20 Aug 2017

Jew Loving Is The Way Forward

By Gilad Atzmon: Once a week, a British Jewish institution publishes statistics that measure how much Jews are hated by their neighbours and how unhappy the Jews are in the kingdom. No other people thinks to measure and publish the statistics of their popularity.  A new poll by the Campaign Against Antisemitsm (CAA) published yesterday, reveals that one in six British Jews (17%) reported feeling unwelcome in Britain. Over a third (37%) said they had felt the need to conceal their Judaism in public. As if this weren't devastating enough, 31% of British Jews have considered moving abroad. And as you might expect, 80% reckon that the Labour party is too tolerant of anti-Semitism. However, another poll conducted by YouGov for the same CAA, also published yesterday, found that anti-Semitic attitudes in UK society  declined from 45% in 2015 to 36% in 2017.  
So while the Brits are rapidly becoming less ‘antisemitic’ the Jews are growing increasingly fearful of their neighbours.  
How do we explain this anomaly? The less hated British Jews are, the more insecure they seem to feel.

18 Truths About #Charlottesville

By Paul Elam: Till yesterday, I had just about decided I was going to be able to avoid writing on Charlottesville, Virginia, where a protest of the removal of a statue of Civil War General Robert E. Lee escalated to deadly proportions when protestors and counter protestors clashed in the streets.
It’s not that I don’t have opinions on the matter. I’ve got plenty. I had just hoped to pass on this one because the fracas is only tangentially applicable to the men’s movement – and because people tend to get stupid when you talk about these matters honestly.
However, true to their typically disingenuous form, Salon.com has pulled A Voice for Men into the controversy. There is an article by Amanda Marcotte revealing that one of the ringleaders of the white supremacists who were staging the Charlottesville rally formerly wrote for AVFM. Marcotte attempted to establish that the men’s movement was a gateway for violent racism. She linked to a HBO broadcast of a Vice Magazine documentary in support of her article.
The title of her article perfectly reflects the sentiment she was shooting for. “Weeping Nazi started off as a men’s rights activist, which is hardly surprising.” It was subtitled, “Christopher Cantwell’s trajectory from men’s rights to white supremacy is sadly typical for the alt right.”

ID Politics, Diversity And Biological Determinism?

Introduction by Gilad Atzmon: The following is a segment taken from my new book Being in Time - A Post Political Manifesto. The book offers a crude attack on ID politics.  This mini chapter examines the exclusive nature of the New Left discourse and its detachment from working people and their politics.  It points at the divisive apparatus that drives the Identitarian philosophy. By adhering to such an ideology, New Left  has managed to adopt the most problematic chapter in Hitlerian ideology namely biological determinism.
United Against Unity (Being in Time pg. 46)
What does it take, in an era dominated by progressive identity politics, to be accepted as a fully qualified member of the ‘New Left’ or to be considered a ‘liberal?’
'So what are ‘correct politics?’
Where are they defined and by whom?'
Jane is a well-off London lawyer who identifies politically ‘as a woman,’ and marches enthusiastically for human rights. Can she join? I think the answer is yes, she can.

Things Not To Say To Women Who Play Football

"I cant help feeling that I'm part of the group to be silenced through lack of financial incentive to speak or more likely they're trying to push the youtube red thing." Said 6oodfella.

Bettina Arndt Talks About The Fake Campus Rape Scare With Dave Pellowe

That Google Memo

By William Collins aka MRA-UK: I’m a bit late to this party, I know. I wasn’t going to comment on the ‘Google memo’ business. It’s been done very well on YouTube by several people. But then I saw the article “No Way Up This Ladder” by Lara Williams in New Scientist (vol.235, No.3139, page 22, 19th August 2017).
It is regrettable that New Scientist chose to get involved in the ‘Google memo’ affair at all. Unfortunately New Scientist went down the progressiveplug hole some years ago (see for example this and this and this). But, if it had to get involved, there is surely an obligation on New Scientist to address the scientific aspects of the matter. I pay my subscription to read about science, not to read the sort of gender-political stuff which I can find for free on a thousand blog sites.
Unfortunately we now see that New Scientist is more committed to the PC agenda than it is to science.
Whilst virtually all the major news outlets have written about the ‘Google memo’, none that I have noticed have bothered to mention why James Damore wrote it. The impression given is that here we have a vile misogynist who simply likes parading his nastiness. No, the worst criticism one can throw at Damore is a touching naivety in thinking that there could be a rational discussion about the matter. So why did he write it?

Talk With David Duke Right After Charlottesville

Zionist Report: This is how the tribe works! We MUST STOP the REAL supremacists who are controlling our world. We MUST STOP THEM, with pressure, not violence.