26 Aug 2017

A Sinister War On Our Right To Hold Cash

By NEO: An operation that began as a seemingly obscure academic discussion three years ago is now becoming a full-blown propaganda campaign by some of the most powerful institutions in the industrialized world. This is what rightly should be termed the War on Cash. Like the War on Terror, the War on Cancer or the War on Drugs, its true agenda is sinister and opaque. If we are foolish enough to swallow the propaganda for complete elimination of cash in favor of pure digital bank money, we can pretty much kiss our remaining autonomy and privacy goodbye. George Orwell’s 1984 will be here on steroids. 
Let me be clear. Here we discuss not various block-chain digital technologies, so-called crypto-currencies. We are not addressing private payment systems such as China’s WeChat. Nor do we discuss e-banking or use of bank credit cards such as Visa or Master Card or others. These are of an entirely different quality from the goal of the ongoing sinister war on cash. They are all private services not state.
What we are discussing is a plot, and it is a plot, by leading central banks, select governments, the International Monetary Fund in collusion with major international banks to force citizens—in other words, us!

Never-Ending Trump Surge In The Markets

Max and Stacy discuss Democrats not looking forward to Hillary’s ‘blame everyone but herself’ book tour. In the second half Max interviews Wolf Richter of WolfStreet.com about the never ending Trump surge in the markets.

Mike Buchanan Discusses The Gender Pay Gap With Three Feminists

Mike Buchanan: The man to my left in this discussion informed me half an hour before the programme that he knew little about the gender pay gap, and he seemed disinterested in the information I was relating to him, after learning I was an anti-feminist. He clearly knew little about feminism, either. The other two participants didn't seem any better informed on the subject of the gender pay gap. I don't think I've ever enjoyed being in a televised discussion more than this one.

Conspiracy Theory

By Paul Craig Roberts: In the United States “conspiracy theory” is the name given to explanations that differ from those that serve the ruling oligarchy, the establishment or whatever we want to call those who set and control the agendas and the explanations that support the agendas.
The explanations imposed on us by the ruling class are themselves conspiracy theories. Moreover, they are conspiracy theories designed to hide the real conspiracy that our rulers are operating.
For example, the official explanation of 9/11 is a conspiracy theory. Some Muslims, mainly Saudi Arabians, delivered the greatest humiliation to a superpower since David slew Goliath. They outsmarted all 17 US intelligence agencies and those of NATO and Israel, the National Security Council, the Transportation Safety Administration, Air Traffic Control, and Dick Cheney, hijacked four US airliners on one morning, brought down three World Trade Center skyscrapers, destroyed that part of the Pentagon where research was underway into the missing $2.3 trillion, and caused the morons in Washington to blame Afghanistan instead of Saudi Arabia.
Clearly, the Saudia Arabians who humiliated Ameria were involved in a conspiracy to do so.

Dennis Wise Debunks Claims Of Hitler Being Controlled Opposition

GCSE Results 2017

By MRA-UK: Well, at least the headlines in the lame-stream media are not as misleading as they were for the A Levels. Girls are doing emphatically better than boys, as they have been doing since GCSEs replaced O Levels in 1987.
Results at the new top grade 9 (from here)
A new grading system was introduced this year for pupils in England in three subjects: English Language, English Literature and Maths. The new scoring has 9 as the top grade, and this represents a higher level of performance than the previous A* (which is equivalent to a new grade 8 or 9). The graphic which heads this post shows the results by gender in this top grade. Roughly twice as many girls got top grade 9s (the caption claims 60% of grade 9s were for girls, but I think this is an under-estimate).
However, this is partly because there were two English subjects, in which girls do better, but just one subject, maths, in which boys do better. Boys got roughly 40% more grade 9s in maths. But girls’ dominance in English was more emphatic – with about twice as many girls getting grade 9s in English Literature, and nearly three times as many in English Language.
Achieving top grades at GCSE is significant because this is a reliable indicator of A Level performance – and hence university entrance. For example, your chances of getting an A* at physics A Level if you did not get an A* at GCSE are virtually zero.

Men And Women Are Held To Different Standards

6oodfella: It shouldn't even be possible for me to be on my 11th video in this playlist, but it just keeps happening.

Mugabe Will Redistribute Last Of Colonialists' Farms

Those who murdered white colonialists in 2000 will be treated the same as the whites who murdered natives to acquire the land in the first place - No prosecutions as Mugabe asks 'what's the point?' 
By Tyler Durden: 93-year-old Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe made it clear in an address this week that people who murdered white colonialists farmers during a government-sanctioned purge in the 2000s will never be prosecuted.
In 2000, Zimbabwe implemented a controversial land reform program that saw natives invade and re-capture hundreds of white-colonialist's stolen land around the country. As Newsweek details, the violent seizures resulted in the murder of several white farmers, with many more displaced, and close associates of Mugabe given large chunks of land.
And now, speaking at a rally in Harare, Mugabe confirmed this massacre will go unpunished, according to Zimbabwean news site NewsDay. 
“Yes, we have those who were killed when they resisted. We will never prosecute those who killed them. I ask, why should we arrest them?”