17 Aug 2017

Tearing Down Liberty - William Banzai7

Who Keeps Americans In The Dark?

By Gilad Atzmon: Earlier this week, senior Tabloid magazine writer Yair Rosenberg pointed out in a  Washington Post article that the White nationalists who gathered in Charlottesville, Virginia targeted the Jews.  

“ They (the White Nationalists) immediately went after the Jews,” Rosenberg writes. They “chanted anti-Semitic and Nazi slogans, including “blood and soil” and “Jews will not replace us” — all crafted to cast Jews as foreign interlopers who need to be expunged. The attendees proudly displayed giant swastikas and wore shirts emblazoned with quotes from Adolf Hitler. One banner read, “Jews are Satan’s children.”
This is an important and genuine observation by Rosenberg. He suggests that the white nationalists are fully aware that that they are in a battle with ‘the Jews.’  The Jews also seem to acknowledge that they are at war with the White Nationalists and that this broad category includes the American President* who according to the Jewish press took side with the ‘Nazis’.
It seems that the American people are the only ones who are kept in the dark. They seem baffled by this spectacle of hatred that threatens to escalate into a new civil war. The Americans are told by their media that this is a race war:

Lambeth v Farrakhan - The Lambeth DoubleCross

"It's important for us to understand that the UK government ['s Zionist puppet master] has no desire for us to be anything other than slaves! ...They are now fully engaged in trying to stop us from rising"

Karen Straughan Speaks At Edmonton Red Pill

Canadian Association for Equality: CAFE Edmonton hosted a screening of Cassie Jaye's, The Red Pill on July 8th, 2017. The room was full, and after the film the crowd had a chance to interact with Men's issues enthusiast Karen Straughan. View the interactive Q & A with Karen Straughan (a local Edmontonian) who was featured in the documentary.

World Health Organization WHO Says North Korea Has A Far Better And Far More Equitable Health Care System Than USA

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky: The North Korean government, according to the Western lame-stream media is said to be oppressing and impoverishing its population.
Here in the USA we have medicare, all our kids are educated, we are all literate, and “we want to live in America”.
And in the DPRK, the health system sucks, they don’t have schools and hospital beds, they are all a bunch of illiterates,  
You would not want to live there! 
Propaganda photo left with the well known 'Getty Images' logo.
Beneath the mountain of media disinformation, there is more than meets the eye. Despite sanctions and military threats, not to mention the failed intent of “respectable” human rights organizations (including Amnesty International) to distort the facts, North Korea’s health system is the envy of the developing worldaccording to the Director General of the World Health Organization:

'Silver Lining' Of US Mortality Rates

Up for discussion is ‘the silver lining’ of the shocking increase in US mortality rates - reduced pension costs for corporations, increased profits for shareholders. At least this is the upside, according to the financial press. Max also interviews Stephen Baldwin about their plans for The Great American Pilgrimage as they cross America in an RV looking to meet the people overlooked by mainstream television media. By the end of the pilgrimage, they hope to have had a whole lot of fun and a little bit of enlightenment.

Calling Homeland Security To Report Jewish Zionist Terrorists

Zionist Report: If we all did what Brendon does we would at least have the chance of finding someone who might listen and decide to take action. It is true that these criminals have infiltrated it all, but we MUST fight back, we can't just sit and complain. The work we do online is not enough, we must take action. The more people call the more pressure they will have. Pressure from the people, is what the government needs! DO IT, TAKE ACTION!

Study Finds Higher Minimum Wages Bring Crushing Job Losses For Female And Minority Workers

By Tyler Durden: Anyone who has a basic understanding of elementary-level arithmetic and some common sense can easily explain why raising the minimum wage is bad for employment levels.  In a nutshell, higher labor costs simply improve the payback profile of capital investments in technology thus accelerating job losses.
We recently shared the following example regarding California's minimum wage hike from $10 per hour to $15.  At $10 per hour and a 10-year payback, employers may be reluctant to invest in new technology.  But, at $15 per hour and a 6-years payback, that investment become a no-brainer.
Unfortunately, while these concepts are somewhat simplistic for most us, they have confounded left-leaning economists and politicians pretty much since the beginning of time.
And while no amount of empirical evidence will change their minds, here is yet another study, this time from Grace Lordan of the London School of Economics and David Neumark of UC Irvine, offering up evidence that raising minimum wages only serves to increase unemployment and disproportionately crushes female and minority low-income workers.

Google's White Dude Fail

"It's wrong to make sweeping statements about an entire class of people, even the ones with 'Y' chromosomes who are low on melanin." Said Karen Straughan.