5 Aug 2017

Masturbation And Marriage

By : Married people do masturbate. Let’s just get that out of the way at the front. The idea that marriage fulfills all sexual needs, and that married people have no need to masturbate, has been pretty thoroughly destroyed by modern society. Married people do, in general, end up having more sex than single people, on average. And numerous studies do show that being single or newly divorced often predicts an increase in both porn-watching and masturbation (mostly in men).
But, being married isn’t a “cure” for masturbation. Historically, masturbation by married people was seen as taking something away from marriage (here, it’s called “The secret that ruins great sex”), and often was seen as an indication that something was wrong in the relationship, especially if it involves fantasy about people other than one’s partner. Either the wife was not giving her husband what he “needed” or the husband’s desires were out of proportion for the marriage.
People masturbate for a variety of reasons, including desire for sexual pleasure, stress release, and to experience private, self-focused sensations without the distraction of a partner. But when people masturbate within the context of an intimate relationship, it can be valuable to understand the motivations behind it.

Private Prison Demands Small US Town Give It 300 More Male Prisoners Or It Will Close Down

By : A small community in New Mexico is learning firsthand the consequences of relying on corporate industry to fuel your economy. In the case of Torrance County, it’s the private prison industry. From a July 25 article by the Santa Fe New Mexican:
“The company that has operated a private prison in Estancia for nearly three decades has announced it will close the Torrance County Detention Facility and lay off more than 200 employees unless it can find 300 state or federal inmates to fill empty beds within the next 60 days, according to a statement issued Tuesday by county officials.”
The closure of the prison would mean a loss of about $700,000 in annual taxes and utility payments for the town of Estancia, which has a population of 1,500. Surrounding Torrance County would see a loss of around $300,000.
Incidentally, the county has no jail of its own, meaning the sheriff’s department would have to find new housing for the 50 to 75 people it arrests each month.

News: Sexist Sex-Object Sex + Feminist Utopia

News is sexy again.

UK PV Perpetrator Programmes - Part 2

Any country that has tried to create a political solution to human problems [JSIL aka Israel, Jewish controlled Soviet Russia & modern USA?*] has ended up with concentration camps and gulagsErin Pizzey
By MRA-UK: Introduction
In Part 1 of this post I reviewed briefly the statistics on partner abuse from the Crime Survey for England & Wales and the compendious reviews by Fiebert and the PASK Project, followed by a critical examination of the practice and underlying philosophy of almost all PV perpetrator programmes in the UK (see Part 1 for links). It was clear that the two things were in conflict, the latter being firmly based on the patriarchal ‘power and control’ theory of partner abuse, and hence overwhelmingly male-on-female abuse, whereas the former, the actual data, did not support such a perspective. Here I review some research which has a direct bearing on the credibility of the male-specific ‘power and control’ theory, concentrating on recent research within the UK.
If the patriarchal ‘power and control’ theory was correct, the proof of the pudding would be the effectiveness of Duluth-style perpetration programmes. They aren’t, as we shall see.

Bitcoin Drama

Max and Stacy encounter Peter Schiff in the halls of the convention center and challenge him on bitcoin. Max continues his interview with bitcoin entrepreneur Charlie Shrem to discuss the latest drama and innovation in the cryptocurrency space.

The Police Don't Work For You

johntheother: Gentlemen, you will be left with no help, and no defense. When you are targeted, the law will not protected you.

Desperate Bride Marries Wedding Guest Instead Of Groom

By Mike Buchanan: You wait weeks for a crazy bride story, then two arrive at once. We’ve just posted the first, about a bride who pointed a gun at her husband’s head on their wedding day, here’s the second – a piece from India, which starts:
A cold-hearted bride made sure her Hindu wedding went ahead when her groom fell ill – by marrying a guest instead.

Why US Congress Hates Russia

"Sanction Israel and AIPAC for their attacks on our democracy. ...America is a Jewish country!"

Brianna Wu Uses Her Rich Privilege To Crush Poor Trump Supporters

Raging Golden Eagle: And to top it off, performs some actual harassment / bullying. Then she brags about her high rank in a pay to win game! You can't make this shit up!