5 Sep 2017

Why Aren’t We Discussing The Things We Agree On?

By Michael Krieger: The political environment since Trump’s election seems to get worse and worse by the day, as much of the American public becomes increasingly divided, embittered and downright insane. People across the political spectrum are enthusiastically fueling this destructive behavior in their varied quests to show how right they are and how hopelessly wrong everyone else is. Meanwhile, those who truly wield power in our society continue to laugh all the way to the bank.
Earlier today, I came across a prescient and powerful article written by Pamela B. Paresky in Psychology Today titled, Angry About the Election?
Although the piece was composed only a few weeks after the 2016 election, the writing was already on the wall and she identified and warned about the dangerous direction we were headed in. Here are a few choice excerpts: 
Peruse any Facebook page and you’re sure to find plenty of anger and disgust there, too. Some Clinton supporters are “unfriending” Trump voters. Others proclaim they are no longer speaking to friends who voted for Trump. It’s not uncommon for people to explicitly state that they have no desire or intention to “come together” with nor even “have compassion” for anyone who voted for Trump.

Circumcision Regret Dad & Intactivist Daughter

Bonobo3D: Jonathon Hernandez and his daughter Haylee discuss their activism for the human right to body integrity at the AAP Conference in San Francisco.

Being A Kept Man Is Bad For Your Health, New Study Reveals

By It turns out having a wife who is the main breadwinner is potentially dangerous for a husband's health.
Researchers found being a kept man, with a wife who is the primary earner, increases the chances of heart disease, strokes and type two diabetes.
Sociologists at Rutgers University in the US who carried out the study said the problems arise when the husband loses his role as chief earner.
Being superseded by a spouse in the income stakes seems to strike a heavy blow to men's health.
It's thought men suffer psychologically from being toppled from their position as main provider and that this has a knock-on effect on physical health.
The Rutgers team studied nearly 2,000 couples over 30 years, monitoring changes in earnings and status.
They found much higher rates of stress-related illness as well as heart problems and diabetes in men financially overtaken by their wives.
The harmful effects on husbands persisted irrespective of social class, suggesting low-income earners suffer just as much as those on mega salaries.
In a report on the findings researchers said: 'Wives increasingly out-earn their husbands and this may undermine men's well-being.

Sexual Consent Courses Should Teach ‘Don’t Get Raped’ As Well As ‘Don’t Rape’

Bettina Arndt: Sexual consent courses should teach ‘don’t get raped’ as well as ‘don’t rape’.

Deterrence Believers Shoud Cheer The North Korean Bomb

By Craig Murray: If the theory of nuclear deterrence holds true – and it is the only argument the supporters of WMD have got – then we should all be cheering the North Korean bomb. The logic of nuclear deterrence is that it is much better that every state has nuclear weapons, because then we can all deter each other. It is demonstrably true that possession of nuclear weapons is not a deterrent to other nations acquiring them. But it is supposed to deter other nations from using them. In which case, surely the more the merrier, so we can all deter each other.
The madness of the argument is self-evident. We are borrowing hundreds of billions we cannot afford for Trident, yet in all the reams of analysis of what to do about North Korea, Trident never gets a mention. It is a system entirely useless even in the one situation in which it was supposed to be effective.
How did we get here? In the 1950s the USA dropped 635,000 tonnes of bombs on North Korea including 35,000 tonnes of napalm. The US killed an estimated 20% of the North Korean population. For comparison, approximately 2% of the UK population was killed during World War II.
That this massive destruction of North Korea resulted in a xenophobic, American-hating state with an obsession with developing powerful weapons systems to ensure national survival, is not exactly surprising.

Vote For Me Because I'm A Woman

Weak Women - MGTOW

Henry says. "I was thinking a lot about human nature, and this topic is by no means new or revolutionary. It's just something I wanted to share. I believe much of our character is built up through experiencing the many hardships life has given us.

All Wars Are Created By Banksters

Zionist Report: This video fails to mention a few important FACTS: 1.- Before The United States was created, Europe had already fallen in the hands of the Rothschilds. 2.- Czar Alexander was the one to help Lincoln in his fight against international Jewry which later killed him and his family. 3.- In 1917 the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia was financed by Jewish Bankers from Wall Street. 4.- The theory holds that JFK was trying to end the Fed by creating debt-free, silver-backed money through Executive Order 11110, and the bankers saw this as a threat to their monopoly over the money supply.