4 Aug 2017

Jewdas Lies - Zio-Fascists Stalk The UK

By Gilad Atzmon: Jewdas calls itself a source of “Radical Voices for the alternative (Jewish) diaspora.” But If Jewdas is the ‘alternative’ then we really prefer the original.
Collaborating with the Campaign Against Antisemitsm’s (CAA) war against British jazz, Jewdas also decided that me playing Jazz is simply unacceptable. They are determined to stop me.
Two days ago at the Vortex Jazz Club in London, a bunch of skullcap boys joined by three Antifa members appeared 50 minutes ahead of my gig with leaflets that were blatantly duplicitous from top to bottom.

Bana Alabed Hoax: Zionist Orchestrated Child Exploitation

Report By Khaled Iskef Part III

Zuckerberg’s Recent Hires Tell Us A Lot About His Worldview And It’s Not Good

Increasingly, a number of influential people in Silicon Valley seem to think that Mark Zuckerberg will likely run for president of the United States one day. And some people, including myself, believe that he could indeed win. “He wants to be emperor” is a phrase that has become common among people who have known him over the years.
From January’s Post: “He Wants to be Emperor” – How Mark Zuckerberg is Scheming to Become President
Mark Zuckerberg wants to be President. That much is obvious, and it’s been obvious for quite some time. I’ve written a couple of articles about it, as have countless others. Then yesterday, there was a lot of chatter about the Facebook CEO hiring Joel Benenson to advise him and his wife on their charitable giving. Most of these articles focused on the superficial “does this really mean he’s running?” angle. In contrast, I want to dig into why his recent hires tell you all you need to know about who Zuckerberg is, and why his worldview is nothing more than technocratic neoliberalism.
Let’s start off by examining a few excerpts from yesterday’s article from Politico about the hiring of Joel Benenson:

Hot Crazy Matrix - A Man's Guide To Women + Part 2

“Fuck It, Wipe Out Gaza,” Murder Millions Of Semites Says Genocidal Jewish Spokesperson For New EU Campaign

By Ali Abunimah and Dena Shunra: The European Union has hired an Israeli who advocates genocidal violence against Palestinians as the face of a new promotional campaign.
Avishai Ivri appears in a video the EU embassy in Tel Aviv posted on its Facebook page last month.
“The European Union. You think it’s anti-Israel, right?” Ivri begins. “Let me surprise you.”
Ivri then rattles off trade and tourism statistics meant to convince Israeli viewers of just how much the European Union benefits Israel. He also boasts that the EU is a customer for Israel’s weapons industry, particularly drones.
The EU “are the best neighbors we have,” Ivri concludes.

Supporting genocide

Ivri was a writer for Latma, a defunct Israeli sketch show that reflected extreme right-wing and racist views, such as depicting migrants and refugees from African states as apes.
But that’s only the tip of the iceberg.
During Israel’s November 2012 attack on Gaza that killed 174 Palestinians, Ivri advocated even more extreme violence.


Monkey Jhayam Ft Killa P x Irah

Matriarchy Responsible For World's Fastest Talking Man

"To get a word in edgeways was self defence!"
John Moschitta, Jr., the world's fastest talking man who sings Michael Jackson's BAD in 20 seconds, developed his skill as a technique to survive a matriarchal and gynocentric household.

Cognitive Dissonance At Walnut Creek

"Foreskin for life!"
Bonobo3D: While the Bloodstained Men & Their Friends were protesting (genital mutilation of children) on a busy corner of Walnut Creek, Ben spoke with demonstrators, expressing some curious thoughts as he learned about the issue.