29 Aug 2017

Bitcoin Bond

As the bond market arrives for bitcoin, Max and Stacy discuss ‘high finance’ meeting cryptocurrency. Will this bring in more liquidity or more manipulation? Max continues his interview with Wolf Richter of WolfStreet.com about the latest in markets - from housing in San Francisco to driverless car dreams on corporate balance sheets.

Displaced + The Secret + Lessons

AWATE says. "'Displaced' is my ode to my estate, Maiden Lane before they tear it all down. I'm a refugee and wanted to show how it felt growing up in the estate, being chased and told I was an alien. The suit was inspired by Afronauts and Power Rangers and the intro was a reference to Mr. Bean. The backstory is that the version of Eritrea that my parents struggled for, that never was, actually existed on another planet. That's where my papers come from."

Jewish State Threatens To Bomb Multi-Ethnic Syria Again

Bibi Brags About Bombing Syria "A Dozen Times" And Threatens To Bomb Syria Again
By Tyler Durden: More information has emerged from President Putin's meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Bibi 'the Baby Butcher of Gaza' last week. The two met in the Black Sea resort town of Sochi on August 23rd to discuss recent developments in Syria. According to new shocking reports in both Arab and Israeli media, a senior Israeli official accompanying Netanyahu on the trip threatened to assassinate Syrian President Assad by bombing his palace in Damascus, [for daring to accept help from Iran] while further adding that Israel will seek to derail the US-Russia brokered de-escalation deal reached in Astana, Kazakhstan earlier this summer.
According to the Jerusalem Post:

You're Losing Your Mind & Your Decency Rabbi, Not Europe

By Michael Lesher: Because I have no ambition either to be the next Chief Rabbi of Barcelona or to be subject to the whims of whoever is – as it is, I’m not even Spanish – it’s of very little direct importance to me that the current occupant of that position, one Meir Bar-Hen, is a blithering idiot.
On the other hand, I am a Jew – and a human being. And on both counts it does matter very much to me that Rabbi Bar-Hen, who claims in the wake of a car-ramming attack in Barcelona (for which the motive remains unclear) that “Europe is lost” so long as its governments allow Muslims to live side by side with other citizens, is not only a fool but a bigot of unspeakable effrontery. In fact, he’s exactly the sort of man who, with Goebbels, would have pointed to Herschel Grynszpan’s murder of a young German diplomat in 1938 as “proof” that Jews could not be tolerated in Germany.
And yet I confess that even the rabbi’s racismessentially a declaration of war against every Muslim in Europe – is less infuriating to me than the silent complacency with which his remarks have been received throughout the Jewish world.

Misandric Guardian Rushes To Defend False Rape Accuser

"A construct of bogus victimhood."
Raging Golden Eagle: And as expected, The Guardian responds to a false accuser who ruined 15 lives getting 10 years in prison by trying to play the accuser off as a victim. Now if the roles/genders were reversed, I wonder if they would be singing this same tune...

Liberal/Progressive/Left Neo-Fascists Now Ban The Historic Movie “Gone With The Wind”

Latest effort to ‘rewrite American history’
hits Memphis theater
RT: Refusing to show such a historically significant film is an example of trying to rewrite America’s history: it should be shown and talked about and not called insensitive, says writer and comedian Jeffrey Mark Klein.
Hattie McDaniel first black actress to win
academy award.
After targeting monuments commemorating the lives of Confederate leaders, the split in US society is now moving to the world of the big screen.
The Orpheum Theater in Memphis, Tennessee said it would cancel its annual showing of the 1939 classic movie 'Gone with the Wind.' Directed by Victor Fleming, the film about love during the Civil War, which grabbed eight Academy Awards, has been accused of being “racist and insensitive” by some people.
The theater remained rather vague about the number of people who disagreed with the showing of the film, saying only they had “numerous comments” from viewers.
Based on Margaret Mitchell's 1936 novel, the film is set on a Southern plantation during the Civil War and Reconstruction periods.

"Long Live The Real"

DISL Automatic


we dont need no stinkinfacts
By Paul Craig Roberts: In the United States, facts, an important element of truth, are not important. They are not important in the media, politics, universities, historical explanations, or the courtroom. Non-factual explanations of the collapse of three World Trade Center buildings are served up as the official explanation. Facts have been politicized, emotionalized, weaponized and simply ignored. As David Irving has shown, Anglo-American histories of World War 2 are, for the most part, feel-good histories, as are “civil war” histories as Thomas DiLorenzo and others have demonstrated. Of course, they are feel good only for the victors. Their emotional purpose means that inconvenient facts are unpalatable and ignored.
Writing the truth is no way to succeed as an author. Only a small percentage of readers are interested in the truth. Most want their biases or brainwashing vindicated. They want to read what they already believe. It is comforting, reassuring. When their ignorance is confronted, they become angry. The way to be successful as a writer is to pick a group and give them what they want. There is always a market for romance novels and for histories that uphold a country’s myths.