16 Aug 2017

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Circumcision - Does the Qur'an Approve it?
Allah tells us that He has created human beings perfectly:
In numerous Verses of the Qur'an, Allah tells us that He has created everything, including human beings, in the most perfect form. In the following verse, Allah explicitly states this with regards to the human creation:
"We have indeed created man in the 'best of moulds'." (Qur'an 95:4)
This means when a baby leaves the mother's womb, he or she is in the most perfect of shape down to the finest detail. Nothing needs alteration. With regards to the development of the baby, Allah states the following:
"Then We made the sperm into a clot of congealed blood; then of that clot We made a lump; then we made out of that lump bones and clothed the bones with flesh; then we developed out of it another creature. So blessed be Allah, the 'Best of all Creators!' " (Qur'an 23:14)
Notice that Allah states that He is the best creator - the resulting completed creation of the baby is thus in its optimal form.
In another verse, Allah states:
"The work of Allah who has 'perfected everything' (He created)."

The Secret

Ekonomist: I made the song to raise awareness of how America has caused destruction around the world, how they took down gaddafi due to him having plans to implement the african currency which would have made African countries richer and kill the dollar and sterling. They have military bases all over the world we need to ask ourselves why?

Farrakhan's Uncensored Message To London & The UK

"Someone fears what Farrakhan is saying,
what am I saying that you should be afraid of?
That you will have to reap what you have sown."
The Final Call - Uncompromised News & Perspectives: On Friday, August 4, 2017, the Council of Lambeth in London issued a permit to the "African International Day of Action 2017" who were commemorating their annual celebration on Saturday, August 5, 2017, which denied the sponsors and their co-sponsor the Nation of Islam, the right to Broadcast a pre-recorded message from the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

Trevor Phillips: ‘My Comrades On The Left Flaunt Their Moral Superiority. But Many Of Them Are The Most Racist And Sexist Of All.’

By Mike Buchanan, J4MB: A piece prompted by Jess Phillips’s comments about left-wing sexists, spoken at the Edinburgh International Book Festival. Jess Phillips is possibly the most sexist MP in parliament, so it tells you all you need to know about Trevor Phillips when he writes this:
Three cheers for Jess Phillips, one Labour MP who tells it like it is [J4MB: She invariably tells it like it ISN’T] — even if it involves exposing the sanctimonious self-righteous posturing of the trendy Left in British politics…
For the record, we’re not related. I’ve met her once. But DNA aside, I can only describe her as my No 1 soul sister.

The Red Pill Documentary - Down The Rabbit Hole

Cheshire Cat Studios: We've been asked what our opinions of the Cassie Jaye documentary, "The Red Pill". Given our often grim view of modern victimhood feminism, as well as the events of GamerGate and the The Last Night controversy, we were more than happy to watch the film. Nat and LaughingMan are joined by Wade (aka: AggresiveDuck, yes with one 's'), and what we watched was nothing short of upsetting, but not the least bit surprising. Having seen male friends and male family members victims of domestic abuse, LaughingMan knows well the legal and social uphill battles that battered husbands often face.

Women Should Express Greater, Wider-Ranging Love For Men

Dependent on the virtues of our fathers,
you were as gold or like that morning star.

You shone brightly in the beauty of the virtues.
You practiced temperance and boldness
and care and equality before the law,
which you made the base of the God-inspired virtues
and proved to be a statue thereon,
attracting all with the siren call of your words
and the clear brightness of your goodness,
astonishing them with the boldness of your works.
Woe is me. At the very height of my greatest hopes,
my light and the glory of my life,
the glory of all, the link to the golden race,
the bright ambition of nature,
oh, to my own and the common misfortune,
how much I suffered for you,
beloved head, my hope, my life, my light, my joy,
scion of Byzantium and the Greeks

Hellstorm The Documentary

By Paul Craig Roberts: Wartime propaganda is not concerned with truth. It is concerned with painting the enemy in the worst possible terms. The victors write the histories, and after enduring a war victor populations don’t want to read that their side’s behavior was no different, and possibly worse, than the cruel and inhuman behavior of the vanquished.
Obviously, this puts limits on what historians can write if they want readers and university careers. It is only many years later that truth can begin to make its appearance.

British Brainwashing Cunts [BBC] Programme, Today: “What Happened When A Primary School 'Went' Gender-Neutral”

Via Mike P, J4MB: An Extract:
Critics, meanwhile, claim the experiment places an unhealthy emphasis on it, at an age when children are too young to ask questions. Conservative Party councillor Mary Douglas, has labelled it “abusive” and “inappropriate,” and says: “Children in particular are very vulnerable and susceptible to what adults say. To even suggest that he or she might not be essentially male or female is potentially very harmful.”
To which Dr Javid – an A&E doctor when not presenting – responds strongly: “One, this is absolutely not about gender identity. [J4MB: Yes, it clearly is. A pathetic ‘argument by assertion’.] Two, in no way could you imagine anyone ever trying to steer children in a way that’s harmful. [J4MB: Anyone with a healthy imagination could certainly imagine that.] We’re talking about the BBC. [J4MB: Oh well, this can’t be a feminist propaganda piece, then.] I’m a Doctor. [J4MB: Ah yes. The profession that mutilates the genitals of male minors for personal financial gain. Pillars of society, one and all.]

Proving Google Wrong With Four Links

"Extreme white knighting for women
and the lace curtain"
Men Are Good!: Google recently fired an engineer who had written a document that challenged Google's politically correct stance and unwillingness to consider the biological differences between men and women and how these might impact the number of women and men in STEM fields. This short vid agrees with Damore, the google engineer and offers four links that go a long way in confirming his manifesto. Have a look and see what you think.