16 Sep 2017

News: The Great Red Pill War - Neo v Agent Smith

"MGTOW are like Neo, they want to break out of the Matrix, they want to be free, they want to free humanity. The PUAs are like the mayor, they don't mind being in the Matrix, throwing parties, they basically use the red pill to their advantage, while staying in the matrix. ...This women named Chelsea Kendrick, she wants to stop The Red Pill, so here are her ideas
how feminists can stop 'The Red Pill"

Syria: The Final Moments Of Years Of Siege On #DeirEzzour

SyrianGirl: I've translated clips of the final moments of the siege on Deir Ezzour by Israel lead ISIS. The Syrian army and allies held onto the city for 4 years, Deir Ezzour did not fall. A tribute video is on its way.

Top ISIS Leader 'Ben' The Israeli Mossad Agent Captured In Benghazi

A senior ISIS commander, who was captured and arrested in Libya by anti-terrorism security, has been exposed as an agent of Mossad, the Israeli intelligence service.
The ISIS leader, who was in charge of more than 200 so-called 'Islamic State fighters', was arrested in the city of Benghazi, Libya following a bloody battle between allied troops and apparently Jewish ISIS fighters.
Soon after his capture and arrest, Libyan anti-terrorist officers were stunned to discover the high-ranking ISIS leader was actually Ephraim Benjamin, a known Mossad operative.
The ties between the Israeli government and the terror group Daesh, otherwise known as the Islamic State or ISIS have long been speculated. The Israeli government has often referenced Daesh as a useful tool and acknowledged that they prefer Syria to be under ISIS control rather than led by the country’s duly elected President Assad and his government.

The Condescending Guide To Manhood

Gary Orsum: How to be a better man, from a woman's perspective, as interpreted by a man who seems to think like a woman.

Feminist Hypocrisy When It Comes To 'Objectification'

Peter Lloyd The Suffragent: Peter debates the double-standard around Florida's 'hot cops' - a trio of men who were turned into online sex symbols after a flattering selfie. Interview with Vix Meldrew.

Mother’s Emotional Abuse Pushed Burnel To Study In Paris

Growing up in Cremona in twelfth-century Italy, Burnel had a difficult childhood. His mother and father often quarreled. Even worse, Burnel’s mother subjected him to vicious emotional abuse. The effects of this abuse endured into Brunel’s adulthood. As an adult, Burnel didn’t feel the natural goodness of his own masculine sexuality. He sought to establish his self-esteem through foolish quests to lengthen his penis, acquire a liberal arts degree at the University of Paris, and become an eminent religious leader.
Burnel’s mother dominated his father. An issue of contention among them was interpreting dreams. Burnel explained:
Indeed and dreams, contrariwise, must be explained
to mean the very opposite, I’d have you know.
If dreams are good, then trouble will result;
if bad, doubt not that great success will come.
‘Tis thus my mother used to speak of dreams,
and she was very well informed and wise.
‘Twas over this my mother often used
to quarrel with father, answering word for word.
For he with mother always disagreed,
maintaining that her theories were all wrong.

Syria’s President Exposed A Flaw In US Foreign Policy That No One Wants To Talk About

Authored by Darius Shahtahmasebi: In an interview with RT in 2015, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad uttered perhaps one of his most intriguing statements since the Syrian conflict erupted in 2011. Assad stated:
“Western propaganda has, from the very beginning, been about the cause of the problem being the president. Why? Because they want to portray the whole problem in Syria lies in one individual; and consequently the natural reaction for many people is that, if the problem lies in one individual, that individual should not be more important than the entire homeland. So let that individual go and things will be alright. That’s how they oversimplify things in the West.”  [emphasis added]
He continued:

Notice what happened in the Western media since the coup in Ukraine. What happened? President Putin was transformed from a friend of the West to a foe and, yet again, he was characterized as a tsar…This is Western propaganda. They say that if the president went things will get better. [emphasis added]

Pink Floyd Founder Roger Waters: BDS Is One Of "Most Admirable" Displays Of Resistance In The World - 3 Parts

democracynow: An hour with the British rock legend Roger Waters, founding member of the iconic rock band Pink Floyd. In recent years, he has become one of the most prominent musicians supporting BDS, the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement targeting Israel over its treatment of Palestinians. Waters is scheduled to play Friday and Saturday in Long Island, despite attempts by Nassau County officials to shut down the concerts citing a local anti-BDS bill. Despite this, Roger Waters has continued to speak out. Last week, he wrote a piece in The New York Times titled "Congress Shouldn’t Silence Human Rights Advocates." In the op-ed, he criticized a Jewish lobby backed bill being considered in the Senate to silence supporters of BDS.

Moschos In Pratum Spirituale Told Of Women Sexually Harassing Men 1500 Years Ago

Monks serving God in the deserts of North Africa and Mesopotamia about 1500 years ago commonly regarded women as creating a hostile work environment for them. Young, attractive women sexually harassed monks and made them less productive in their prayers. While it’s difficult for many persons today to comprehend, women in the ancient world often had loving concern for men. John Moschos recorded about 600 GC in his Pratum Spirituale {Spiritual Meadow} that women acted shrewdly and fearlessly, as well as strongly and independently, to end their sexual harassment of men.
Moschos in the Pratum Spirituale told the story of a monk who was temporarily staying in the home of a Christ-loving farmer. The farmer had a daughter who was a young, beautiful woman. By her presence she so sexually harassed the monk that he “burned with desire for her.” After her father left on a business trip, the monk sought to have sex with the daughter. With sharp reason she interrogated him:

“You, brother, how long have you been in your monastery, sir?” He said, “Seventeen years.” She replied: “Have you had any experience with a woman?”

A March For Men & Messages For Men On International Men’s Day 19th November 2017

: I’m pleased to publicise two things happening on the afternoon / evening of International Men’s Day, 19 November. The first is the Men’s March, starting at 12:00 in Trafalgar Square, London. The second is Messages for Men, a conference from 15:00 – 20:00, at a London location yet to be announced. The nine speakers include Neil Lyndon, Belinda Brown and myself.
A list of the speakers, and a link to the ticket ordering page (tickets cost a very reasonable £11.21) are here. If you’re thinking of going to the conference I strongly recommend you order your ticket(s) now. I don’t think they’ll be around for long.
Belinda will also be speaking at ICMI18, 10 of the 15 speakers have so far been announced – here. I hope to see you at both the march and the conference. It promises to be a great day.