22 Jul 2017

The Mental Load - Of Garbage

Gary Orsum: According to Sunlies the 2017 Census showed that women are carrying the mental load of doing everything for the family. I filled out the Census in our house and I have no recollection of any questions that would shed any light on that suggestion.

Ming The Deplorable - William Banzai7

Zionist Shill US Continues Supporting Terrorists In Syria

By Stephen Lendman: It’s naive to believe otherwise. It’s central to US strategy since launching war for regime change.
Tactics alone changed from then to now, not Washington’s objective – allied with Israel and other rogue states to topple Syria’s legitimate government.
In response to Trump’s announced end to covert CIA-arming and training of so-called “moderate rebels” (aka terrorists like all other anti-government groups), Russia’s Information and Press Department deputy director Artyom Kozhin said the following:
“We have not heard anything regarding this decision from the official sources. Neither do we know about the status of other similar programs that could be implemented by other US agencies.”
“(W)e have expressed how we feel when it comes to the US flirting with militants in Syria more than once. We have forewarned that this flirtation could have unpredictable military and political consequences.”
“We repeatedly pointed to the Americans’ unscrupulous actions taken in Syria in the pursuit of their self-seeking geopolitical interests.”
“It is an open secret that a substantial number of militants who have been trained under the US Train and Equip program ultimately joined ISIS and al-Nusra.”

Speech Police

"Politically correct London has become a global laughing stock."

When We Can No Longer Tell The Truth...

Because the truth will bring the whole rotten, fragile status quo down in a heap of broken promises and lies, we've reached the perfection of dysfunction.
By Charles Hugh Smith: You know the one essential guideline to "leadership" in a doomed dysfunctional system: when it gets serious, you have to lie. In other words, the status quo's secular goddess is TINA--there is no alternative to lying, because the truth will bring the whole corrupt structure tumbling down. This core dynamic of dysfunction is scale-invariant, meaning that hiding the truth is the core dynamic in dysfunctional relationships, households, communities, enterprises, cities, corporations, states, alliances, nations and empires: when the truth cannot be told because it threatens the power structure of the status quo, that status quo is doomed.
Lies, half-truths and cover-ups are all manifestations of fatal weakness. What lies, half-truths and cover-ups communicate is: we can no longer fix our real problems, and rather than let this truth out, we must mask it behind lies and phony reassurances. Truth is power, lies are weakness. All we get now are lies, statistics designed to mislead and phony reassurances that the status quo is stable and permanent. The truth is powerful because it is the core dynamic of solving problems.

Sex Addiction’s Diversity Problem

By : I was recently interviewed in a CNN piece covering the continued controversy over sex addiction, and I noticed something: everyone interviewed in the article is white. Not just white, but educated, and middle class or above. Why is that? Increasingly, panels of experts are expected to represent the diversity of our country, but most publications discussing sex addiction solely include expert opinions from white professionals. I’m not blaming the media for this lack of diversity – I think it’s hard to find people of color in this debate. And I think that says something. I’m just not sure what.
As a long critic of the sex addiction industry, I’ve gotten to know most of the folks in this field, on both sides. The field is dominated by white professionals. Most are white males. There are some gay men both arguing for and against sex addiction, but very few, if any, lesbian women in the field. Perhaps this is because the debate about sex addiction is overwhelmingly focused on male sexuality, given that 90-95% of alleged sex addicts are male. In the paraprofessional side of sex addiction, the online bloggers and activists who promote the ideas of porn addiction are also consistently white males, typically of middle class or above.
Around 40% of the US workforce is made up of people of color, and around 25% of the medical/doctoral field is filled by a diverse population. The field of psychology and mental health is somewhat less diverse, where around 16% of psychologists are not white. No data exists to my knowledge, regarding the ethnic makeup of the sex addiction industry,

Rise Of The Pornosexuals

"If ever we needed proof that these people are just
crusty old farts who are completely out of touch
with the modern world, well there you have it."
Raging Golden Eagle: So the normies are finally noticing that a bunch of guys actually prefer porn to real sex, and suddenly it's a problem that we are making honest women out of all the strong independent women who don't need no man out there!

All Hale The Top Dog (Feminine - Bitch)

Baroness Brenda Hale of Richmond, President of the Supreme Court 
By MRA-UK: Yesterday (20/7/17) it was announced that Baroness Brenda Hale has reached the very pinnacle of her profession: she is now President of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom. Rejoice! Hale has been Deputy President since 2013. She has previously been a High Court Judge in the Family Division, a Lord of Appeal, and Professor of Law at Manchester. Hale was Chancellor of the University of Bristol for 12 years until last year. Here I review a few highlights of the good Baroness’s career, by way of celebration. I have stolen material shamelessly from Nick Langford’s “An Exercise in Absolute Futility: Whatever happened to family justice?” (a book you should read, by the way). All quotes are therefrom unless otherwise stated.
Both Brenda Hale’s parents were headteachers, her siblings were two sisters, no brothers. She was educated at the all-girls Richmond High School and Girton, Cambridge – which was then also women only. She had one child, a daughter, with the husband she divorced in 1992 (Anthony Hoggett).