28 Aug 2017

Do Men Have The Power? Male Privilege v Male Disposability

Cassie Jaye: The Red Pill: Raw Files consists of never-before-seen footage from the making of The Red Pill documentary. This footage is being released for educational purposes, to inspire discussion and debate on gender issues.

If it’s Not Your Penis, Shut Up And Sit Down, You Have No Say - And Doctors, Drop Your Weapon

By : If circumcision isn’t medically necessary, why do we still do it? Examining hygiene, religion, tradition, and ignorance
Intaction’s Genital Cutting Exhibit
It’s odd to see this level of push-back and animosity.
I got some comments from friends on Facebook about some anti-circumcision posts I put up recently:
“Gary, it’s hard to believe you are still stuck on this, when there are so many important …. oh forget it, you’re stuck. I don’t agree with you. It is for either religious and/or sanitary reasons that baby boys are circumcised. As toddlers & even older, children tend not to be meticulous with hygiene .
Infection can be very painful & dangerous. I do not believe baby boys are traumatized forever because of this. Are you?!?!?”
Another comment:
“The female genital mitigation [sic] should be something people worry about ☹️”
Here are my posted responses to the above:

The Spirit Of Trane - CD Review - Jazz In Europe

'The Spirit of Trane' is released simply because, for Gilad Atzmon, it is a chance to acknowledge possibly the greatest and most influential tenor sax player in jazz history. Gilad says, "whether it is his patented sheets of sound, his rapid fire improvisations, advanced harmonic progressions or lush interpretations of ballads, no aspiring music lover can afford to neglect the music of 'Trane" . As Gilad handed me one of the first copies of the CD at a gig recently he told me, you will love this'. He was, as he sometimes is, right. 
By Sammy Stein: This CD is a spiritual journey along with Coltrane, with Gilad adapting his distinctive style ( he often plays with an Eastern lilt or a more Parker-esque accent to his playing in my opinion) to try to capture the essence of Coltrane’s style, his beauty, skill and simply take the listener through significant stages of the man whose name is synonymous with almost sublime sax playing.

Finland's Largest Pension Funds Dumps US Stocks Because "There Is No President In The US"

By Tyler Durden: As President Donald Trump prepares to meet with Finnish President Sauli Niinisto in the White House on Monday, a [self loathing?] portfolio manager at the Baltic state's largest pension fund bothered by Trumps support of white people, but who also has legitimate concerns about a possible nuclear war has told Bloomberg that he will be trimming exposure to US stocks. The reason? It seems as if there is no president in the US.”
Risto Murto, chief executive officer of Varma Mutual Pension Insurance complained that Trump’s response to the attack in Charlottesville Va. demonstrated that he is incapable of governing the world's largest economy, and that it appears the US is more or less running on autopilot.
The reason for Murto's concern: as the financial crisis showed us, when there is trouble in the US, it runs the risk of spreading to the rest of the world. Musto also cited Trump’s seeming inability to work with Congress as “particularly worrying,” given that it threatens to disrupt the implementation of the Trump economic agenda. Hoped-for tax cuts and infrastructure spending helped push US stocks to record highs in the wake of Trump’s inauguration.

Run Of The Mill Case Of Jemma Beale's Serial False Rape Cry

Feminism KEK: Deconstructing a bizarre article about convicted felon and false accuser Jemma Beale and dispelling a few rape myth myths.

"We're Back In The '60s Again" - Bomb-Shelter Sales Are Booming In The US And Japan

By Tyler Durden: US-based bomb-shelter manufacturers should maybe think about buying Kim Jong Un a fruit basket.
According to McClatchy, sales have in both the US and Japan have risen dramatically this year as President Donald Trump and Kim have exchanged threats of nuclear annihilation. US and Japanese defense officials now believe the North is in possession of a nuclear warhead small enough to fit onto one of its ICBMS. The isolated country launched three short-range missiles into the East Sea Friday night – its first missile test in nearly a month – after US officials had praised Kim’s restraint earlier in the week.
Ron Hubbard, president of Atlas Survival Shelters, a firm based in Montebello, California, said he expects to sell 1,000 shelters this year at a price of $25,000 apiece, according to McClatchy.

"Sales and inquiries have spiked, according to several of the U.S. companies that make money from doomsday fears.

News: A 10,000% Sex Robot Tax? + Listen And Believe

Turd Flinging Monkey: What would a tax on sex robots mean? Not much. A special report from Celestina, Sex Doll Correspondent for TFM News.

Populist Mechanics + Gartman Meets Harvey - WB7