14 Jul 2017

Don't Trust Your Mother - MGTOW

Sandman: My life is being thrown upside down by my soon to be ex wife. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. I am the unlucky bastard who got a 10 year older then me co-worker pregnant. She is is her 40s and I am my early 30s. I did "the right thing" as my mother said by marrying this woman. But I am now being brought through the ringer in the divorce custody battle now 2 years later. I am in New York which is a liberal feminist, female worshiping cesspool. Amazingly I use to look up to the likes of Kurt Cobain one of the biggest male feminist of his days. Look how his wife drove him to suicide. Courtney Love was cheating on him with Billy Corgan and he couldn't deal with it.

I Love Respecting Women And Hate All Men

Jordan at The Screen: In today's episode I RESPECT WOMEN
I love women and I RESPECT WOMEN because women are superior to men because equality and if you disagree you are a toxic pig misogynist because WOMEN. #PREACH
This is not a joke i really RESPECT ALL WOMEN and hate #AllMen because WOMEN are superior to men because EQUALITY. I can tip my fedora to women and hold doors for women.
I am the ultimate RESPECTOR of WOMEN.

New World Order: Times Change Out From Under Us

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: He had lugged the 50 lb. bag of Milorganite into the garden in order to discover, as on many prior occasions, that he had nothing with which to open it. He blamed this on the war on terror and the TSA. As a youth he, as did every boy, had a pocket knife. Always. It was expected. There was no school rule against pocket knives. Once for a period they even all had switchblades. You could get them for 99 cents, a large amount in those days, enough to buy a case of 24 Coca-Colas. The switchblades met with school and parental disapproval as they smacked of New York gangs. But before teachers and parents came up with a policy, the boys had abandoned the switchblades. The knives had weak springs. Fascinated with the speed with which the knives opened with a satisfying click and locked the blade into place, the boys quickly wore out the springs on their switchblades. Unlike their trusty pocket knives, the switchblades quickly became useless.
He no longer carried a pocket knife. He had learned long ago that things that go into pockets become habitual. He would forget to take the knife out when he rushed to catch his flight, just as he always forgot to put the knife in his pocket when he went to work in the garden. There would be a scene at the airport, confiscation of the knife, which had been his grandfather’s, and TSA questioning. They might want him to be strip searched.

For Honey Badger Irianna - Jailed For Loyalty To Boyfriend Who Was Subsequently Found Innocent Of All Charges

Perseus999: On June 1, 2017, the Greek justice system, by means of summary proceedings, convicted Irianna, a 29 years old academic, to 13 years of imprisonment, a judgmenet solely based on a non-existent partial DNA sample, simply because she stood by her partner, when earlier to her case, he had been accused of being a member of an urban guerrilla group. Despite the fact that he was later found innocent of all charges, the Athens Court of Appeal retaliated against her for her loyalty to him. According to this absurd legal judgment, anyone can be blamed and condemned for anything. You just have to be friends with someone, who is a friend of someone else and so forth...

Gilad Atzmon On Politics In Music, Roger Waters, Palestine And Humanitarianism

By Adam Garrie: Jazz musician, author and philosopher Gilad Atzmon spoke with The Duran about Roger Waters verses the Israel lobby, the place of politics in music, freedom versus dogma and Palestinian freedom in the 21st century.
Recently, Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters has been in the news, not for his North America musical tour but for his politics. As an outspoken supporter of Palestine, he has come up against the Israel lobby in many western countries.
Recently, various pro-Israel activists have financed the making of a film against Waters called Wish You Weren’t Here,a mockery of the Pink Floyd album and song Wish You Were Here.
Even among politically minded musicians, few talk about the Israel/Palestine issue. I recently spoke with acclaimed jazz musician, philosopher, social commentator and pro-Palestine thinker Gilad Atzmon about his reaction to the latest attempt to smear Roger Waters over his advocacy of Palestinian justice.

Women Are Stronger Than Men, Except When They Aren't

6oodfella: If women were stronger than men, it would be men insisting that physical tests are sexist.

Reform Of Family Law Strikes At The Heart Of Gynocentrism

By : Of all the issues facing MHRAs, reform of family courts and laws is the most important.  If you know my work, you know that most of what I’ve written about over the past nine plus years are the many ways in which family laws and policies conspire to separate fathers from their children.  During that time, I’ve come to the conclusion that to reassert fathers’ importance in children’s lives is to strike at the heart of the phenomenon responsible for the anti-male bias that is evident in much of our culture.  I refer of course to gynocentrism.
Gynocentrism arises in part from the evolution of sex roles that require males to protect – often at the cost of their lives – females and children.  Humans, like other social mammals, are born immature, take a long time to reach sexual maturity and require long periods of nurturing and socialization to become contributing members of society.  Human females typically give birth to a single offspring at a time who, until recently, had a good chance of dying before reaching adulthood.  And, again until recently, females ran a significant risk of dying in, or as a result of, childbirth. Plus, a single male can impregnate a number of females at a given time. Accordingly, for the species to survive, females and children had to be the favored individuals in any group.  That made males their protectors and consequently the disposable sex.

Psycho Woman Wipes Out Her Whole Family

"At the first sign of mental issues
run for your life, literally!"
MGTOW 101: Psycho Woman Wipes Out Her Whole Family.