7 Sep 2017

The Great Disconnect

"The children of the Zionist warmongers simply do not fight or die in the wars their parents and elders force America into waging! ...The relentless bombarding of Jewish victimisation, brought to us by our policy makers in Washington, keeps on endlessly ramming the holocaust religion down the throats of the American public. ...The high priest of the holocaust extortion machine is of course the omnipresent ad nauseam apostle of the everlasting Yiddish gripe the greasy Elie Wiesel. ...This monstrous disorder which I call the Jewification of America is now so deep in its decay that no amount of therapy can ever reverse or rehabilitate." Said ex-Jew Nathanael.

Social Media Making Hillary Great Again

Max and Stacy discuss social media cracking down on fake news in order to protect the likes of Hillary Clinton from losing again. In the meantime, the ‘internet of hate’ - aka ‘alt tech’ - begins developing an alternative internet. In the second half, Max continues his interview with Mish Shedlock of MishTalk.com about the latest in the disaster zone called the central bankers’ economy.

Israeli Soldiers Cut Down Palestinian Farmers' Olive Trees

The UK Jewish Chronicle says that well over 99% of Jews are proud Zionists, then the well over 99% of Jews who support this are filth. The silence of the Jewish majority today is the most damning part of this. World Jewry outside Palestine know better than anyone else what's going on, their silence is complicity and the greatest black mark against them all. Whilst it's still legal in your nation to do so, put up your full size flags of Palestine on your property to show that 'YOU' will not stand silent!

Raphael Meets Uriel


Major US News Outlets Reluctant To Defend US Constitution!

Major US news outlets reluctant to defend US constitution! 
Regards, Bearing.

What happened? + Dr Schlong - William Banzai7

Slovenian Wisdoms

"He put the bottom of his feet under his armpit and left."?

Adolf Hitler’s Prediction

Bear Aryan: Adolf Hitler’s prediction of what would happen to Europe,America & -the rest of the Nations of this Earth- if Germany were to lose World War II...

News: Gynocentric Grooming Gangs

'Rape Culture - Female guards
rape young boys in Juvenile prisons.' 
Turd Flinging Monkey:
 There are already grooming gangs in the US ... and nobody cares.