9 Aug 2017

Biased Incompetence In CAFCASS And Women’s Aid Report

By Jordan Holbrook: Last week, Women’s Aid and CAFCASS (Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service) released their joint report Allegations of Domestic Abuse in Child Contact Cases. Anyone with any knowledge or history of involvement with either of these two organisations will instantly recognise this as a terrible decision.
For those who do not understand why this is a terrible decision, allow me to link to another report published by Women’s Aid, their Child First: 19 Child Homicides report which attempted to argue that any man who is even accused of domestic abuse is instantly a threat to the life of the child. The paper can be summated with the statement: if we say a man is an abuser, he wants to murder his children. It has since been thoroughly refuted by the 330 Child Homicides report.
Their most recent report is sinister for two invidious reasons:

  1. Their promulgation of the “men are abusers, women are abused” narrative, which they will try to use to influence Government.
  2. They have been supported by CAFCASS who, as they are state funded, are supposed to remain politically neutral.
Their most publicised finding is that 62% of applications to the family court about where a child should live or spend time feature allegations of domestic abuse.


Max and Stacy discuss the coming sequel to the global financial crisis and the bond bubble warnings from Alan Greenspan. In the second half Max interviews Dr. Michael Hudson about Trumponomics, anti-trust, repeat banking offenders and his father’s proverbs.

Review Of Gaza Girls, Growing Up In The Gaza Strip

By Eve Mykytyn: Monique Jaques’ new book, Gaza Girls, Growing up in the Gaza Strip, is a study of young women living and often thriving in the difficult conditions that are present day Gaza. Jaques is a news photographer based in Turkey, who has covered the Middle East, Afghanistan, Iraq and West Africa. Her work has appeared in many news outlets, including The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. 
In 2004, Jaques documented the eight day war between Hamas and Israel. While covering the war, she became curious about the everyday life of girls growing up in Gaza. As Jaques writes, “Gaza is a troubled land— a 45-square-mile district, isolated by towering concrete blast walls, reams of barbed wire and foreign soldiers who patrol its perimeters.
After years of blockades and travel restrictions, the territory is shut off from the rest of the world. At night the never-ending buzz of drones lull you into a light sleep under their watchful din. If you stand on the beach you can see lights coming from Israel — a land that you will never be able to touch. Boundaries and surveillance define your existence and growing up there isn't easy.” 

Trump Working Vacation - William Banzai7

Google: Search Engine Or Deep State Organ?

By Michael Krieger: Today’s post should be read as Part 3 of my ongoing series about the now infamous Google memo, and what it tells us about where our society is headed if a minority of extremely wealthy and powerful technocratic billionaires are permitted to fully socially engineer our culture to fit their ideological vision using coercion, force and manipulation. For some context, read Part 1 and Part 2.
I struggled with the title of this piece, because ever since the 2016 election, usage of the term “deep state” has become overly associated with Trump cheerleaders. I’m not referring to people who voted for Trump, whom I can both understand and respect, I’m talking about the Trump cultists. Like most people who mindlessly and enthusiastically attach themselves to political figures, they tend to be either morons or opportunists.
Nevertheless, just because the term has been somewhat tainted doesn’t mean I deny the existence of a “deep state” or “shadow government.” The existence of networks of unelected powerful people who formulate and push policy behind the scenes and then get captured members of Congress to vote on it is pretty much undeniable. I don’t believe that the “deep state” is a monolithic entity by any means, but what seems to unite these various people and institutions is an almost religious belief in U.S. imperial dominance, as well as the idea that this empire should be largely governed by an unaccountable oligarchy of billionaires and assorted technocrats.

The Google Diversity Manifesto And Peter Coffin's Ill-Informed Reaction

Regards, Bearing.

For Real Love To Arise, Romantic Love Must Die. Part 1

By : I am going to start this with an email I received, with thanks to a young man named Jason who sent in a question that came with an overview of part of his life. In my mind that question was incisive and relevant enough that I want to answer it publicly, which he has granted me permission to do.
Without further ado, here’s the email:

I’m 21. I dated once when I was 16, and the way it ended hurt pretty badly. Naturally I blamed myself in the end, but looking back on it I see that, while I made mistakes, she was just as guilty. It took me until now to even discover the Men’s Human Rights Movement, and the more I watch, the more concerned with how cynical I become. I’m a University student attending school for a degree in Business Administration with a minor in Gaming Entrepreneurship with goals to go into the Esports Entertainment industry. I’ve never once considered anything other than the fact I was doing it for myself, so I’m not questioning my choices. However, there is one thing that I have become concerned about.
You are right when you state in multiple videos you’ve posted that humans are naturally inclined to pair bond.