1 Sep 2017

Another False Accuser Being Charged!

Raging Golden Eagle: This one weaved the lamest web of lies I've ever seen. No structure to it at all! Story changed in every interview. Thankfully she was too incompetent to ruin anyone's life.

Petition To Label Zionist Jew George Soros A "Domestic Terrorist" Has 80,000 Signatures

By Tyler Durden: In less than two weeks, a WhiteHouse.gov petition demanding that billionaire investor George Soros be declared a “domestic terrorist,” and that authorities seize his multibillion-dollar fortune, has garnered nearly enough signatures to force the Trump administration to issue a formal response.
The petition, which has attracted 80,000 signatures so far - just 20,000 shy of the 100,000-signature threshold where a response would be required – points out that Soros is guilty of sedition by financing groups that help support violent Antifa counter-protesters and other dangerous leftist groups.
Last week, we reported that a similar petition, this one asking that President Donald Trump declare Antifa to be a terrorist group, had reached the threshold. The petition is still awaiting a formal response, but in one promising development, Politico reported today that the Department of Homeland Security had described the group’s actions as “domestic terrorist violence” in private memos.
Over the past week, the mainstream media narrative has turned decidedly against Antifa, with the Washington Post, Bloomberg and the Atlantic publishing stories criticizing the group’s violent tactics.

Dear Charlie Hebdo + Remember The Politico "Aim For His Pussy Boys" - William Banzai7

“No American President Can Stand Up To Israel.”

Intro by PCR: As Adm. Tom Moorer, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Said, in response to the Israeli attack on the USS liberty: “No American president can stand up to Israel.” Apparently, no Secretary of State can either.
Tillerson Caves, Will Appoint 'Special' Anti-Semitism Envoy, 'Special' Because They'll Ignore The Majority Of Semites [Semitic - relating to or denoting a family of languages primarily Arabic] And Instead Monitor Criticism Of Israel?
By Alison Weir: After continuing pressure, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has announced that he will name a special envoy and maintain an office to monitor alleged anti-Semitism.
All three previous anti-semitism envoys have been fervent Israel partisans, two of them working for AIPAC. The first envoy endorsed a new definition of the word “anti-Semitism” to include criticism of Israel; the second adopted the new, Israel-centric definition; and the third helped to disseminate the definition world-wide.
This was part of an international campaign to expand the definition of anti-Semitism and embed this in governments and law enforcement agencies, potentially criminalizing support for Palestinian rights.

California To Jail People Who Use The Wrong Pronoun!

California moves to jail people
who use the wrong pronoun!
Regards, Bearing.

Why We're Doomed...

The point is the present system cannot endure

By Charles Hugh Smith: Despite all the happy talk about "recovery" and higher growth, wages have gone nowhere since 2000--and for the bottom 20% of workers, they've gone nowhere since the 1970s.
Gross domestic product (GDP) has risen smartly since 2000, but the share of GDP going to wages and salaries has plummeted: this is simply an extension of a 47-year downtrend.

Sexual Consent - Yes, No, Maybe

By : Candice Jackson, a top Trump Education official, hit the headlines recently by claiming ninety per cent of sexual assault claims on campuses involve couples who are both drunk. Judging from recent media reporting of our own campus rape crisis the same might be true here.
“I didn’t think I could even walk by myself. I think I knew what was going to happen but I was so drunk that I just like went along with it,” said Tasmanian University student Lorna Nilssen appearing on the ABC’s 7.30 Report claiming the Human Rights Commission survey showed alarming levels of assault and harassment.
The same programme featured ANU law student Freya Willis alleging she was raped by a fellow student at a campus event. “We were both quite intoxicated. I was much more intoxicated than he was and he separated me from my friends and we went back to a room where we were both staying and that’s where it happened.”
So many stories of drunken young women being taken advantage of – often by equally drunk young men.

Being A Goyim Or Shiksa In A Jewish State

Gilad Atzmon: Settler colonialists from Kiryat Arba verbally abusing Palestinians in the al-Hariqah neighborhood of Hebron on loudspeaker. When they noticed a B’Tselem volunteer filming them from her window, they directed racist and obscene language at her, including threats of extreme sexual violence. Although the threats were explicit and the swearing constituted severe sexual harassment, Israeli security forces at the scene allowed the settlers to continue undisturbed, as is usually the case.