14 Aug 2017

Being In Time - Review Of Atzmon's Latest Work, By A Lefty

'We are not players, but forgotten, voiceless subjects'
By Roy Ratcliffe: An extended book review of. ‘Being in Time’ (a post-political manifesto) by Gilad Atzmon.
Despite the two abstractions in the title of this recent book by Gilad Atzmon, (ie. ‘being’ and ‘time’) it’s main subject matter is far from ‘being’ abstract. Indeed, it commences with the results of the 2016 American presidential election of Donald Trump and it’s complex connection to the phenomena of identity politics and political correctness. Nevertheless, the author acknowledges having been influenced by the extremely abstract ideas of Martin Heidegger whose book ‘Being and Time’ deals philosophically with what it is to ‘be’ and it’s connection with the concept and practice of the measurement of movement or – ‘time’. [For a critique of the misuse and confusion over the concept of ‘time’ see the article ‘The Fetishisation of Time’ on this blog.]
I shall comment (briefly) later on the abstract conceptual framework, as developed by Heidegger, meanwhile I will focus on the lucid and important criticism which Gilad Atzmon applies to the current political symptoms of ‘identity politics’ and ‘political correctness’. These are two aspects of left/liberal (or what I personally designate as petite-bourgeois) ideology, which he suggests many people have uncritically ‘borrowed’. This act has impeded their ability to ‘think’ for themselves and ‘follow the rules of reason’. In explaining his motive for writing the book he writes;

Erin Pizzey, Why Did You Start The First Women's Shelter?

Legend Erin Pizzey opened the first women's shelter and first men's shelter in the world, in 1971, in Chiswick, London and suffered attacks from feminists including the killing of her family dog and bomb threats for her equitable treatment of men.
Cassie Jaye: The Red Pill: Raw Files consists of never-before-seen footage from the making of The Red Pill documentary. This footage is being released for educational purposes, to inspire discussion and debate on gender issues.

A Victory For Christian Doctors And Nurses

By Dr Peter Saunders: Doctors and nurses wishing to practise in sexual and reproductive health have been granted more liberty to exercise freedom of conscience under new guidelines published earlier this year.
The Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare (FSRH), a faculty of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG), has relaxed its stance on conscience in new guidelines issued in April so that those with an ethical objection to certain procedures can now obtain qualifications which they were previously excluded from.
Christian doctors and nurses in the UK are practising in an environment that is increasingly hostile to their beliefs and values. We have accordingly come to expect new constraints on our freedom of conscience almost as a matter of course. So this is a refreshing backtrack by the College.
In April 2014 I highlighted the fact that the FRSH was barring doctors and nurses with pro-life views from receiving its degrees and diplomas and may also be breaking the law (see also here). The story was later picked up by the Telegraph.
Under the previous guidelines, now removed from the FSRH website but still accessible in the Telegraph, doctors and nurses who had a moral objection to prescribing ‘contraceptives’ which can act by killing human embryos (levonelleellaOne, IUCDs etc) were barred from receiving diplomas in sexual and reproductive health even if they undertook the necessary training.

Eating Disorders In Boys And Young Men

By : It is widely believed that eating disorders primarily affect young women. Most research in eating disorders is conducted with female participants and most interventions are developed with women in mind. Even most professionals who specialize in the treatment of eating disorders are women. Women are far more likely to be diagnosed with anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa than men. But could this focus on women lead to an under diagnosis of eating disorders in men?
Traditional definitions of eating disorders have focused on desire for thinness. While body image dissatisfaction for women is typically centered on weight loss and desire for thinness, men tend to be more focused on muscularity than thinness. In “Prospective associations of concerns about physique and the development of obesity binge drinking, and drug use among adolescent boys and young adult men,” Field et al (2014) assess a range of concerns with physique and eating disorders amongst males. They included questions about muscularity (ie. wanting bigger, more toned, or more defined muscles) and use of supplements (including creatine, growth hormone derivites, anabolic steroids, and a variety of other substances) to improve appearance, gain muscle, or gain strength.

Feminist Gender Quotas

Independent Man:
"Men can apply, but only women will get the job! ...women get Jewish star that means recruit immediately!"

Judges Need To Watch More Porn + Consent Is Crap

The C.O.C.K. Fairy: Nyznik, Cabero, Kara: Three falsely accused cops who deserve their jobs back. Police need to start addressing false accusations and journalists need to get their heads out of their arses.

Sargon Of Akkad: Women-Only ‘Wonder Woman’ Screenings Were Illegal - Austin, Texas

Feminism is a supremacy movement.

Only Morons Believe What The US Government Says About North Korea

'It is quite literally impossible to be too paranoid about these people.'
By Ron Paul: Usually foreign analysts of the American political scene are either sycophantic or just annoying, but no one would dare say that about Aussie observer Caitlin Johnstone, whose punk rock style of cutting to the chase is as refreshing as it can be shocking (I am not a fan of the strong language, but I get it). Since President Trump's "fire and fury" explosion yesterday Americans have to an unsettling degree once again rallied 'round the (false) flag of war propaganda. Today Ms. Johnstone provided a much-needed slap in the face to the mind-numbed masses once again clamoring for US bombs on a country they could not find on a map if their lives depended on it.
As even many soi-disant libertarians reverted back to playing war commander on their keyboards -- "I'm all for a non-interventionist foreign policy, but THIS GUY'S GONNA KILL US!!!" -- Johnstone reminded anyone with half a brain of one eternal truth: Governments and their house servants (the mainstream media, neocons, deep state, etc) are murderous liars and the only way they dare flush a few hundred billion dollars -- and oceans of blood -- down the toilet of war is to first lie their brains out to the people they are confident will swallow the poison pills and call them candy.

Husband Blaming Wife For Infertility Wrong In Christian Marriage

B Kleitophon was a wealthy, wise, and well-regarded man among his fellow citizens in the magnificent city of Emesa in ancient Syria. Leukippe was a beautiful and virtuous woman from an eminent family of Emesa. Kleitophon and Leukippe married. Their marriage, however, wasn’t producing any children. Kleitophon disparaged his wife Leukippe for infertility:
she endured much grief and pain; for she was blamed by her own husband every day. [1] 
A Byzantine text from no later than the tenth century taught that anger and anguish over infertility don’t belong in a truly Christian marriage. From a Christian perspective, infertility characterizes a relationship, not a person. Irrespective of physical limitations, Christian marriages are always fruitful.
Both Kleitophon and Leukippe were devoted to the ancient Greek goddess Artemis. Christians were then being harshly persecuted. One day a Christian monk disguised as a beggar appeared at their door.