25 Aug 2017

Another Feminist Rubbishing Father's Day

Lunatic SJW who argues that father's day is harmful to children.

A Military Junta Is Now Ruling The United States

By Moon of Alabama: According to a 1950s political theory The Structure of Power in American Society is mainly build on three elite groups, the high military, the corporation executives and the political directorate. (The "political directorate" can best be described as the bureaucracy, the CIA and their proxies within Congress.)
On election day I noted that only the military had supported The Not-Hillary President. The corporate and executive corners of the triangle had pushed for Hillary Clinton and continued to do so even after Trump had won. (Only recently did the "collusion with Russia" nonsense suddenly die down.) I wrote:
The military will demand its due beyond the three generals now in Trump's cabinet.
That turned out to be right. A military junta is now ruling the United States:
Inside the White House, meanwhile, generals manage Trump’s hour-by-hour interactions and whisper in his ear — and those whispers, as with the decision this week to expand U.S. military operations in Afghanistan, often become policy. At the core of Trump’s circle is a seasoned trio of generals with experience as battlefield commanders:

Satire As Grotesque As The Hypocrisy It Skewers

By Marguerite Dabaie: The first thing comics artist Eli Valley describes in the introduction to Diaspora Boy is a statue in Warsaw, built to commemorate the Jews who died in the ghetto and erected less than one month before the declaration of the state of Israel, founded on the ethnically cleansed Palestinian homeland, in 1948.
One side of the memorial is a monumental display of strong, bold figures “bursting from the granite blocks.” The other side, however, features a small bas-relief showing a procession in which “the horrors that had devastated the largest Jewish community in Europe were suggested, but only as a footnote.”
Valley asks: “How could they bifurcate heroism into victimhood? Isn’t that a grotesque oversimplification, not to mention an obscene insult to those who were murdered?”
These questions and observations set the tone of this collection of comics originally published between 2007 and 2016. All are deeply critical of Israeli policy, politicians and the construct of the “real” Jew as a domineering force vengefully taking hold of the “Jewish homeland.”
Most of the venues that published Valley’s work over the years, such as Jewcy, The Forward and +972 Magazine, are geared toward a Jewish audience.

90% Of UK Universities Restrict Free Speech, 60% Severely

"It's about silencing views people dislike." 
RT UK: A study has revealed that over 60% of universities in the UK are severely restricting freedom of speech.

Feminist Construction Sign Throws Fathers Under The Bus

"Shouldn't the sign read my DAD works here?"
Rebel Canada: David Menzies has another case of political correctness trumping reality, with construction signs that suggest there are as many female workers in the industry as male.

Being An Introvert - Exceptionally Excellent & Powerful

Hell Hath No Fury

By : A man cannot have a conversation with a woman like he can with another man. If he’s been programmed to think with a feminist mindset, he has to say this to himself before every conversation with a woman, otherwise its more likely he’ll be led down a meaningless string of words that have no value and don’t evolve into a greater relationship. Men who equate a woman’s intents and words with equal quality or value to their own are bozos who get chumped by girls on the regular. Only a fool can get the run-around from women continually month after month, year after year, and not pickup that they speak from a different perspective with an entirely different purpose.
Many women cop an attitude when they want to object to something rational and male, just because. Feminists (or perhaps all women at some point in their lives) do this out of spite for masculinity. However, in general women will do this at random to test the men in their lives, pushing boundaries to see what men are made of.
This is in their nature, and there is no way around this. If men aren’t aware of this function they might succumb to confusion when they should display certainty.

Policing Twitter Returns Us To The Dark Ages

'This is not just totalitarianism in action but a recipe for ever angrier and more resentful behaviour.'
By Kathy Gyngell: Well before the end of the last century, Britain had established a democratic rule of law and civil society that was the envy of the world.
Ask almost any immigrant arriving in this country in the last 50 years why they chose to come here instead of elsewhere and they will tell you it was for the rule of law. That is how the once Filipino, now British, man at the till of my local Waitrose put it to me the other week. To live safely in a civil society was his primary desire - above and beyond even getting a job or speaking a known language. If there was any remaining concern about equality under the law, it was dealt with by new anti-discrimination laws in the 1970s
Now the DPP is set on destroying the very civility so valued by these new arrivals through a corruption of the purpose and principles of the law, representative of less open and more totalitarian societies.
This is what Alison Saunders, the Director of Public Prosecutions, is doing with her newly constructed online hate crime law campaign.  It is a pity she cannot be laughed off as a bossy head girl. But, as Laura Perrins tweeted yesterday, Robespierre would be proud.