12 Aug 2017

Tyranny At Nuremberg

It is, in my opinion, offensive to our concept of justice
to punish a man for doing exactly what one
has done himself.” “The Germans,” Biddle said, fought
a much cleaner war at sea than we did.“
By Paul Craig Roberts: The showtrial of a somewhat arbitrarily selected group of 21 surviving Nazis [National Socialists] at Nuremberg during 1945-46 was US Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson’s show. Jackson was the chief prosecutor. As a long-time admirer of Jackson, I always assumed that he did a good job.
My admiration for Jackson stems from his defense of law as a shield of the people rather than a weapon in the hands of government, and from his defense of the legal principle known as mens rea, that is, that crime requires intent. I often cite Jackson for his defense of these legal principles that are the very foundation of liberty. Indeed, I cited Jackson in my recent July 31 column. His defense of law as a check on government power plays a central role in the book that I wrote with Lawrence Stratton, The Tyranny of Good Intentions.
In 1940 Jackson was US Attorney General. He addressed federal prosecutors and warned them against “picking the man and then putting investigators to work, to pin some offense on him.

Promised Land - Shattered Lives

By ex-Jew Gilad Atzmon: This is a powerful short deconstruction of the Biblical 'promised land' myth by Dan McGowan.
More Americans believe than do not believe Israel was given to the Jewish people by God, according to a 2013 Poo Research poll: http://pewrsr.ch/1wB0M85 Daniella Weiss, a leader of Israel’s Jewish settler movement, clearly stands with the believers.

Geopolitics & Cryptocurrencies

Max and Stacy discuss the electric car boom driving a resource boom in Australia . . . and the biggest mines are now being acquired by Chinese companies. In the second half, Max interviews Gerald Celente of TrendsResearch.com about paradigm shifts: from cryptocurrencies to electric cars.

MGTOW Is Not Enough

"They don't really give a single care for actual victims of sexual assault, they only care about getting an accusation rate that matches their narrative, they only want to push the numbers up by any means necessary!" Said johntheother.

Two Minds - Cognitive Differences Between Men And Women

By Bruce Goldman: When Nirao Shah decided in 1998 to study sex-based differences in the brain using up-to-the-minute molecular tools, he didn’t have a ton of competition. But he did have a good reason.
""Illustration by GĂ©rard DuBois
“I wanted to find and explore neural circuits that regulate specific behaviors,” says Shah, then a newly minted Caltech PhD who was beginning a postdoctoral fellowship at Columbia. So, he zeroed in on sex-associated behavioral differences in mating, parenting and aggression.
“These behaviors are essential for survival and propagation,” says Shah, MD, PhD, now a Stanford professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences and of neurobiology. “They’re innate rather than learned — at least in animals — so the circuitry involved ought to be developmentally hard-wired into the brain. These circuits should differ depending on which sex you’re looking at.”
His plan was to learn what he could about the activity of genes tied to behaviors that differ between the sexes, then use that knowledge to help identify the neuronal circuits — clusters of nerve cells in close communication with one another — underlying those behaviors.

I Was Fired Because Google Is A Feminist Echo Chamber!

James Damore: "This Is Why I Was Fired By Google"
By Tyler Durden: Fired Google engineer Jame Damore has penned an op-ed for The Wall Street Journal explaining how his good-faith effort to discuss differences between men and women in tech couldn’t be tolerated in the company’s "ideological echo chamber," adding that self-segregation with similar-minded people has grown in recent decades as we spend more time in digital worlds "personalized to fit our views."
I was fired by Google this past Monday for a document that I wrote and circulated internally raising questions about cultural taboos and how they cloud our thinking about gender diversity at the company and in the wider tech sector. I suggested that at least some of the male-female disparity in tech could be attributed to biological differences (and, yes, I said that bias against women was a factor too).

Jerusalem Over Athens: When Distaste Overrides Logic

By : In my recent series I’ve discussed the universality of social bias, even among sophisticated professors in the fields that study bias. Today, I’ll be exploring how very smart, very logical, very rational people can sometimes believe things and ignore contrary evidence if they find its implications distasteful.
A (now former) Google Engineer, James Damore recently wrote a memo about what he perceived as an ideological echo chamber at the search giant regarding limits of expression in regard to the biological differences between men and women.
Damore, who studied systems biology at Harvard, released the document, which created internal conflict and then circulated widely, and is now receiving much scorn for its alleged ignorance and misogyny.

Another Woman Walks Free From Court, ...Because Vagina

Accountant, 37, who stole £350,000 [$455,000] from her technology firm to fund an online poker habit walks free from court as judge says she's 'not the stuff of which prison population is made' i.e. disposable men
By Rachael Burford: An accountant who stole £350,000 from her employers walked free after a judge said she would not fit in in prison.  
Natalie Saul, 37, from Wandsworth, south London raided technology firm Idio's accounts to feed her gambling addiction and blew more than £250,000 playing online poker.
The mother-of-one submitted more than 400 fake invoices to get the cash from the software company between March 2015 and December 2016.
But Saul was given a two-year suspended sentence and 250 hours unpaid work by Judge Catherine Newman, who admitted her sentence was 'wholly exceptional' and fell outside sentencing guidelines. 

Where Have All The Good Men Gone? Part 2: The Answer + Even Innocent Men Guilty In Eyes Of College Star Chambers

"Beware of honey traps. While you're dating they become your every fantasy just to get you hooked, but as soon as you're married they become your freaking manager." Said Raging Golden Eagle.