15 Aug 2017

Being In Virginia In Time

'This may explain why George Soros and his open society are invested in this battle. As long as the working people are fighting each other, no one bothers to challenge the root cause of our current dystopia, namely the banks, global capitalism, wall street, Mammonism and so on.'
By Gilad Atzmon: In my recent book Being in Time – a Post Political Manifesto, I pointed out that the West and America in particular have been led into a disastrous Identity (ID) clash. This week in Virginia we saw a glimpse of it.
In the book I argue that the transition from traditional Left ideology into New Left politics can be understood as the aggressive advocacy of sectarian and divisive ideologies. While the old Left made an effort to unite us all: gays, blacks, Jews or Whites into a political struggle against capital, the New Left has managed to divide us into ID sectors. We are trained to speak ‘as a…’: ‘as a Jew,’ ‘as a black,’ ‘as a Lesbian.’ The new left has taught us to identify with our biology, with our gender, sex orientation and our skin colour, as long as it isn’t ‘White’ of course.

Mum Is Dad, Dad Is Mum And The Son Is Gender-Neutral

6oodfella: If being intolerant of these freaks is wrong, I don't want to be right. Enjoy.

For Real Love To Arise, Romantic Love Must Die. Part Two

'Gold diggers. Out. Feminists. Out.
Princesses. Out. Single mothers. Out. Borderlines. Out. Wannabe housewives. Out. Those who insist on marriage. Out.
Those who can’t find their purse at dinner. O-U-Fucking-T.'
By : As you may recall from the first part of this series, I was addressing some efforts men can and should be making when choosing to pair bond in the current climate of sexual politics. This generally involves three steps, or perhaps more accurately three giant leaps, that you can take to give yourself a better shot at not ending up with your ship or your shit on the rocks.
As a reminder, all of this is said assuming you have the good sense to not marry, and to not cohabitate in a way that leaves you vulnerable to being considered married by the local authorities. And if, by chance, that is still debatable in your mind, I have left some reference links[1] for you that you really need to explore. I won’t dwell on it. Horse, water…all that, but I do suggest the reference material first as you may be too dangerous to yourself to act responsibly on any of the material in this series.

Harvard Business Review: Increasing Male Unemployment Leads To More Sex Discrimination Against Women

By Olivia Petter: An increase in male unemployment leads to more sex discrimination against women, a US study published in Harvard Business Review has found.
Just as we’re pushing towards a desired state of parity within the workplace – campaigns to close the pay gap, backlash at the BBC’s published salaries etc - it transpires that there's a dark downside for women which has been unexamined until now.
Sexual harassment claims made to the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission have risen by roughly 10 per cent in the last 20 years, the study reveals.
After Dan Cassino analysed of data from the EEOC and Bureau of Labor Statistics, he found that sex discrimination spikes when men fall behind women in the workforce.
The political sciences professor revealed that when the unemployment rate of married men (8 per cent) is double that of women (4 per cent), sex discrimination complaints are expected to rise by 101 per cent.

Trend Reversals

Max & Stacy discuss Obamacare death spirals and towns left to die post-trade deals. In the second half, Max continues his interview with Gerald Celente of TrendsResearch.com about paradigm shifts: from cryptocurrencies to electric cars.

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Regards, Bearing.

KIM JONG NU + UBER - William Banzai7

Male Soldiers BANNED In Australia

Galbert Chronicled Horrific Violence Against Men In Medieval Flanders

Betrayers brutally murdered Count Charles the Good with a surprise attack on him while he was praying in the Church of Saint Donatian in Bruges in 1127. Galbert then was a bureaucratic functionary in the Count’s administration in Bruges. On his own initiative, Galbert chronicled the murder of Charles the Good and much ensuing violence against men. Galbert was an unlikely person to do such important work:

No one asked him to write the Description {the first part of his chronicle}, and he was not one of the people in his society who was supposed to write literature or history. Had he not written his chronicle, he would have been nothing more for us than a name in the witness lists of a couple of charters of the counts of Flanders. Nothing he wrote would ever have come down to us, and nothing other than the chronicle has. [1]

AIPAC Zionists' Video Describes Their Decades-Long Role In US Laws Against Fundamental Human Rights And BDS

If Americans Knew: AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, is a powerful Washington DC lobbying organization. In this 2016 video, AIPAC describes how it has successfully worked to create U.S. laws against boycotting Israel over its multitudinous violations of human rights and international law. The video doesn't mention the anti-boycott legislation working its way through Congress right now (S.720 / H.R. 1697) that AIPAC helped draft: iak.salsalabs.org/antiboycottbill Such anti-boycott laws hurt everyone. They interfere with Americans' fundamental consumer rights and freedom of speech, often harm American businesses and thereby the U.S. economy, and damage American international relations.