15 Sep 2017

Harvard University Bends The Knee To The CIA

By Michael Krieger: Let’s get caught up real quick. On Wednesday, Harvard University announced that Bradley [aka Chelsea] Manning — who leaked evidence of U.S. war crimes in Iraq to Wikileaks and was incarcerated for seven years before being pardoned by Barack Obama — had been named a visiting fellow. I disagree with almost everything Obama did as president, but his pardoning of Manning is something I applaud. Then the CIA complained.
The complaint was swift and two-pronged. First, former acting director of the CIA, Michael Morell, wrote a letter by which he resigned in protest. Then the current CIA director, Michael Pompeo wrote a note of his own, which included support for Morell. Morell’s letter is absolutely incredible if you know some of this guy’s history. I suggest reading the entire thing.
Towards the end of the letter, Morell has the nerve to write:
“I have an obligation to my conscience - and I believe to the country - to stand up against any efforts to justify leaks of sensitive national security information.”
Let’s now take a moment to review this man’s well documented conscience.

5th Low-Tech Relatively Ineffective Retaliation For The 30,000 High-Tech Bombs We're Dropping On Arab Nations Annually

All Our Money On Bombs To Aid Terrorist [Apartheid said recent UN report] Israel Whilst Poor British Men Beg Outside Our Shops For Scraps
By Tyler Durden: The home-made bomb left on a packed rush-hour commuter train in London engulfed a carriage in flames and injured 22 people on Friday in what police said was Britain’s fifth terrorism incident this year, but apparently failed to fully explode. Passengers on board a train heading into the capital fled in panic as the fire erupted at Parsons Green underground station in West London at 8.20 a.m.
Charlie Craven said he had just got on the train when the device exploded. “Literally within three seconds of putting your bag down, the doors just closing, we hear a loud explosion,” he told Reuters. “I looked around and saw this massive fireball ... coming down the carriage.”
He said terrified passengers fled, fearing a second explosion or a gunman, with people being knocked to the ground and crushed in the stampede to escape. Outside the station, a woman was carried off on a stretcher with her legs covered in a foil blanket while others were led away swathed in bandages.
Some suffered burns while others were injured in a stampede to escape.

Should You Date Single Mothers?

MGTOW 101:
Should You Date Single Mothers?

UK MP Philip Davies Leads By Example On Equality

: In the last Parliament, Philip Davies [left] received a lot of flak after he was elected on to the misandricly and oxymoronically named 'Women and Equalities Committee'. As Davies has vigorously campaigned for men and boy's rights to be given a better hearing and raised doubts about the intentions of some feministssome questioned his intention.
However, at least Davies remains committed to the committee – which is more than can be said for most Conservative MPs. Davies has the dubious honour of being one of only two Tory MPs (the other being Kirstene Hair) to put their name down for the committee. This means there is no contest and there remains two Tory vacancies for the committee.
On the news, Davies said the lack of interest was a shame given how ‘vital the PC brigade tell us this committee is’:

I thought I should go back on the committee to ensure that a different viewpoint one that believes in true equality not the PC version is expressed on the committee and they dont suffer from unquestioning groupthink.
No doubt his fellow committee members will be impressed by his commitment to the cause…

How Can A Man Be Raped? - Harry Crouch

Cassie Jaye: The Red Pill: Raw Files consists of never-before-seen footage from the making of The Red Pill documentary. This footage is being released for educational purposes, to inspire discussion and debate on gender issues.

Who Rules America? The Power Elite In The Time Of Trump

'Where once the war powers rested
with the President and the Congress,
today a collection of fanatical militarists make and execute military policy,
decide war zones and push for greater militarization of domestic policing.'
By Prof. James Petras: In the last few months, several competing political, economic and military sectors – linked to distinct ideological and ethnic groups – have clearly emerged at the centers of power.
We can identify some of the key competing and interlocking directorates of the power elite:
1. Free marketers, with the ubiquitous presence of the ‘Israel First’ crowd.
2. National capitalists, linked to rightwing ideologues.
3. Generals, linked to the national security and the Pentagon apparatus, as well as defense industry.
4. Business elites, linked to global capital.

Idealogue Get's PHD Revoked Over Retracted Game "Study"

Raging Golden Eagle:  Turns out you CAN get punished for blatantly manipulating data to make it seem like it supports your conclusions. Now if only they did this for something that's actually relevant nowadays!

The Bizarre World Of Safe Spaces

Men Are Good!: Feminism has always required methods to defer scrutiny. The common path for this has been shaming those who question the feminist ideas. One aspect of safe spaces is as a method to defer criticism in a similar manner to shaming. But rather than be an active mode of pointing a finger at the questioner it simply makes it illegal to offer any sort of negative feedback. This offers the same result of disallowing any negative feedback. Lately the lethality of safe spaces has taken a lethal turn with Cornell University now asking students to "report" those who have negative reactions to their safe places. Sounds like a defense has now become a weapon. It's time we put our foot down.

Jan Van Eyck, Canon Van Der Paele And Galbert Of Bruges

In 1547, the ruler of the Netherlands sought to acquire a painting held in St. Donation’s Church in Bruges in the Netherlands. The painting was Jan van Eyck’s The Virgin and Child with Canon van der Paele. Van Eyck had completed this painting about 1435. St. Donation’s Church refused to relinquish it to the ruler. Church officials declared that this painting had been treasured by St. Donation’s and the city of Bruges for many years. They declared that removing it from St. Donation’s would provoke “moans, protests, uproar, and complaints.”[1] More than four centuries earlier, Galbert of Bruges had chronicled the murder of Count Charles the Good in St. Donation’s Church. Galbert’s chronicle indicates how profoundly officials of St. Donation’s and people of Bruges understood Jan van Eyck’s The Virgin and Child with Canon van der Paele.