17 Sep 2017

Blocked By All The Cucks

It's happening. The fifties thing is happening. The Universe chose this. Next it might choose 1885. Anything but the current year.

Women Hold Up Half The Sky?

By : “Women hold up half the sky.”
What does it mean?
Now and then, on a sunny day, when strolling over Mount Everest, I look around to see where these women are—the ones holding up half the sky.  Clouds are made of water and water is heavy, so I suspect they have quite a challenge going on.
But where are they?
That’s it.  Maybe they’re using a pulley system.
They must have wrapped cable around the moon, and are using it as a pulley system and are holding up the sky by pulling down on the pulley from the valleys.  There you go.
Death Valley, Khumba Valley, Douro Valley: nothing.  I can’t see any feminist down there in any of these valleys, let alone a cable coming down ‘round the moon.
Of course, they might mean the ladies of the Erechtheion.
The Erechtheion is a temple on the north side of the Acropolis

@AkinAmeen's Categories Of Men

6oodfella: Yet another video where men are attacked and blamed for everything wrong in a woman's life.

How Angela Merkel Managed To Stay In Power

"She finds out what her weak points are
and adopts the agenda of her opponents."
Red Pill Germany: I want to explain to you how Angela Merkel manages to stay in power for so long. I also think she will continue to be chancellor.

Does He Know The Way To San Jose? - William Banzai7

Defying Israel’s Eviction Orders In East Jerusalem

By Budour Youssef Hassan: It was supposed to have been Nizar Shamasneh’s first day back at school.
At around 5:30am, a large number of Israeli police descended on the Sheikh Jarrah area in occupied East Jerusalem. They had arrived to evict the Shamasneh family.
Israeli police arrest a member of the Shamasneh family following their eviction from their home in the Sheikh Jarrah area of occupied East Jerusalem on 5 September. Heidi Levine Sipa Press
“They took everything: my schoolbag, our clothing, my grandfather’s identity card,” Nizar, aged 15, said. “It was heartbreaking to be thrown out in the street without being able to defend yourself.”
The family were caught somewhat off-guard by the 5 September eviction.
As the family had secured a court injunction, they thought that they could remain in their home for at least another five days.
Yet on 4 September, Israeli settlers appealed successfully against the injunction. As a result, the eviction was allowed to proceed immediately.
The family was not informed that the injunction had been overturned.
“We were not ready for this,” said Fahima, Nizar’s 76-year-old grandmother. Noting that the eviction occurred just after the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha, she added: “They chose their timing well.”

AAP Task Force Circumcision Medical Fraud

Bonobo3D:  Human rights activist Brother K discusses the fraudulent task force assembled in 2012 by the American Academy of Pediatrics to push genital mutilation on baby boys. Members of the task force, Susan Blank, Andrew L. Freedman, Steven E. Wegner and Douglas S. Diekema all had conflict of interest. Filmed during the Bloodstained Men protest of the AAP's 2016 Convention in San Francisco.

Suddenly, “De-Dollarization” Is A Thing

Authored by John Rubino: For what seems like decades, other countries have been tiptoeing away from their dependence on the US dollar.
China, Russia, and India have cut deals in which they agree to accept each others’ currencies for bi-lateral trade while Europe, obviously, designed the euro to be a reserve asset and international medium of exchange.
These were challenges to the dollar’s dominance, but they weren’t mortal threats.
What’s happening lately, however, is a lot more serious.

It even has an ominous-sounding name: de-dollarization. Here’s an excerpt from a much longer article by “strategic risk consultant” F. William Engdahl:

Gold, Oil and De-Dollarization? Russia and China’s Extensive Gold Reserves, China Yuan Oil Market

(Global Research) – China, increasingly backed by Russia—the two great Eurasian nations—are taking decisive steps to create a very viable alternative to the tyranny of the US dollar over world trade and finance. Wall Street and Washington are not amused, but they are powerless to stop it.

Former CIA Agent Blows Whistle On Secret US Shadow Government

Silencing Whistleblowers
By Kevin Shipp: Why don’t more “whistle blowers” come out to expose illegal or unconstitutional secret government operations? If these activities are so illegal, why are people not coming forward to report them?  
Over the last fifty years US government intelligence agencies have perfected a complex, sequential system to systematically silence or destroy any employee, including his or her family, who attempts to reveal illegal or unconstitutional activities conducted as part of secret government operations.