financial crises. In the second half Max continues his interview with professor and journalist, John Mill Ackerman, about neoliberalism and the future for Mexico’s economy.

Bettina Arndt Conducts A Live Q&A On Sex Starved Husbands

Bettina Arndt: Women's wants and needs receive endless public attention. So how come we can't talk about married men's greatest longing – for more sex?

The K-osher Seal "Temple Tax" On Your Ketchup Revealed

"The mark of the beast will be stamped on the food we eat!" Said Ex-Jew Nathanael

The Second Life Of Ghassan Kanafani

By As’ad AbuKhalil: In the early 1970s, three Palestinian intellectuals – Ghassan Kanafani, Majed Abu Sharar and Kamal Nassercollaborated to form the Palestine Liberation Organization’s information office.
Within a decade, Israeli terrorists managed to kill all three – Kanafani in 1972, Nasser in 1973 and Abu Sharar in 1981.
The Zionist movement has never bothered to distinguish in its killing campaigns between civilians and military targets: in fact, on many occasions the Israeli government (or even the Zionist movement before the establishment of the occupation state) targeted civilians on purpose to create terror among the population. Presumably, Israel wanted to kill Kanafani and silence his voice. Yet the plan did not work as intended.
Forty-five years this month since his assassination, Kanafani’s presence is ubiquitous.
On Arab social media, even among the young generation who are not accustomed to reading books, one notices him everywhere. His image is made the profile picture of countless Arabs, and quotations from his articles fill the social media space. His drawings, posters and designs are quite common these days. They stand as symbols for revolution and Palestine and more.

Shaming Men Doesn’t Build Healthy Sexuality

By : Male sexuality is intensely under attack, in the increasingly vitriolic social dialogue related to pornography. Though women watch and make pornography, most of the current debates focus on aspects of masculine sexual behaviors. These behaviors include masturbation, use of pornography, prostitutes or sexual entertainment like strip clubs. Promiscuity, sex without commitment, and use of sex to manage stress or tension are all things that are frequently a part of male sexuality, whether we like it or not. But, male sexuality is not a disease, not a public health crisis, it is not evil, and it does not overpower men’s lives or choices. Shaming men for these behaviors isolates men, and ignores powerful, important and healthy aspects of masculinity.

Karen Straughan's Interview On Rae Bonney's Show

karen straughan: Did an interview the other day on Rae Bonney's show on Melbourne community radio 94.1FM 3WBC

Who Killed Seth Rich? + E Pluribus Dodo - William Banzai7